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After all my effort in the first part to get my friend’s sexy friend Navya to my room for sex, it was time to witness how I explored her body inch by inch!

Final destination – My room. The time had come and a girl was in my room alone. I ordered food and had our dinner, meanwhile discussing normally as we met casually.

The time was 9:30 pm and I decided to take her into the room. I held her hand and pulled her slowly into the room, which she followed and we were on the bed sitting beside each other.

We were talking casually about regular stuff and I decided to make a move. I slowly started with a kiss on her cheek. That was my first touch with a girl! Navya didn’t respond to anything and was sitting silently when I kissed again on her cheek.

Then I turned toward her and moved close to her face. She was avoiding eye contact, but I went closer and my lips just touched her lips. Again, no reaction. But silence is the best yes. So I caught her next and slowly started kissing her lips and suddenly, she opened her lips. Soon, the smooth kisses became more intense with lips biting the other lips and tongue getting into each other’s mouth. We started kissing more deeply and exchanging saliva. It became more intense and she lost herself in my kiss.

Slowly, I started kissing her neck and she was aroused and fell on the bed. I went beside her and started kissing her lips and then came down onto her chest. I unbuttoned her shirt a bit and continued kissing her deeply, slowly removing the buttons one by one.

Soon, all the buttons were out and her shirt was completely open, exposing my friend’s friend’s black pushup bra and a beautiful navel. She was killing me with her body color and her bra.

I started kissing her neck and slowly going down, touching her boobs from the bra. Oh God! Her bra was so smooth. I was slowly going down from her neck, pushed the bra to one side, taking her boobs out of it. Her one boob was out with a dark nipple waiting for my mouth to eat.

I then took her boob into my mouth and started sucking it. It was very smooth to suck that. I was lost in it and with the other hand, I freed the other boob from her bra. Then I stopped sucking and took off her bra completely away from her body. The view was mesmerizing – two firm right-sized boobs with erected nipples waiting to be sucked and bitten!

Without wasting much time, I started eating those delicious mangoes one by one, with one in my mouth and the other getting squeezed with my hands. Time passed, and my bites and pressings became more hard and Navya was dying with lust. Her boobs became so red like ripe mangoes.

I slowly went down to get her navel, leaving both the boobs while crushing them in my hands. Then I started kissing her navel and gave a small bite, digging her navel deep with my tongue while she was enjoying all the pleasure closing her eyes.

Time to reach the final destination. With all the kissing and biting on the navel, pressing the boobs hard, she was lost deep in lust when I decided to open the actual treasure. I slowly moved down from her belly to her navel, kissing just above the jeans. I was already out of my t-shirt and was just with my boxers on.

I started unbuttoning her jeans. To my surprise, she stopped me by holding my hands tightly and was resisting me from opening the jeans button. But her expressions were normal. With a bit of disappointment, I decided to arouse her a bit more.

I started with her boobs again with many hard bites and sucking and slowly went down her belly and to her navel, giving her sensual touches with my fingers. It seemed she was a bit more high this time. Once again, I decided to give it a try. And to my bad luck, she again resisted me. This time, she was giving naughty smiles, so I decided to go for it anyhow.

I caught her hands tightly and pushed them aside, removed the jeans button, and slowly pulled her zip down. It was the first time I got a view of a girl’s underwear, but not fully yet. It was just the zip open wide, her jean was still up and not pulled down. The view of her blue plain jockey underwear had sent a sudden current down under my boxers. The feeling was so high that I was opening a girl’s pants and her underwear was visible not even fully.

I kissed her navel while she was holding her jeans, not allowing her to move down. Then I kissed her navel right above her underwear and Navya was losing her grip on holding the jeans.

As soon as I realized her hands were free, I slowly pulled her jeans further down while kissing her navel. It was pulled down to her knees, exposing the complete underwear. I couldn’t control looking at her underwear and pulled her jeans at once, taking it off from her. ‘

I was standing at her feet and was having the view of my life! Oh God! A girl with fair skin and a lean body, lying on a bed, topless with tight boobs and erect nipples popping out, with flat navel and mouth licking belly, a nice shaped blue colored plain underwear just sticking to her skin, her pussy shape on underwear between her thighs, and her feet.

The visual will never leave my mind. I completely lost my mind while Navya was closing her eyes with shyness. I took her legs up and started licking her finger and starting going up slowly. My lips were touching her skin going up slowly. They reached her knees kissing between her legs and continued moving further up.

Finally, they reached her inner thighs and started kissing giving nice bites frequently. I reached so deep that my face was just a few centimeters away from the glory hole protected by her underwear. Navya was going mad with my kisses. To add more spice, I started kissing her deep inner thighs along the border of her underwear between the legs and my breath was definitely hitting her pussy.

My face was so deep that she was pushing me further in. But I didn’t touch her pussy yet. The aroma between her legs was so high mixed with pussy and underwear which seemed to be a new one. I started kissing along the border of her underwear between her legs and reached the navel slowly.

Now it was time to reveal the most wanted part of her body. I decided not to hurry and to enjoy all the anxiety. I continued kissing her navel and slowly touched between her legs on the pussy above her underwear which she gave her body a sudden jerk. It was so smooth that I started rubbing it slowly above her underwear while continuing the kisses on my navel.

After a moment, I moved my fingers above her navel and started pushing her underwear down while slowly kissing along with the frequency. It was very slow that her underwear was moving every centimeter followed by my lips kissing down. Slowly, the underwear was coming down and her short hair was visible now. It seemed like my friend’s friend had shaved her pussy a few days ago and the hairs were just a few millimeters long.

I was getting more excited with each centimeter her underwear was moving down. Finally, it was down enough that her pussy’s top edge was just visible. I was on cloud nine even when not even a centimeter of her pussy was outside. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

With all the excitement and anxiety, I couldn’t resist anymore and in one go, I pulled her underwear completely down to her knees. And within a fraction of second, her hands were on her pussy, covering it completely!

How I saw her pussy for the first time in my life and the way I ate my friend’s friend and fucked her by filling her pussy with loads of cum, you can read experience that in the third part.

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