Dusky, hot maid’s kinky threesome – Part 2

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Hi readers, please read the first part for continuity. Like I said in the previous part, I was living with my aunt for a little while. During my stay, I caught her maid, Sheila, masturbating in the kitchen. I took her dusky body back to my room and we fucked in the dark while a girl named Bhavna watched us doing it through cam. It was one great feeling.

Then I headed back to my home in a few days, and I had a lot of work to do before leaving. So we hadn’t gotten another chance to fuck since that night. (Or so I thought.)

It was late at night on my last week there, I was busy packing to leave and was doing some work on my laptop when suddenly I heard a knock at my door. It was the maid Sheila. She walked in with a saddened look on her face😞, but she tried to hide it as she walked in.

Me: Oh, hey! Everything alright?

Sheila: Let me suck your dick.

Me: What?!😮I am busy right now.

Sheila: I know. You keep working, I can suck it while you work.

Me: Sheila, I don’t have time for this.

Sheila: You are leaving in a few days, and I am going home tomorrow.

Me: I know. Get some rest.

Sheila: Not until you creampie me again. Do you have any idea how good it felt to be filled with cum after so long? (She lifted up her top and pulled her pants down to her knees.) I want to feel you inside me…

She then pushed my legs apart and got in between them. My pants flew off in a flash and she had my cock on her mouth. The horny Indian servant moaned and sucked my cock like she never wanted to let it go. I felt her slobber drip down my shaft as she gagged on me. She looked so good down there. I wanted to fuck her then and there, but I had a better, and naughtier idea!

I opened the online model girl Bhavna’s page on DscGirls website and messaged her quickly. I told her there is something fun we can do, and she came online.

Bhavna: Hey! What did you want me to see, you dirty boy?

I tilted the camera and showed Sheila’s head bobbing up and down on my glistening cock to Bhavna. Sheila didn’t want to stop, but she waved at Bhavna as she continued to moan and suck me off.

Me: I am leaving soon, and she is going home tomorrow. She attacked my dick a minute ago!

Bhavna: (chuckle): I love her energy!

Bhavna then undid her buttoned up-shirt and pulled her grey sweatpants off. I heard her wet pussy slosh around her fingers as she bit her lip and touched herself.

Sheila: I want to sit on that cock. Bhavna can watch me bounce on it.

Me: Are you demanding that I fuck you?!

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I pushed her head down on my cock and she choked. I let her go and she panted heavily as she pushed me down on the bed. Then I stopped her to put the laptop down in a great position. Bhavna fingered herself and moaned as Sheila pulled her pants off and pushed her dusky body on top of mine.

Me: You are such a horny bitch! (kiss, kiss, tongue swirl)

Sheila: Your hard cock isn’t complaining as much as that mouth is!

Bhavna: Fuck him, Sheila..Ahh…Hop on that cock now!

The maid kissed me deeply as her body rocked on top of mine. She took the laptop and placed it down on the table. I laid flat on my back and Sheila’s dusky, naked frame sat on my cock and bounced in my lap. Her perky tits bounced in Bhavna’s view as Sheila moaned louder with each bounce.

Bhavna: My God! Your maid is such a slut, you guys are too hot! Ahhh…Ahhhh…

Me: Fuck, Sheila! Your pussy is dripping all over me!

Sheila (moaning louder than the average slut): Yes! Fill me baby! Please! Ah! Fuck your whore maid!

I pushed Sheila forward onto the table and the laptop got pushed to the side. Sheila’s face rested flat against the surface as she moaned into the camera. Bhavna rubbed her pussy faster and her eyes shut tight as I used Sheila’s sweaty body like my personal playground. Her wet pussy gripped my cock tightly as she moaned louder. I turned her face and kissed her to shut her up.

Me (whispering into her mouth): My aunt is in the next room. Shut your slutty mouth while I fuck you!

Sheila (whispering as she licks my chin and lips, moaning): Don’t worry, she is sedated for the night. Her meds are strong. I made sure of it.

Bhavna (rubbing her sweaty chest and teasing her clit): Wow! She’s a bad little slut.

I held Sheila’s face back down and grinded my hard cock inside her as she moaned louder to prove herself.

Me: Bhavna, you’re right. She is a bad little slut.

Sheila: Punish me, then!

I slapped the housemaid’s ass while I looked into the camera at Bhavna. Bhavna turned around and showed me her ass.

Bhavna: Pretend my pussy’s there too, baby! I want you to fuck me so badly!

Me: Uff! I wanna fuck that pussy too! Is it as wet as this bitch is?

Sheila (moaning): Ohh! I don’t think anyone is as wet and desperate for that creampie as I am, Daddy!

Me: Say that again!

Sheila: Do me, DADDY!

I planted her face into the table and rammed into her at full speed. Sweat dripped down my thrusting body and my cock slapped against her thighs with force. She put one leg up and I grabbed it around her thigh. Sheila’s leg wrapped around me as I fucked her. Suddenly, she stopped me and turned around. Then she laid back on the table and moaned as she beckoned me forward.

I kissed her deeply as I stuffed her pussy and held her legs open. Bhavna’s moans echoed in the empty room along with us as I fucked her.

Me: I am gonna fill you up with my sticky, white cum. Just like your slutty mouth asked me to.

Bhavna (moaning and rubbing faster): Oh god, yessss! Fill her dirty pussy with that cum! I wanna watch it drip out of her! Ahhhh…

Sheila: Ohhhhh yesss! This feels so good, daddy! I am gonna cum! Cum with me please!

Me: No! I am gonna fill that dirty pussy….RIGHT NOW!

I grabbed the maid’s hips and grinded against her wet pussy. My dick could feel her pussy gripping me tighter and I braced my legs for what was coming out of me. Finally, my cum sprayed deep into my slutty maid’s thirsty womb and she moaned as she felt the warmth spread throughout her used pussy as my cock throbbed inside her. Then I pulled out and fell on top of her from the orgasm. She kissed my forehead as I licked her nipples. She moaned and fingered her dripping pussy as I licked her body.

I picked Sheila up and placed her on the edge of my bed. Sheila fingered her pussy as I went over to her mouth and put my cock in it. She sucked me off as she fingered herself and moaned. Bhavna watched my cum dripping out of her and the two women looked at each other deeply as they touched themselves.

Sheila shoved my throbbing cock down into her slutty throat and came hard. Her body convulsed and she moaned at Bhavna. Bhavna moaned back and her pussy sloshed as her body shook heavily causing her to fall back against her sturdy bed.

Sheila and I said farewell to Bhavna and called it a night. But we both were excited to do it again soon when we get the dirty chance to do so!

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