Hostel Story from Straight to Lesbian

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This is my first story here. I hope you like it. This is the life incident that happened between two girls who were strangers. They had a hostel room together according to the list. They became friends, and things went in a way that showed the heaven of pleasure to them.

Let me introduce you to the characters. One is Shivani, 19 years old, 32-30-34, beautiful, white tone, perfect ass and awesome boobs, feminine tone and goddess figure. She used to wear tight T-shirts and leggings or track pants casually. Her figure looked just wow in that.

The next one is Sakshi, 32-30-32, white tone, innocent beautiful face, a bit tall, naughty ass, and sexy boobs. She was very open-minded about everything. Used to wear casuals, too.

So, Let the story begin. The admission process started. The two names, Shivani and Sakshi, appeared in the same college. Some days before college started, the hostel list was published. They both have one sharing room according to the list. Then the families came to drop them and basic knowings were done.

They got known to each other and became good friends. Families left, and now it was all of them. The first month was good for them. They had a great time together and became really good friends. They used to tickle each other and give expressions to each other. Sometimes naughty ones, too, smile and laugh.

So, it is the Saturday of winter. Not that much work. Around 9:00 pm, their dinner finished, and the hostel gate closed around 10:00. Shivani closed the room door. Conversation began.

Sakshi: Huff, Saturday’s over, what a week! I’m going to chill tonight. How much stress we take always. Let’s enjoy our weekends. Let us live some moments of fun.

Shivani: Yes, year, I also get fucked up by this. Want some change? Want to watch a movie?

Sakshi: Always movie. Don’t get something other to do?

Shivani: Hmm, ok, let’s play some games then. Cards, uno, else?

Sakshi: Cards suck, you know, let us try something else. Like, let us know some other things about each other.

Shivani: What are you talking about? We know all about each other.

Sakshi: Still, let us do it, na. Let’s play truth or dare.

Shivani: Looks like even god can’t change your mind. Ok then.

Shivani and Sakshi joined the two beds and had some chips to eat. In casual t-shirts and track pants, both were sitting facing each other.

Shivani: Truth or dare?

Sakshi: Truth.

Shivani: Hmm, do you like someone in our class?

Sakshi: I don’t know, but Sam flatters me. He’s good in behaviour and physically fit too.

Shivani: Looks like someone needs to make things happen between you and him. I can do that. (smiles naughtily).

Sakshi: You can. But don’t get into his love. Haha

Sakshi: Truth or dare?

Shivani: Truth

Sakshi: Have you ever had a boyfriend?

Shivani: Yes. Just for some time.

Sakshi: Ever kissed?

Shivani: No. That didn’t happen. Have you ever?

Sakshi: never. It’s hard to make it happen.

Shivani: Truth or dare?

Sakshi: Dare this time.

Shivani: Dance for me.

Sakshi: What? No, I’m not doing that.

Shivani: Dare’s a dare.

Sakshi: Fine, which song?

Shivani plays ‘Sheela ki jawani.’

Sakshi: No!

Sakshi starts to move. Waving her hands in the air and having some thumkas, showing sexy moves. She gave air kisses and sexy expressions while doing it. Sometimes, she lifts her t-shirt to her belly and then puts it back. She moved her ass in track-pant and also did a sexy walk.

Sakshi: Feeling better, Judge?

Shivani (naughty smiling): I wish Sam were here.

Sakshi: Stop na. Now, my turn, truth or dare?

Shivani: Dare, I guess it’s dance too.

Sakshi: Yes, but a slight change. I want you to give me a strip dance.

Shivani: Are you mad? How can you think that?

Sakshi: These moments won’t come back. If not now then will you ever get a girl to do it in her front?

Shivani: But…

Sakshi: No buts. Do the Dare.

Sakshi played ‘Chikni chameli’ and said, “ Nach, banno, nach.” (Dance, bae.)

Shivani felt odd at first. But then started to move, swing hands, have steps, sexy moves and give naughty expressions. Her boobs were bouncing, and her ass was swinging like a pendulum. She played with her hair and then took her track pants up to her knees and then took them off. Her legs were as white as milk.

She put one leg in front of Sakshi teasing her. She removed her T-shirt, and big boobs came out. She was wearing a slip inside. She waved the T-shirt in the air and then threw it towards Sakshi. Then Sakshi too joined her in dancing and held the t-shirt in her mouth.

The song ended, and both came back to their senses.

Sakshi: So, babe, it was fun, right?

Shivani was wearing her clothes back.

Sakshi: Let it go na, babe. You look sexy, by the way. Let me enjoy some views. Heehee.

Shivani: You want to enjoy ha? Fine then. Let my turn come.

Sakshi: What can you even do?

Shivani: let’s see, truth or dare?

Sakshi: (looking into Shivani’s mysterious eyes) Dare.

Shivani: I want you to exchange our clothes, all of them.

Sakshi: Means you want my clothes and I should wear yours?

Shivani: Yes, we have the same size though.

Sakshi removed her t-shirt and gave it to Shivani. But Shivani still looks at her mysteriously.

Sakshi: No, babe! You’re not thinking of that too.

Shivani: I said all.

Sakshi smiled naughtily and took off the slips. Now, she was only left with a bra. It was a pink coloured bra. She removed it. Hand it over to Shivani, smiling. Her boobs were round and soft. Black nipples. She didn’t even cover those.

She said, “You bad girl. Happy to see me half naked? Go try them on. That’s what you demanded for na?” Shivani was still embracing her beauty. A beautiful 19-year-old girl, standing half naked with the most heavenly boobs asking her to take her clothes and try.

The confidence of Sakshi was on the next level. Shivani took clothes, and she, too, took off her slip and blue bra. She also felt no embarrassment as her friend was in the same condition. The bigger boobs came out. Shiv was nervous at first, but then she gained confidence and started smiling.

The two girls, in a hostel, around 11:00 pm, doors locked. They were standing half naked in front of each other, admiring the heavenly beauty of each other. They both looked at their conditions and had naughty smiles as to what kind of fun they were doing? Blue and pink bras were exchanged.

Sakshi wore the blue one easily. It was a bit loose, so it fit properly. But for Shivani, it was tight, and her boobs squeezed between them. She tried to hook it up but couldn’t. She said naughtily, “Your bra is too tight. Can you hook it for me?” (sexy smile).

Sakshi moved towards her, Shivani standing her back showing her. Sakshi moved one finger from Shivani’s neck on her back, taking her hand to her belly and back, teasing her. Shivani felt it and said, “Tie my hook, not the skin!” She giggled and, with some strength, had the hood.

Shivani turned around, and her boobs were tight and a bit up, but she was comfortable.

Sakshi: Now?

Shivani: By the way, your track pants are good, hehe.

Sakshi: You are really mad! Do you really want this to happen?

Shivani: I will not get any moment like this ever again, so doing it. Are you afraid?

Sakshi: hmm, you’re right. There’s no fun afterwards. Ok, fine.

Sakshi got her hands on her pants and moved them down. She was wearing a matching pink pantie. Her thighs were average as compared to Shivani’s. White like milk and soft. Shivani was already in her blue inners. Both looked at each other for confirmation.

Then Sakshi had her hand on it. Shivani stopped her and said, “Do it naughtily. Let me enjoy the show.” She sat on the bed, Sakshi in front of her. Sakshi turned around from the ass side. She started to remove it slowly. Her two big white buts came into view.

They were perfectly round with the best ass-line. She removed it. Now, she was having her panties in her finger swinging. She turned around with confidence. Her perfectly shaven dark pussy was in view of Shivani. Shivani was staring at her like a little girl staring at chocolate.

Oh god, what a moment for Shivani in her life. Sakshi now said, “It is enough staring, babe. Now it’s my turn to watch your show.” Shivani stood up, and Sakshi sat on the bed. Shivani was doing it. Sakshi ordered, “Naughtily baby, I need better than me.”

Shivani got it, and she started swinging her butt and pulled up to her knees. Her sexy little wide ass was perfect for spanking. She then sat on her but on the floor, showing her dark pussy, shaven but having a triangular design of public hair. She removed her panty by pulling her legs close.

It opened up her pussy a bit, and pink flesh was seen in Sakshi’s eyes. Shivani stood up, took blue panties in her hand and put them in her mouth. The panties were first wet, still they got more cause of it. She was tasting her juice. Playing with her hair, she approached Sakshi and went near her face.

Pointing her mouth with a finger, she said to take it with your mouth. Sakshi got close, with teeth, held one end of the pantie and pulled it out of Shivani’s mouth. Then they smiled sexily at each other. Shivani asked for Sakshi’s panties. It was in her hands.

Shivani took it and placed it on Sakshi’s pussy, cleaned it properly and then took it. She smelled it and again put it in her mouth. She was playing with her hair. Now, both waited for a moment, smiling and looking into each other’s eyes. Then both wore exchanged panties and pants.

Sakshi: Wow, babe, That was mind-blowing. Never done this before. Thanks.

Shivani: You are the reason to play this game.

Sakshi: By the way, you taste good. Hehe.

Shivaini: You smell best. I was completely in a dream when I smelled it. Wow!

Sakshi: So, what’s next?

Shivani: Hmmm, continue with the game? (puts her hands on Sakshi’s hand)

Sakshi: anything left still?

Shivani: A lot of possibilities, dear.

Sakshi: My turn, na. Hmmm, hard to think. Have you ever watched porn?

Shivani: Hard to watch it in the family, heard of it.

Sakshi: I also haven’t tried it, should we?

Shivani: Sounds fun.

Sakshi: Then how do you masturbate?

Shivani: Seeing hot scenes on YouTube or intimate scenes. But never tried porn.

Sakshi: Same in my case. Let us break porn virginity today!

Sakshi brought her laptop. Switched on VPN. Went to a porn website, and they were shocked to see the nudity there. All the videos were primarily men fucking women. She opened one video in which one older man was having sex with her teen maid. That girl was also must be 20 years old.

Sakshi: Wow, I never knew the world could be such a jerk. This is complete shit.

Shivani: I’m shocked, too. This many things are available so easily.

Sakshi: Wanna see the video? (Smiles naughtily)

Shivani: Today, I’m going to be the biggest sinner in the world. Do it as I want to be it.

The video began. First, they liked casual kissing scenes. Then they started stripping. The porn actress was a bomb. Then they looked at the cock of the man. Strong and hard, long. That cock was white and pink flesh.

Sakshi and Shivani were in complete shock as they saw completely naked ones first time on screen. They began to get wet from the inside.

Sakshi: Let us do it. I can’t control it. I want to masturbate so bad. What about you?

Shivani: Hmmm, I also want to do it, yaar. But how can we do it here?

Sakshi: You like to show your pussy and don’t want to squirt in front of me.

Shivani: That is not the case. I haven’t done it when anybody’s around.

Sakshi: That’s the fun, babe. Let’s do it.

Shivani agreed. They removed the t-shirts and pants and blue and pink bras and were on only panties. The man was fucking the girl, and the two hostel roommates were rubbing fingers on their panties at midnight.

They looked at each other. And then, at one moment of final cum, they both squirted. The pink and blue panties were full of cums that wetted them.

Shivani: Fuck!

Sakshi: Yeah, woof. Wow.

They both looked at each other’s condition and started to laugh.

Sakshi: Now want to exchange the panties. Haha.

Shivani: Why not? I am ready.

Sakshi: Sure, you will have to sleep the entire night wearing those.

Shivani: Get that off, baby. I want to sleep with your cum touching my pussy tonight.

Sakshi then got up and took off her panties. She then inserted it in Shivani’s mouth and started laughing. Shivani, too, stood up, removed her panties, pushed Sakshi onto the bed and held Sakshi’s hands. With another hand, she put her panties in Sakshi’s mouth.

Both stood up and tried panties as agreed. Now, both lay in bed and were thinking of all the fun they had. These were the moments that only a few could get.

Sakshi: Dear, let’s go to sleep.

Shivani: Yeah, close the lights and laptop. It was worth the fun.

Sakshi turns the light off. And comes to close the laptop but sees the categories section.

Sakshi: Hey, want to see porn categories.

Shivani: Let’s see. Oh, there are many of them. Milf, Maid, teacher, lesbian.

Sakshi: Lesbian?

Shivani: I don’t know, let us see.

Shivani: Oh, my fucking god, shit.

Sakshi: Fuck…

They both were in complete shock by whats in front of them. What happened next? To be continued.

Thanks, Readers, for reading this far. It is my first story, and I would love to publish the next parts soon. If you find my writing good, then you can reply to me at [email protected]. Love to hear your reviews.

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