A Mother’s Sacrifice – Part 1

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This story is part of a series:

My name is Rahul. I’m 23 years old. This is the story of something that happened a year ago. My dad died when I was 18 years old, and the state of our household degraded after that. I’m the only child, and after his death, we were left with just my mom in the family and a lot of debt.

We struggled a lot, but then as if a miracle had happened. I got a job in a startup when I was 20 years old. It was not a company, more of a business but the pay was good enough for me to support my mom and start paying off the debt. Mom was very happy, and over a year things started to turn better for us.

I was an accountant for the business, and I was gradually moving up the ladder. The business completed 10 years, and an anniversary party was thrown. I and my mom attended the party, and my senior, Mr. Anuj, introduced me to the owner of the company, Mr. Rajiv.

Rajiv was a man in his 50s, smart and funny. We talked, and I introduced them to my mom. Before we proceed, I’ll tell you something about my mom as well. My mom was at that time 43 years old. She is a 5’5″ tall, petite woman. Her measurements are 34-30-38.

She is average-looking but beautiful. She has a fair complexion and a cute face. She has an innocent personality. After the death of my dad, she has been overprotective of me. One week after the party, I was called by my boss, Anuj, in his cabin.

Anuj: Rahul, come in. Close the door.

Anuj was not in a good mood, I could tell. I closed the door and stood there.

Anuj: Rahul, you know about the audit that has been going on, right?

I nodded, still a bit confused.

Anuj: The auditors have revealed a huge mismatch in our transactions. Around 5 lakhs are missing without any trace. Fear grew in my stomach. I was the charge of financial statements, and this was a huge amount to go missing. Anuj stood up and came closer to me.

Anuj: Where is the money, Rahul?

“I do not know, sir.” Fear and confusion mixed in my face, which turned red as a result. Anuj backed down on his table and looked up at me.

Anuj: There is too much pressure from management. I will have to fire you.

His words raced in my mind, and before I could make a decision, I was on my knees, begging him not to do this. He backed away even more. I told him there was a money crunch and a huge debt.

I was the sole bread earner for my family. This would ruin my life. My mom’s life. He did not listen. He told me to pack my things and hand in my card. I was still on my knees, trying to comprehend the reality. How am I going to convey this to my mom?

This would devastate her, I told him. He took pity, and that was the reason he spoke once again.

Anuj: I can do one thing for you. Rajiv ji is coming to town today. You can meet with him in the evening. Convince him you’re innocent and you can keep your job.

My eyes lighted up. I pulled myself off the floor, wiping off my tears. I thanked him and turned to walk away when he called again.

Anuj: Take your mom with you.

I was confused but didn’t dare to ask the reason. I reached home and told Mom all that happened in the office and about the last chance to convince Rajiv ji of my innocence. Mom was very supportive and told me to get dressed. We got ready for the meeting.

I was wearing a white shirt and black pants. My mom was wearing a yellow saree as she always did. We reached the hotel and asked for Mr. Rajiv. The receptionist told us to go to room 404. I knocked on the room. Mom is standing behind me.

Rajiv ji opened the door. He was wearing a bathrobe, and his hair was wet from the bath.

Rajiv: Rahul. Come in.

As I went in, I saw Rajiv’s eyes lustfully ogle out to my mom as she folded her hands in a namaste. There was a big walk-in closet just at the entrance. The room then opened into a double bed with a table in the corner and a big fridge with beers stacked.

As I opened my mouth to speak, Rajiv picked up his hand in silence.

Rajiv: I know everything. Rahul, you have two options now. Either you pay me 5 lakhs or you lose your job.

I was shocked, and my mom had tears in her eyes. I begged Rajiv to please listen to me. My mom then stepped up and started speaking.

Mom: Please, Rajiv ji. Try to understand. Rahul is innocent. We don’t have that amount of money and this job is the only thing supporting our household. Please don’t fire him.

Rajiv: Madam, I understand completely. This is a huge mistake and the business will suffer loss because of Rahul’s negligence. There is no other way.

Mom: Rajiv ji, please. I would do anything. Please don’t fire him.

Rajiv’s eyes gleamed as he caught the word anything. It looked like he was waiting for it. This was an opportunity for him.

Rajiv: Okay. Rahul, I need to discuss this with your mom in private. Please leave us alone.

I was confused by what was happening. I saw the same expression on my mom’s face. I did not understand what to do now. Rajiv again looked at me and asked me to leave the room. I had no other option. I told Mom I would be waiting in the lobby for her.

As I walked towards the door, I saw the closet. Something in me pushed me to stay, so I quickly hid myself in the closet and shut the main door, making them believe that I’d left. The closet peeped right into the bedroom, giving me a clear view and sound.

Mom was standing there nervously now, looking at the floor. Rajiv sat down on the chair near the study table and lit a cigarette. He looked at my mom from top to bottom.

Rajiv: So you would do anything to save your son?

Mom: Yes, sir. Anything. Just please don’t fire him.

Rajiv: Okay. Strip your saree.

The shock of his words travelled through the room. Confusion ran across Mom’s face.

Mom: What?

Rajiv: You heard me. Remove your saree.

Mom: That’s not what I meant by anything.

Rajiv: Madam, I know the state of your family and your debts. I’m not forcing you. If you wish, you can leave and meet your son in the lobby. However, he will lose his job if you do so.

Mom stood there like a statue. I could not comprehend what was happening in front of my eyes. I wanted to come out of the closet and punch Rajiv in the face, but whatever he said was true. If I lost my job, my family would be done for good. Rajiv spoke again.

Rajiv: Look, madam. I don’t have that long. You have two minutes. Either you start doing as I say, or you leave the room. It’s your choice.

Mom stood there in silence for a moment. Then her hands suddenly moved towards the safety pin on her shoulder, which bound her pallu with her blouse. I knew that she had made a decision. Rajiv’s face gave a sly smile as he realized this.

She slowly pulled her pallu down and removed her saree. She was now standing in front of him in her yellow blouse and orange petticoat. Rajiv gestured towards her blouse and she slowly started opening the buttons, her eyes wet in shame. The last button opened.

I could see a glimpse of her red bra. She removed the blouse and dropped it on the floor with her saree. I could see Rajiv gazing at her boobs with lust in her eyes. He then gestured towards her petticoat. Within seconds, my mom was standing in front of him in a red bra and panty set.

I had never seen my mom like this. But now, as she was standing there, I could see how beautiful she was. Her 34C boobs were a bit saggy, weighing on her bra. Her cleavage exposed the soft flesh underneath. She did have a little belly fat, but it did not ruin her overall figure.

Her ass was average-sized, but it ran smoothly to her thighs. The panty slid through her ass crack, and the red colour perfectly contrasted her fair complexion. I felt my dick getting hard watching her exposed like this, that too in front of a stranger.

Rajiv: Oh, you’re a beauty. Just as I assumed, get on your knees and sit straight.

Mom got on her knees and sat with her back straight and chest out. Rajiv got up from his chair, putting out his cigarette in the ashtray. He pulled at the knot of his robe and removed it completely. Rajiv was a 6’4″ man with a plump belly. He was almost a foot taller than Mom.

As he stood there completely naked, I noticed that he was surprisingly hairy. He had not shaved, and his 8-inch dick hung there along with his hairy balls. I saw a kind of terror on mom’s face, and it made my dick even harder. He moved towards mom and put his dick on her face. His balls were on Mom’s lips.

Rajiv: Open your mouth and suck my balls.

Mom did as he said. She started sucking his dirty balls, one at a time. I could see that she was struggling, maybe due to the smell of his dick, but she didn’t say anything. After a few minutes, he moved back, letting Mom breathe for a while.

She was panting from the intense sucking session, but the nightmare had just started. Rajiv told her to bind her hair in a ponytail, and Mom started gathering her hair, which was all over the place. Rajiv lit another cigarette and looked at her.

When she was done, Rajiv took a puff of the cigarette and asked her to open her mouth. She obeyed and opened her mouth wide open. He came close and spit in her mouth.

Rajiv: Saali rand (Fucking whore).

Tears flowed down Mom’s cheek in shame, but she couldn’t say anything. He then spit on his cock and asked her to suck it. Mom took his dick in her hands and started licking it. She sucked his cock clean for a few more minutes. Rajiv put out his cigarette and held her ponytail with one hand.

He started thrusting his dick deep into her mouth. I could see she was choking on his huge size. Saliva from her mouth dripped on the floor as he pulled his dick out, and she started coughing from all the throat fuck. Rajiv pulled her up by the ponytail and made her stand.

He pulled her towards the table and made her bend on it. She was standing with her hands on the table and her ass towards Rajiv. He unhooked her bra, and her boobs got out. It was an amazing sight watching her melons hanging in the air. Her light brown nipples were hard and erect.

He then spanked her ass, and both cheeks and soft moans left her mouth. He pulled down her panties, and her pussy revealed itself. There was a bit of hair on her pussy. Rajiv put his dick on the entrance and held her shoulder with both hands.

With a swift push, his dick completely went inside her pussy, and she let out a cry. He gradually picked up speed and started pounding her hard. She was moaning and screaming for him to go slow. Rajiv spanked her ass in between strokes, making her moan even louder.

This went on for a few minutes until they were both covered in sweat, and her ass was red from the spanking. He pulled out, his breath short from the session and told her to get on her knees again. She got on her knees, sweat dripping from her nipples and face.

He ordered her to open her mouth and put his dick in her mouth. He then came into her mouth and told her to swallow it all. She reluctantly did, and some parts dripped from the side of her lips. Rajiv sat on the chair again and gestured for her to clean his dick.

She licked his whole dick clean for a few minutes. I felt a bit of cum leaking from my dick as I saw my mom sitting on the floor, her mascara messed up from the crying and sweat covering her red ass. Rajiv lit a cigarette and looked at her.

Rajiv: Madam, now you can get dressed and meet your son.

Mom got up and wiped her tears. She looked at him.

Mom: I have completed my end of the deal. Now, you must not fire Rahul.

Rajiv: Of course. Rahul will have his job. You can tell him that.

A stream of happiness floated on Mom’s face, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Mom put on her saree and moved towards the room door when Rajiv called her again.

Rajiv: Madam! However, there is still an issue.

Mom looked back, confused, and I was surprised as well.

Rajiv: Rahul can keep his job, but 5 lakhs are still missing from my account, and someone has to pay for it.

Mom: But Rahul has nothing to do with that. He’s innocent.

Rajiv: Well, Rahul is our chief accountant, so he is responsible for it even if he’s innocent.

Mom was angry now. She started shouting and calling him names.

Rajiv: Calm down, madam. Shouting won’t be good for someone in your situation. We had this meeting to save Rahul’s job. The next one will be for the money. I’ll let you know.

He smiled and gestured for her to go.

Please read the next parts to know how Rajiv got his payback.

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