Sex with MIL & SIL Story Series – Part 2

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This story is part of a series:

Thank you all for the amazing response to my previous story. This part is a bit of an emotional and romantic story.

Quick recap: I have an affair with my SIL (sister-in-law). When her husband went to the USA, I had amazing sex with my SIL. After waking up the next morning, I accidentally told my SIL that I had an affair with her mother, too.

About my SIL (Pallavi). Very gorgeous woman who turned 21 (in 2013). 34D-24-38. She has amazing boobs. Soft, round and big with very cute and light pinkish brown nipples. Her boobs look smaller when she wears a saree or some dresses. It is difficult to guess the actual size. But quite big when she is naked.

Amazing shape and size. Any man would die to feel those juicy boobs. There is a small mole just under her left boob, just like her mother.

About my MIL (Sangeeta). She is a gorgeous woman I’ve ever met. She is very elegant in her saree and hides her assets very well. Similar to Pallavi, Sangeeta has amazing boobs and ass, 36DD-28-38. They are bigger and softer.

Both mother and daughter have the same location of moles. One under the left boob. One on the inner thigh. One on the right ear edge. One unusual weak point is kissing on the back 3 inches above where the bra is hooked. It tickles and turns them on so much. I kiss them every time they wear a saree.

Now, back to the story. After morning sex, Pallavi was lying on her back with a beautiful naked body on display. She was sleeping like a baby. Her breathing was steady. Her boobs were going up and down in rhythm. Sun rays on her body are making her skin shine more. I was admiring the beauty.

Just then, she woke up. She smiled and wished good morning. I went near her left nipple, sucked it and licked it all the way down the boob. I licked the mole and said, “You have a mole just like your Mom. Both of you have the same spot.” I realised what I said and bit my tongue.

Pallavi, too, realised what I had just said and asked, “What? What did you say? Same spot of mole. How could you know? When did you see her naked? Since when you have been fucking her?” She kept asking questions continuously and was very furious.

I tried to cover up the mistake and calm her down. But she kept asking. She said, “I know that bitch is spreading legs for everyone. That’s why Dad doesn’t like her. Lanja Munda!” (Telugu word, meaning a whore who fucks for money).
When I heard that word, I just pulled her and slapped her hard.

She just fell on the bed and looked in shock and pain. She never saw me like that (it was new for me, too). I got angry. I wore shorts and went to the balcony to calm down. I was feeling bad to slap her like that. Just then, Pallavi came and hugged me from behind and was crying.

I could feel her skin on my back. Her boobs and nipples were touching my back. I realised she was still naked, so I took her inside the room and pulled the curtains.

Me: Sorry, dear.

I checked her cheeks. They turned red with my finger impressions. I pulled her, kissed her, and said sorry. She continued crying.

Pallavi: Why did you hit me? I don’t like my Mom. Now she spread her legs for you, too. Dad always used to say “Lanja.” She wants only money.

Me: I shouldn’t have hit you. But please don’t use that word. I can’t bear it if you insult your mother. She is the most strong and honest woman I’ve ever met. Your Dad is an asshole who doesn’t know how to treat and respect women.

Me: You have loved me and your classmates. Then you married Arun. You have sex with me, Arun and Shreya (Arun’s sister). Now tell me, are you a whore?

Pallavi: Not like that Bava. I was in love with you. After you rejected me, I loved my classmate to take revenge on Mom. It was never really love. I loved only you. Since you are married to my cousin, I realised I can’t have you. So, I married Arun under Dad’s pressure. I had sex only with you and Arun. I didn’t have sex for money! It was love damn it.

Pallavi came and hugged me tight. With her boobs rubbing my ribs. I, too, hugged her back and said

Me: Your Mom never had sex with any male except with your father almost 2 decades ago. Then only with me 3 years ago after my marriage. Because she, too, loved me just like you did. Your father lied to you. She earned money through her hard work and honesty.

Me: She was the one who paid for your education, clothes and food and even your wedding. In spite of all the hardships, she raised you and your sister. You don’t know even 5% about her and misunderstood her.

Pallavi was surprised. I continued.

Me: Do you know there are many common things about you and your mother? You both loved me. You both have similar moles. And many good qualities. Another common thing between you two is that you both are lesbians!!

Pallavi was shocked! She saw me with big eyes and loosened the hug. It made her nipples rub my ribcage and slightly tickle me. I quickly hugged her tight and took her to the bed. I made her sit on my lap and kissed her cheeks and lips. Then I continued to tell about her mother.

Me: You misunderstood your mother. She never loved your father. She romances with a couple of lady customers (and friends) who come for yoga class and beauty parlour. In fact her romantic lady friends got you to a good school and helped your mother.

Me: She hated men and liked only women until she met me. She then changed her attitude towards men and fell in love with me. She is alive only because of you and your sister. Your father is an asshole. He forced you to marry Arun due to Arun’s financial background in spite of the age difference.

Me: Your father took some money from Arun to clear his debts. Your Mom returned that amount to Arun through her savings. Only Arun and I know about this. Only I know how great your mother is. When you said “Lanja” to your Mom, I lost control and hit you. I am really sorry, Pallu.

I pulled her close and showered kisses on her cheeks. Pallavi was back to normal and kissed me and said, “I am sorry, Bava I will not say that again. I didn’t know about my Mom and totally misunderstood her.” We then kissed for almost 10 minutes.

Then I asked her, “When was the last time you spoke to your mom?” She said, “It’s been months. I only talk to Dad sometimes and you and to my sisters. I asked her to call right now. They spoke for almost 20 minutes, and both of them cried. I pushed her bathroom to freshen up and came back with a coffee.

While she was having coffee, I fondled her boobs and kissed her all over her face. Pallavi was turned on by my touches. After I gently pinched her nipples, she put the coffee on the table and jumped on me. We kissed like there was no tomorrow. Licking and sucking each other’s tongues.

Pallavi undid her bathrobe and was naked again. She sat on me and started rubbing her pussy on my hardon over shorts. She broke the kiss and pulled down my shorts. She took my dick out and started to kiss.

She was sucking with more energy this time. Taking it deep inside her mouth.  It felt really good. My nerves were pulling, and feeling her warmth over my dick. She took her sweet time to savour my dick.

Pallavi: Does my Mom know that you are fucking her daughter too?

Me: Yes, She knows that Arun is a gay cuckold. She knows how I fucked you on your honeymoon.

Pallavi: Oh really? You didn’t tell me anything. How did you maintain secrecy for 3 years, Bava?

Me: I’m good at it. Just today, when I saw your boobs in the sunlight. Your nipple and the mole mesmerised me. I couldn’t hold my tongue, and it spelt my secret. By the way, she doesn’t know about this trip.

She then looked at me. And took her nipple towards my dick and started rubbing her nipple against my dick. It felt awesome. I told her.

Me: Pallu, your Mom also does exactly like this.

Pallavi: Oh really.

Me: Hmmm, yes, Darling. Your nipples are very hard, Darling. Come here.

Pallavi: Did she give you a blowjob like me?

Me: Yes, dear. Mine was the only real dick she ever tasted.

Pallavi: Hmm. I like your dick very much, Darling. Till you go back to Bangalore, I’m going to suck it whenever I want.

Me: As you wish, Darling. Then she continued sucking my dick.

Pallavi: Bava. Who is better at giving blowjob?

Me: Blowjob, you are slightly better.

Pallavi: Thank you, Darling. (She continued to suck even more)

Me: But tit-fuck, your Mom is way better. And she sucks the tip of the dick while I’m banging her tits.

After hearing this, she released my dick and looked at me with a strange look. It was both seductive and angry, realising her Mom also sucked my dick. Pallavi then made me sit on the edge of the bed. She went down and sat on the floor on her knees. She then kissed my lips and went down.

She kissed my chest navel and licked it all over. She then kissed my dick and placed it in between her boobs. Started to move up and down, giving me a tit fuck. It was very nice. I fucked her tits, and then she started to move a bit fast and pressed her tits tighter.  My dick was so hard.

I was enjoying soft tits around it. She tried to touch the tip of the cock with her tongue and spit on my dick. I was holding her hair and avoiding falling on my dick or her tits. It was an excellent sight. My dick was sandwiched between two soft white tits. Her nipples were tickling my thighs.

I was moaning heavily. Just then, she told.

Pallavi: Bava, how am I doing? Do you like it?

Me: Yes, Pallavi darling. Excellent.

Pallavi: Bava. Who is doing it better?

Me: Your Mom also did the same. She is slightly better because her tits are bigger than you.

Pallavi: Are you imagining my Mom?

Me: Should I?

Pallavi: Ok. Imagine fucking my Mom’s tits.

Me: Oh yes, dear.

Pallavi started to move faster and pressed her tits tighter. I imagined Sangeeta, and in a couple of minutes, I cum all over Pallavi. Pallavi released her tits and sucked my dick, and started drinking drops of my cum. A little was dripping on her lips and tits. She wiped it with her finger and sucked it clean.

There was huge relief and satisfaction on my face. I just fell back on the bed with my legs down. Pallavi then sucked my dick and drained the entire juice. She went down and brought some juice. She went naked and came back with a juice packet.

Boobs and asses were bouncing, and pussy on the display. It was amazing to see her walk naked.

Pallavi: Bava, have some juice. You are completely exhausted. You cum so much. Did you imagine my Mom?

Me: Yes Darling. I imagined your Mom and couldn’t control it because you both look very similar.

Pallavi: Tell me more about my Mom, Bava.

I adjusted on the bed and pulled her onto me. I held her boobs and kissed her. Started to finger her pussy and told.

Me: You hated her. That’s why you didn’t observe her properly. Trust me, Darling. You are very similar to Sangeeta. Your shape, especially boobs (I mauled them and pinched nipples so hard). They look very similar, except these are slightly firm, and she has bigger boobs. After kids, I think you will also have a similar size.

Pallavi: Hmm. Thank you, Bava, and?

Me: You have moles in the same place. (I kissed and licked all 3 moles).

Pallavi: So you have explored my Mom very much?

Me: Yes Darling. Licked every inch of her body. Head to toe.

Pallavi: Oh really? She also has similar moles like this? (pointed to her boob).

Me: Yes. (I went up and licked there)

Pallavi: Even this one? (pointed to her inner thigh)

Me: Yes. (I licked her thigh and then moved to her pussy)

I started licking her clitoris and fingered her pussy. I kind of tongue fucked her pussy. Pallavi was enjoying. And asked, “Is mom’s pussy too same as mine?”

Me: Hmm, yes, Darling. You won’t believe it. Even at this age, her pussy was as tight as yours. She didn’t have sex with your father. She had only fingered and lesbo encounters.

Pallavi: You are making me go crazy.

Me: Are you imagining your Mom’s body?

Pallavi: Yes.

Me: Are you imagining me licking her pussy?

Pallavi: No. I’m imagining I am licking her pussy (Herself and Mom in lesbian romance)

As I licked and fingered her, she was moaning loudly. She was holding my head and pushing more towards her pussy. I gently bit her pussy and then sucked her skin. Pallavi was using her Mom’s name directly and imagining. She kept pressing her boobs and pinching her nipples.

I licked her pussy faster and put my mouth inside her pussy, and licked the inner walls of her pussy. She moaned as she had another orgasm. By then, my dick was very hard.

I immediately inserted my dick in her pussy (before she recovered from her orgasm). As her pussy was already wet, my dick went in smoothly. She gasped as I went completely inside. She screamed, “Bava! Wait. wait.” And tried to push me.

I didn’t listen. I wanted to give her more pleasure. I just pushed and gave hard and deep strokes. She gave up resisting and started enjoying. She just closed her eyes and pulled me to hug her. This crushed her boobs to my chest. As I was banging, her nipples were crushed with my weight.

She closed her legs and hugged me tight. I then, with difficulty, inserted my finger and touched her clitoris. Pallavi loosened her legs and let me move freely. Then, I continued my banging. I gave hard and fast strokes. After a few minutes, she had another orgasm.

I got up a little to wipe our sweat. She bent and turned to the side and placed her hand above her eyes because of shyness. Her pussy was still wet. I then inserted from the side, lifted her one leg and started to bang. She was now saying. “Amma. Aaahhh.” and made all kinds of moans.

She saw me and smiled, “Bava, we have all day.” I didn’t listen. I kept banging. One or two times, taking her Mom’s name made her crazy, and she had another orgasm. After a few minutes, I turned her around and made her doggy style. I then banged her for another 10 minutes.

Finally, I cum deep inside her pussy. We both were completely exhausted. We both cuddled, and after a few minutes, we both dozed off.

In the next part, I will describe how we had 3 some sex with the maid Rosy.

Keep masturbating. Keep fucking. Keep loving. Enjoy life, friends. Please give feedback to [email protected].

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