Satisfying My Married Elder Sister

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Hello everyone, my name is Franklin. I’m a student aged 24 from Chennai in Tamil Nadu. This is about my real experience with my sister, who is in Madurai. Let’s call her Sheela for some privacy.

She is a married woman, and she had an arranged marriage. She was some perfection as she was 36-28-36. Her milky white complex and her beautiful facial features make her the best.

It happened 3 years ago. I had finished my engineering and I was hoping for a good job at that time. So, it was summer vacation, and I planned to go to my sister’s place. I called my sister and asked her whether I could come there. She joyfully replied and said, please come.

So I packed up my things and planned to stay there for 10 days. When I came to Madurai, her husband came to pick me up from the railway station. He was a totally dumb guy. I didn’t even like him from the beginning. We both got into his car and drove to his house.

My sister was standing right outside of the house and she came running to me to hug me. OMG! Her boobs were touching my chest and did an erection on me. After a tight hug, she got my bags, and she asked me to follow her to the room where I was going to stay.

She asked me to take a shower and asked me to come for lunch. After taking the shower, we all sat for lunch and had a delicious meal. After lunch, I went to my room and slept for the whole afternoon. My sister knocked on the door by 6.30 pm. She had my coffee.

I sat with her, talking and had dinner, and the day was done. Days went by, and I was on the same routine. Waking up late in the morning, watching movies. Talking with my sister, sometimes even jerking off. As it was the same routine, it became boring.

One day, my sister’s husband left early morning to a nearby place. He said he wouldn’t return until the next morning. So it was me and my sister alone in the house. As usual, I woke up late. Time flew, and it was evening.

In the evenings myself and my sister used to sit and have a chat. Usually, my sister used to sit a little far away as her husband would be there. But this time, she sat near me, and we started talking about things which we had never spoken about. She asked about my girlfriends and my relationship with them.

I was not a relationship-seeking guy. I was single all the time. I already know her college days very well. She was very quiet in her college days. She had lot a lot of girls friends and she didn’t have any boyfriends.

A little while later, she rested her head on my shoulders. She started to cry. I was shocked and asked what happened. She was very shy about saying things and about her sex life. I figured out that she is shy about speaking about sex. I asked her to say whatever the thing it might be.

1-2 minutes passed by. She said that her husband was not having sex with her because of his premature ejaculation. I was so worried about her situation. I gave her a rub on her shoulder and hugged her from the side to comfort her. I gave a kiss on her forehead, and that kiss made her comfortable.

After some time, she made a brave move by reaching her hands on my inner thighs. She said that she saw me masturbating through the door keyholes and said that she was amazed by my 7-inch dick. I was stunned by hearing that from my sister.

I thought to move a little bit far from her as it was uncomfortable for me. But she grabbed me and made me sit near her. She slowly moved her hand on my dick, and my dick started to erect. She was rubbing my dick, and I closed my eyes. She was rubbing for a bit now.

I was fully erect, and I started to kiss her. My sister’s lips are the most attracting one in her facial features. Her lips were always stunning. I kissed her so passionately. I started moving my hands to her breasts. She was totally comfortable with that, and I laid my hands on one of her boobs.

Wow! It was so soft. It heated up, and we both started to touch each other bodies while we were kissing. She was wearing a nighty, and she asked me to unzip it from the back. After unzipping it, she stood up and undressed the whole nighty. She was wearing a pink bra and purple panties.

I could already see that her panties were wet. I also stood up and took off my trousers and my T-shirt. I was in my underwear. We started kissing again. But this time, our bodies were touching each other. I could feel her soft skin on my body. I could feel her nipples and her belly. I felt her whole body.

I reached out to her ass and started to play with her butt cheeks. I moved her panties to the middle and exposed her milky butt cheeks. She reached her hands into my underwear and started to touch my dick. She turned her back on me and leaned on me, and my dick was touching her ass.

She asked me to unhook her bra. After unhooking it, I touched her naked milky boobs. I gave her the boob job to her, and her nipples became so hard. I turned her to face me. I sat on the sofa and made her sit on my legs. I squeezed her boobs and started licking her nipples.

She held her boobs as if she was begging to me. She was asking me to suck her boobs. She kneeled and asked for my dick. I can definitely say that she was begging me for all the things. I stood up, removed my underwear, and sat again.

Her eyebrows were up, and I could definitely say that she was amazed by the dick. She gave kisses on my dick from the head to my balls. Slowly she tongued my dick. It was definitely heaven, guys. She sucked the head of the dick. Then slowly, she started to suck my cock.

I could see her sucking my dick with such delight. She was sucking for 10 minutes. I didn’t ask her to do anything specifically. She did everything on her own. She knew what to do. She did everything that a man could expect from a blowjob. She had one hand on her pussy, and she was playing with that.

I knew it was time to lick hers. This time, she was standing, and I was kneeling and removing her panty. I could see a small bush. I smelled her pussy, and it was the most amazing fragrance. It was a mixture of her soap and her pussy. She wanted it so badly.

She dragged me to the bedroom, kissed me, and said, โ€œPlease lick me,โ€ and she fell on the bed. I went in between her legs and started to kiss her thighs. A simple tip to boys out there. Before licking your girl’s pussy. Play with her thighs and the body parts around her pussy.

That will tease her to the core, and she will beg you to lick her. Back to the story. I teased her, and she couldn’t control and grabbed my hair and pushed me into her pussy. I had seen many porn videos and also many sex educational videos. So I started licking her clitoris and her vaginal opening.

I inserted my tongue into her, and in seconds she came. Her pussy juice was flowing. I licked her again, and this time, I inserted my fingers inside her. She started moaning a little too loud. I wanted my sister to have the most satisfying and amazing sex that she could have.

So I did all I could give. She asked my dick inside of her. I moved up and had my dick on her pussy. We were in the missionary position, and slowly I inserted my dick into her. She didn’t have a cock for a very long time. So she was so tight. She asked for slow pace motion and I did her so slowly.

After a couple of minutes, she asked to speed up a little bit. Gradually, I paced up and made her so comfortable. My dick went all the way inside her pussy. She asked whether we could change the position. I whispered to her that I would do anything she wanted.

She smiled, and she wanted to do her favourite position, the cowgirl position. She sat on top of me, and my cock went all the way inside her. She asked me to fuck. So she laid down on me. I started slowly to move, and she asked me to pace up. I started to pace up and fucked her so good.

She sat straight, and now she started to fuck. While she was moving. I could see her boobs bouncing, and she wanted to squeeze her boobs. So I had my hands on her boobs, and she was fucking so hard. She wanted to do many positions, and we did all the possible positions we could do.

She asked me to cum inside her, and I said no. But she wanted to feel the warm cum inside her. But thoughts were. What happens if she gets pregnant? But she asked for it. I have to give her what she needs. So I came inside her, and I didn’t remove my dick, and my dick was there for a minute.

After some time, we did it again, and we slept at 4 am. My sister got up and started to suck my dick again, and we fucked. I went back to my room.

My sister’s husband came home by 6 am. We had oral sex in the kitchen and bathrooms. We also had many quickies when her husband was busy in the home. We had the full package of sex when he went out.

Whenever I go to Madurai, I plan to stay for at least a week, and we have sex. Till now we are having fun. Whenever I miss her, I video call her and have fun with her.

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