About Us

Indian Sex Stories has been publishing new stories for the last 2 decades. It first started in 2001 but changed to this new avatar in 2006. There has been a story published every day since 01 July 2006.

India has a history of stories, and as the land of Kamasutra, a history of adult stories as well. While there were a lot of porn storybooks available, there was nothing online. So, the founders of IPE (Indian Porn Empire) took up the task of compiling stories and uploading them online.

IPE already had its first online website, Antarvasna – a Hindi story site. So they took the step to start a new site, aptly naming it Indian Sex Stories. It started with stories in English. The stories were taken from the adult content books and typed on to the computer.

Indian Sex Stories became popular as the new generation was more comfortable reading online. And the response was overwhelming when readers started sending their own stories via email! The emails poured in from all parts of the country.

India is a land of many languages, and the stories, too reflected this culture. They were written in different languages, some even in the original language fonts. One can only imagine how difficult it would be at that time to type the regional language fonts.

Indian Sex Stories did justice to all the writers. They published their stories by copy-pasting directly from the emails. As technology advanced, the authors could create their profiles and have their names published as well.

Initially, there were 10 categories, and more were added later. There are 19 categories now. Some categories like ‘Naukrani’ and ‘Maid Servant’ are a reflection of the fantasies of all Indian males. But we have an equal number of female authors and readers as well.

As of now, we have more than 22,000 authors with more than 58,000 stories published. So, if your story is published and/or you enjoy reading these stories, you are a part of this rich legacy!

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