The Nudist Retreat – Part 1

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This story is from my time in the States. I was 22 years old and was in a relationship with Matt. I have a younger brother who was then 20.

Matt had got a couple of tickets for an expensive bus tour. It was one of those romantic trips. He mentioned there was a surprise when he handed those tickets to me. Apparently, these tour tickets were sold based on reference.

Since the trip was a couple of months away, I had kept the tickets in my drawer and forgotten about it. A few weeks later, I found out that Matt was cheating on me, and we ended up breaking up. Matt kept begging for forgiveness but I’ve always been stubborn once I make my mind up.

It was in September, and I was cleaning my room. I found these tickets for the bus tour that Matt had given me, and I immediately crushed them and threw them in the trash can. For some reason, those tickets reminded me of Matt, and I started contemplating if I was too harsh on him.

I got up from the bed and dug those tickets out of the trash. I looked at those tickets, and the date was just 3 days away. I thought to myself that I should not be wasting them and must use them as compensation. The next morning, my brother Ashwin was having breakfast and I asked if he would be interested.

Ashwin acted pricy and busy. Our parents overheard our conversation and insisted that Ashwin join me for the trip, Ashwin was a geek. He spent most of his time with his gaming console and comics as a 20-year-old adult.

My parents and I thought it was a bit creepy for him to collect superhero miniature dolls of Marvel and DC.

It was a Saturday morning. We were all packed and ready. Our parents dropped us at the train station and from there a short cab ride to the location. Other guests, mostly couples, were already waiting for the bus to arrive. There was a small lounge-type area.

A lady in her early 40s, I’d say, standing behind the reception. While we joined them and settled down, Ashwin enquired about the trip. I said, “To be honest, I don’t know. All I know is that asshole Matt mentioned its outdoor activities, fun, and scenery.”

I’m used to waking up early. But I could see how painful it was for Ashwin. He was getting restless and insisted that we go and ask the lady at reception about the bus’s timing. As we approached her, she greeted us with a smile and said, “Good morning. You are both here for the tour, I assume?”

I smiled back and said, “Yes.” I immediately got the tickets out of my purse. I showed them to her, saying we were very excited about this trip. Then the lady looked at us, then the tickets. Then, the luggage we had packed, she repeated this exercise, which made me nervous, so I said, “Everything alright, mam?”

Receptionist: Of course, yes, dear, just a little confused.

Me: Sorry, I’m not sure I understand what the confusion is here.

Receptionist: Pointing at our luggage, why did you bring all that?

Strangely, her question did not seem weird because it was only us who were standing with luggage in the entire group.

Me: Of course! Isn’t that obvious?

With my answer, the receptionist now had a confused look. Ashwin listening to all this, said, “What the fuck is going on here?”

Receptionist: Do you know what kind of tour this is, young lady?

Suddenly, Matt’s creepy face popped up in my head. I recalled the instance where he said there was a surprise when he handed these tickets.

Me: Is this not a couple’s holiday trip?

Receptionist: Yes, but it looks like this is your first time travelling with us. This is a nudist retreat, honey.

Squinting my eyes with a shocked face, I said, “Excuse me?”

The lady repeated, “This is a nudist holiday trip.”

I looked at the tickets, then at the receptionist. I was speechless, and I took a moment to articulate then I finally spoke.

Me: Hey, it is not mentioned anywhere on the tickets about the nudist retreat. The brochures we looked at also say couple’s retreat.

Receptionist: Oh, sorry about that, honey. As you may already know, we’re not allowed to advertise the nudity for legal reasons. Only fellow nudists would know about a tour like ours. Cursing Matt, in my head, I stuttered as I enquired with the receptionist if there was any way for us to stay dressed.

Receptionist: I’m sorry you had to come all this way. There are no exceptions. You are either in or out. Please make your choice and confirm. I sighed with disappointment and put my shoulders down, leaning on the table.

The receptionist kept her hands on mine and said, “ You are not the first couple who made this mistake.”

Me: What did other couples who made the same mistake do?

Receptionist: Well, they talked and mostly decided to give it a try.

Me: Ah, right, that’s not happening with us. (shaking my head in disagreement.)

Receptionist: Listen, honey, this won’t be easy at first. Why don’t you give it a thought and have a quick chat with the man you came with? The tour bus will take another couple of hours to leave, so take your time to decide before that. Either way, there are no refunds.

Ashwin was enjoying this chat, and I could tell he was trying hard, holding his laughter. I was pissed off, not because it was a nudist retreat but because I got Ashwin on this trip. I lifted my luggage and asked Ashwin to pick up the rest. I started to get out of that small office cum lounge.

Ashwin: What now? And what the fuck, how come you didn’t know about this nudist thing?

Me: Hey, don’t put this on me. You read the same brochure and tickets. Nowhere did these guys mention anything. How the hell was I supposed to know?

Ashwin: Yeah, but still…

Me: That asshole Matt bought these tickets, not me, remember.

Ashwin: Sorry, I know it’s not your fault. It’s just so frustrating. I mean, it’s not like you have done this sort of thing before, right?

I ignored Ashwin and just smiled with a half-shrug, implying that I had some experience.

Ashwin: No way! Don’t tell me you’ve done this before.

Me: Sort of, but that’s not the kind of stuff you ask your sister, so shut up.

Ashwin: Yeah, OK, so what do we do now?

Me: Hmm, we are already here. The lady said no refunds. Mom and Dad aren’t expecting us to return for a few days. I’m OK if you are OK.

Ashwin: You sure about this? It’s a nudist trip with no exceptions, remember.

I smiled at Ashwin and asked.

Me: Kiddo, Have you ever seen a naked woman?

Ashwin: Yeah, sure, what did you think? I play games in my room.

Raising my eyebrow, I further enquired, did you ever have sex?

Ashwin: Hell, yes, is that not obvious?

Me: Were these girls my age and athletic and pretty like me?

Ashwin: You bet!

Me: It is settled then. You have no problem with female nudity. What about men? Have you seen them naked?

Ashwin: All the time at the Gym. I’m straight, sis, so no issues there. My problem is not about the female body and the male body. For the love of god, you are my fucking sister!

Me: So you’ve never wanted to see me naked? Don’t lie now.

It was as if I had caught him off guard. He started to feel like a pervert who could not admit to his feelings, but I knew my brother well.

Me: I know you very well, bro, so don’t pretend to be on a moral high ground. Think of it this way. You get a chance to see me naked along with other beautiful older women our mom’s age.

Me: I know you boys have a thing for cougars. On top of that, we will get to enjoy a lot of outdoor fun games, and guess what? The cherry on the cake is everything paid for by my asshole ex-boyfriend.

Ashwin: Despite being impulsive, you can be quite rational and logical sometimes

I flashed a big smile and gave a suffocating hug to Ashwin.

We went back to the reception and informed the lady that we had given it a second thought and confirmed our participation in this nudist retreat. The receptionist pointed us to a small locker room. We were to get naked and keep our belongings in the locker.

As we walked, we noticed that we were the youngest couple. Most of them were in their later 30s to mid-40s. A few of them waved at us as we headed towards the locker room. There were people already completely naked and were having conversations casually without hard-on.

It felt like a safe place. The casualness of everything and how people carried themselves helped ease our fears. We were now in the locker room, and there was this awkwardness. Ashwin then asked, “Will seeing my cock bother you? Sorry, this is weird.”

Me: It’s all in our head, bro. Trust me, I’ve seen many cocks. You told me you’ve seen many girls naked, so chill, it’s all good.

Ashwin: Really?

Me: You are such a pussy, have some confidence in yourself. I know I’m hot, and I know you work out and are not bad yourself. Let me show you how confident women behave and undress first.

I then wrapped my fingers under my top and suddenly froze. Ashwin could see all that confidence I had disappeared from my face.

Ashwin: Well? What happened to all that big talk about “I’ll show you how confident women behave.”

Me: Fuck! You’re right. This is super weird.

Ashwin: Finally, my genius sister has figured it out, lol.

Me: Shut up, OK, you could have stopped me outside and disagreed. We are in this together now.

Ashwin: Look, Sis, I’m still OK to go back home. We will save ourselves from the unforgettable humiliation of being naked.

Me: Fuck off! I’m not missing out on this vacation. I deserve it.

Enough of this bullshit, let’s undress together

Ashwin: Wait, Wait, are you serious?

Me: Do you see me laughing?

With that, I pulled my top off and stood in my bra. My body was toned & perfectly tanned, with nice big boobs.

Ashwin: Wow! I see. You weren’t kidding.

Me: Look, I know this is awkward. Like I said before, how about we turn around and undress? That will make things less awkward.

Ashwin: Promise I’ll do it together this time

Me: Let’s get started.

We both turned around. The sound of my brother unzipping his pants was surreal because it soon meant that I would finally see him naked. I turned around first, then saw Ashwin naked. He had a huge cock. I was in complete awe. Ashwin saw me holding a towel covering my naked breast and vagina.

Ashwin: What the fuck? This is not fair. You’re all covered!

Me: Pretty nice cock you have hanging there. hehe

Ashwin: You are not playing fair. I’m putting my pants back on.

Me: OK, OK, I will remove the towel. I was only teasing.

As I dropped the towel and stood butt naked, I noticed Ashwin staring at my tits. His expression said they were glorious, nice, and perky. But I wanted to hear him say that.

Raising my arms to pose, I asked, “Like what you see, little bro?”

Ashwin: Yeah, you have a great body, sis.

I was a bit disappointed with that bland, generic appreciation. But I did not say anything. We kept our clothes in the locker and headed out. The bus had arrived, and everyone there was naked already. It was not that bad a feeling being around other nudists.

They were all friendly and inviting, having small talks with us. Both Ashwin and I realized the appeal of nudism and how it was exciting and liberating. I started engaging in casual conversation with other couples. I noticed they were adoring me. This boosted my confidence further.

It was 11 am, and finally time for us to board the bus. We got ourselves the last seats and settled down. Ashwin sat by the window and me right next to him. It was a strange feeling. My naked body is on the seat as I’m used to the feeling of clothes against my skin.

I pretended not to notice. But I caught Ashwin glance at my naked body many times. Honestly, I did not care anymore. In fact, I smiled every time he looked at my tits.

Our adventurous nudist trip had started. There was silence on the bus. I saw a lot of couples dozing off. Who would blame them? Everyone had woken up early this morning, and there was nothing else to do. I playfully started pressing my body against my brother, giving him views of my crotch, legs, and tits.

I then stood up and reached over to find my mobile, giving Ashwin a perfect close-up of my tightly shaped ass with a quick glimpse of my asshole. My brother started to get hard, and he covered his cock with his palm. I pushed his hand away and told him to relax.

While I was checking messages on my phone, Ashwin was about to doze off. I shook him to bring him back to his senses.

Me: Is this bus engine vibration making you horny?

Ashwin: Alright, I don’t know if you are serious or joking, and I don’t want to answer that stupid question. Can I go to sleep now?

Me: It’s a serious question. Just answer

Ashwin was taking time and was choosing his words wisely. Before he could answer anything, I stood up and sat on his lap. I wiggled a little to get comfortable, and now I had my back pressing against Ashwin’s chest.

Ashwin: You got to be kidding me, What the fuck! Sit on your seat. There is not enough space already.

Me: The motel is just a couple of hours away. I don’t like the sweaty feeling of being naked on the bus set. So don’t be a wimp and help me out for some time, please.

Ashwin: Easy for you to say, “Just a couple of hours.” I’m speechless. How can you be so selfish? You know I’m a guy and this position can cause a lot of potential issues for me.

I kept ignoring his bitching and wiggled my ass, trying to get more comfortable. While doing so, I could feel his cock rubbing against my ass.

Me: What the hell is that?!

Ashwin: Now, what’s your problem?

I wiggled my ass and then turned my face and asked, “This thing is rubbing my ass.”

Ashwin: It’s nothing, just ignore

I reached my hand and held his cock and said, “This is not something I can ignore now, can I?”

Ashwin: What the hell, Priya, you are fucking naked sitting on my lap, I’m no saint!

Me: (I whispered) I never asked you to get a hard-on.

Ashwin: My dear sister, that’s not how things work. Shut up and sit quietly or get back to your fucking seat.

I winked at my little brother’s frustrated face and said, “I know, I was just teasing you, bro. I know it’s a bit odd. But it’s hot that I can give you a hard-on.”

I then turned my face forward and continued to type some stuff on my cell phone. Ashwin’s erection continued to poke my ass as I typed. A moment later, I turned to face Ashwin again and showed him a message I typed on the note app.

“I’m extremely horny seeing all the naked bodies, then the bus vibrating, and now your cock poking my ass.”

Ashwin snatched the phone from me and started typing and then returned my phone. “Stop being a teasing bitch!” I laughed and typed again, then showed the phone to him. “I’m serious. Make me cum now, and I promise to return the favour. What say deal?”

I bit my lower lip, arched my eyebrow, and gave Ashwin an intense look. I wanted him to know I meant business. Ashwin threw the phone at the next seat and whispered in my ear, “What’s wrong with you? Have you gone mental!” I just grabbed his hand and forced it on my crotch.

He tried very hard to fight me and pull his hand, but he lost. I could feel a warm hand on my furry cunt. Once his hand was on my cunt, I turned and whispered to him, “I can already feel your dick begging for attention. You know what is wrong with me and what I need right now, so play along, my little brother.”

Ashwin: You will get us in a lot of trouble!

Me: Ah! I love how you are rubbing my labia. You sure know how to touch a clit. We are in this together so don’t worry.

My brother’s fingers continued to do their magic, and my body reacted in perfect harmony. I started to move my hips in sync with his fingers rubbing my cunt. I was grinding my ass on my brother’s lap. The fear of being caught in the taboo of engaging with my brother.

The sweaty back pressing against his chest was an absolutely nerve-wracking sexual experience. I loved this feeling of being intoxicated with lust as I sensed the increase in pressure and speed of my brother’s fingers. I wanted my brother to pleasure me and it was happening at this very moment.

I kept turning around to see the expressions on my brother’s face. He was enjoying it. I felt his fingers digging into my cunt slowly. I whispered, “Almost there!” Please! Please! Please! Deeper!

Ashwin: How close are you?

I then struggled to get me and on my cunt moved my brother’s fingers then inserted three fingers of mine and showed them to him. They were covered in sticky juice. I winked at him and said, “See this close!” After that, I put my fingers in my mouth and started sucking them.

Ashwin’s cock started throbbing with my slutty wink, and charm had done its magic. His fingers had all the motivation to see things through. I grabbed his other wrist as I was close to an orgasm. My brother freed his hand and started to pinch my tit.

I kept saying faster, a little faster, please put your fingers back inside. I have super sensitive nipples. His combination of tit pinching and cunt rubbing was making me go crazy. I bit my hand not to make any noise, and my ass cheeks started to clench. I arched my back, and suddenly, in a moment, it was all over.

I could feel the fluids trickling down my legs. My cunt was very sensitive and ticklish. So I pushed his hand away and sat on my seat with a relaxed, blissful, heavenly feeling. I leaned forward, kissed my little brother on his lips and said, “Holy shit, you were awesome, bro.”

I needed a few minutes to catch my breath, then I looked at Ashwin and said, “My turn to return the favour, and I winked at him.

Ashwin: I’m super horny, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to return the favour now. Maybe some other day?

Me: Rubbish, this is the best time and place.

With that, I held his hard cock in both my soft hands and ran my delicate fingers on his manhood. I then took the head in my mouth and sucked it. I ensured that our eyes were locked as I sucked on my brother. I honestly wanted to show my brother how grateful I was and passionately enjoyed his dick in my mouth.

Suddenly, there was a message notification on my phone. I reached my hand out to grab it while I continued to suck his cock. I started messaging while I was sucking my brother. I could see Ashwin itching to ask who it was. But he kept quiet, thinking I was just being myself.

I smiled as I sucked my brothers’ dick, and Ashwin knew the smile was not because of his cock. I could sense the curiosity on his face. I looked up and asked, “Did you want to tase my cunt?” Before he could answer, I asked, “Am I a good cock sucker?”

Once again, I interjected with another question before he could answer me. Ashwin now knew that these were questions for him to reflect on and not just answer. So he just nodded his head to my every question. I looked at him and winked as a signal that it was OK for him to cum in my mouth.

He shot several loads, which I gladly swallowed with my lips tightly closed. I could sense Ashwin was feeling guilty of cumming in my mouth. I sat next to him and assured him that he tasted good and that what he did was not wrong.

I then picked up my phone and started texting. Ashwin could not stay calm and said, “Who the fuck are you texting since morning?”

Me: Mom! Silly boy, who else? She won’t stop asking for updates every 5 minutes.

Ashwin: Don’t tell me you have been updating her about everything?

Me: Hehe

To be continued. Feedback [email protected].

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