A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 10

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This story is part of a series:

Hey lovely readers, we are here on the journey of the longest and the kinkiest night in the life of Ishaan. Here, his horny mami will fuck him. Please read Part 9 before reading this part.

Let’s not waste the time and see what happened that night after the sexually dominating mami took Ishaan inside her bedroom.

Once I was in the sitting position, she started to kiss me wildly. She started to poke her tongue inside my mouth and start the battle with my tongue. I was also enjoying her horniness and her tasty saliva which tasted somewhat like wine. She moved her left hand over my head and started to wildly move her hand and play with my hair.

Soon, she started to push my head down toward her neck and I started to lick her sweaty neck and sometimes bit her neck. She was raising her body from a sitting position to get on her knees on the bed. She grabbed my hair very roughly with a strong grip.

Mami started to move my face on her boobs very violently, as I started to lick her boobs and completely covered her boobs, cleavage, and her chest with my lusty saliva. She was drinking wine as she forced my face on her boobs.

Once she was calmed down by a sudden gush of excitement, she left my hair and allowed me to play with her boobs me. She was still standing on both her knees sipping wine.

Getting a naughty thought, I grabbed her left areola with my teeth and started flicking her nipple with my tongue’s tips. She started to giggle as I was doing that. After playing with her both nipples, I started to move my lips more down on her boobs.

Soon I was at the base of the boobs where it connected with the body. I started to lick the sweat between her boobs and the skin at the base of the boobs. It was something different licking her there. She started to move her face, getting hornier. Seeing this, I gave a hard bite at the base.

Mami (horny): Ouuchhh..Ufffff..Isss.. Ishaan. You should bite your Queen there, she might get wilder.

Ishaan (muffled voice): Ummfff…hmmm (still licking the sweat from her skin around her stomach).

By then, my hands were behind me, as I was in the sitting position, tied with one end of her saree while I was licking her boobs and sexy tummy. Seeing me not stopping, my aunty stood up putting her legs on either side of my waist. She then removed her saree from her petticoat while one end (pallu) was still tied to my hands. She was wearing small shorts with a button in front. Now I knew why I was able to see her legs earlier beneath her saree. Then she said-

Mami: Open my shorts.

I leaned my mouth forward to open her button with my teeth. It was difficult, but I was able to open it after many trials. Her shorts fell revealing her wearing the purple panty that she made me put on her yesterday. Her wet panty was revealing her pussy shape. It was a bit smelly too.

Mami grabbed my head and started to rub her pussy covered with purple panty on my face. Her smell completely blew me away. Soon, my tongue was out and I was licking mami’s pussy above her panty. Then she left my head and pushed me onto the bed. She put one leg on my chest and started to walk toward my face.

Once she was above my face with both her legs beside my head, she dropped her panty. It directly fell on my mouth. As her panty was coming down, a string was made because of the discharge of fluid from her pussy as if she was leaking for a long time in her pussy.

Mami adjusted her foot such that the panty was now moved to my neck and slightly choking me. She dropped herself on my face, directly hitting my lips with her pussy.

It was completely wet and had too much fluid leaking from her pussy. Mami started to move her ass roughly and indirectly rubbing her whole pussy on my face. I was just sticking my tongue out and letting her move her pussy on my tongue.

Her pussy tasted more delicious than yesterday.

She continued dry humping her pussy on my face and making erotic sounds.

Mami (horny and wild): Ahhhh…Issshhh… Yess…It itches more… Ufffff… Uffff.

She grabbed my hair and started to push my head into the bed (to put my mouth away from her pussy). But she still dug her pussy more into my face as if she wanted me to stop licking her pussy.

But her body wanted more licking from my tongue to stop the itch that she started in her pussy. She leaned her body a bit back and moved her right hand inside my boxer, grabbing my dick which was hard by now.

Mami then started to feel my dick and move her hand over it. It was an amazing feeling, licking her pussy as well as feeling her cold and soft hands over my dick. She wasn’t able to control herself more because of the wine and started to leak heavily from her pussy.

Mami: Ufffff… Ufffff… (orgasm).. Ummm.. Isshhh..

She had a huge orgasm with lots of her cum directly hitting my face and mouth. I started to enjoy her cum and it completely drenched my face.

Once she was relaxed, she moved slightly back, smiling, just to look down to see my face covered in her cum and with a smile on my face. I was also smiling seeing her orgasm so hard.

Se positioned herself on my chest such that her soft and bubbly ass was on my upper chest with her pussy just barely touching my chin. She brought the wine bottle near to her pussy and started to pour it slowly over her pussy. I started to drink the wine falling from her pussy. I started to enjoy the taste of the wine mixed with her cum.

Once she was happy seeing me drink wine from her pussy, she removed the panty from her feet and started hovering her panty over my face. In a playful manner, I was also trying to catch it, but in a sudden move, she put the waistband of the panty on my head and slide the panty down.

The region of the panty which was stinky due to the discharge from her pussy from the evening was put above my nose. My whole nose was filled with the smell of her pussy and with the vaginal discharge of her pussy. It was way more intoxicating to me being half drunk.

Ishaan: Fuck! Uffff… hmmm (closing my eyes and feeling her pussy fragrances).

Mami (laughing): Hehehe…

She leaned forward into my ears.

Mami (husky voice): Like the smell..

Ishaan: Hmm (still inhaling).

Mami: I didn’t remove it from yesterday (biting my earlobes).

Hearing that, my eyes just popped out and I started to look into her eyes. She smiled and gave me a peck on my cheeks. She covered my mouth with her hand, making me inhale forcefully her dirty panty smell. Mami was laughing at me seeing me struggle.

After relaxing for a few more minutes, she moved down rubbing her boobs across my chest and stomach. She then grabbed the waist of my boxer with her teeth and started to pull it upward, revealing my dick lying hard on my lower stomach.

She removed my boxer with her teeth only and tied my legs too with the other end of her saree. I was completely pinned down on the bed with my legs and hands tied.

My hands were now below my back as I was licking her boob in a sitting position earlier. She didn’t give me any moment before pushing me, back on the bed and putting her leg on my chest earlier. Then she looked directly into my eyes, like a hungry tigress, and walked on all her four to come close to my dick. She opened her mouth and like a lollipop, she took the head of my dick into her mouth. Then she started to flick her tongue on my dick’s tip inside her mouth.

The strong smell of her panty was not allowing me to enjoy my first blowjob, because of which my eye was fixed on her. Slowly, she moved her mouth down taking my dick completely inside her, with her tongue playing with the shaft of my dick.

Ishaan (grunting voice): Umhhhm…Mmm.

Mami: Wanna see what I am doing inside my mouth?

Ishaan (nodding): Yes.

Mami opened her mouth and started to flick her tongue at the tip of my dick (urethral). It was too much for me, the pleasure was unimaginable.

She moved her tongue to the frenulum and started to play with her tongue over there. There was a distinct smile on her face as if she knew what havoc she was causing on my dick.

Mami moved her tongue tracing the veins on my dick and reached the base of the dick. She started to lick my dick at the base and sometimes took my balls completely inside her mouth and chewed them. I was enjoying her acts and the pleasure she was giving.

Ishaan: Mami, it’s too much for me. I might explode anytime.

Mami (angry): ‘Mami’?

She left my dick and gave me a strong slap to my dick! My dick hit my lower abdomen and it felt a strong pain at the shaft of my dick and where my dick slammed.

Mami (dominating): I am your ‘Ma’am’, ‘Devil Queen’.

Ishaan (scared): Sorry ma’am, please don’t continue. I might cum in a minute.

Mami (laughing): Heheheh… I won’t let you.

Mami grabbed the dick hard and started to bend it in half. It was too painful and all the build-up was fading from my mind and dick. She laughed seeing me in the pain. Then she got off the bed and grabbed the bottle from the side table and started to walk outside away from me as if she was leaving the room.

Once she reached the edge of the bed, she turned and grabbed my dick up. Taking my dick near to her mouth, she bit the tip of my dick. Looking into my eyes, she chewed my dick for 4-6 seconds and left the room drinking wine.

Mami was back after 10 minutes with a bucket of ice and a few condoms in the ice bucket. Then she kept the ice bucket on the side and hopped on the bed with excitement. She grabbed the condom from the ice bucket and opened biting the end of the cover with her teeth.

Mami grabbed my dick and put the condom on the tip of my flaccid dick. It was too cold, but soon it will be at room temperature. But being of devilish mind, she grabbed the ice cube and inserted it inside the condom and then started to slide it over my dick. My dick head was completely getting numb because of the ice. Because of the heat that my body generated, the ice cube started to melt and making my whole dick cold because of the water coming down from the tip.

Mami (smiling): See, won’t let you so easily (winking at me)!

Then she moved herself on me and covered my whole body with her. Her cold boobs were crushed between us and my dick was getting crushed under her pussy. She put both her hands over my head, grabbed me, and started to chew my lips. Slow-chewing turned to very hot and wet kissing with her waist moving up and down, rubbing her pussy over my dick.

She raised her ass a bit and with it my dick too was able to breathe some air. But she positioned her pussy at the tip of my dick and pushed her ass down, making my dick slightly enter her pussy.

Ishaan (thinking in his head): Damn fucking! I finally entered her wet pussy. It’s so awesome inside her hot pussy (thinking in my head).

Mami (moaning in a muffled voice): Hmmmm.. Ummhhh (moaning inside her mouth while kissing).

She was wet, but still, my dick was not able to enter her. She was getting more impatient with each passing second as to why my dick was not entering her. Then she started to push her pussy hard on my dick and force my dick to enter her.

Mami (moaning): Ahhhhh… ( breaking the kiss and moving her head up to scream).

I was in no mood to leave her and started to move my dick up and down vigorously as she scream. She was in heaven with my dick moving fast in and out from her pussy. Ice was making my dick cool and was not letting me ejaculate.

Then she grabbed an ice cube and put it inside her mouth, lowering her head over my face. Mami again started to kiss me and we both were playing with the ice cube, moving it from one mouth to another.

As I calmed down and stopped humping her pussy, she started to move her ass circularly. She was enjoying my dick inside her, moving my dick from one corner of her pussy to another, putting my dick in the deepest places of her pussy. She couldn’t hold back and started to move her ass fast and started to fuck me hard, making sensual sounds.

There was no stopping her, she continued to fuck me hard and move her pussy wildly.

Feeling breathless, she slowed down, but still slowly moved her hips. Mami got up from the leaning position on my chest to a squatting position to sit on my dick. But my dick is upside curvy and C-shaped, so it came out.

My aunty noticed that the ice cube in the condom had melted completely. Then she grabbed the new ice cube and put it inside her mouth wetting it with her saliva. Once she was done sucking the ice, she removed it from her mouth and removed my condom, throwing it on the floor.

Then she grabbed the new condom which was extra dotted and put the ice cube inside it before putting it on my dick. This ice cube was different and it was like a small vodka shot glass. She put the ice in such a way that my dick’s head is completely covered and it fitted like a cap to it.

Once done, she turned and got into reversed cowgirl position. I could only see her back and her huge ass directly pointing to my face. Mami lifted her ass and putting my dick’s tip just below her pussy, she slammed her ass on my stomach making a loud sound. She didn’t stop there and started continuously slamming her pussy on my dick and ass on my stomach, fucking me hard straight for 10 minutes.

Mami was getting exhausted sitting and pumping her pussy. Then she just fell on my chest restless and gasping for breath. But I started to move my ass now getting my dick in and out from her pussy.

She started to enjoy my dick more in this position lying flat with her back on my chest and my dick pounding her below. Mami moved her hand and grabbed my head, asking me to lick her neck. Her bouncing boobs grabbed my attention. I just wanted to grab them and chew them hard seeing them move freely.

Without realizing, I started to bite her neck. She couldn’t take the pain that I was causing her on her neck and brought my mouth to her lips.

Mami started to kiss me hard and moved her waist sexually while I was pounding her with my dick below. She opened her eyed and saw me looking at her bouncing boobs. She understood what I wanted and bit my lips.

Mami grabbed her one boob and lift it to bring it closure to me. Ladies are like a cat for a reason. She somehow adjusted herself and stretched her boob to my mouth.

I started to suck and bite her nipples while lying below her and my face next to hers. I was too excited and in my lust, I started to chew her areolas hard.

Mami: Ummmmm.. Issshh.. Ahhhhhhh…

We were too involved in fucking each other. Somehow, she got her boob back from my mouth and raised her left hand above her head. She forced my head toward her armpit, smelling the mixed fragrance of her sweat and smelly panty (still on my head). I couldn’t wait and started to lick her armpit while my dick was still moving inside her pussy.

Then I saw a huge amount of sweat under her left armpit and couldn’t control myself from sucking her armpit dry. Tasting her sweat gave me a boost, and unconsciously I started to move my hip rigorously up and down. Feeling a sudden increase in the intensity of my dick, she lowered her left arm locking my face inside her left armpit, and with the help of my right hand, she grabbed my head pushing my head more into her armpit.

Because of the strong grip over my head, I was not able to move my head and was getting intoxicated because of sucking and smelling her disgusting sweat smell. This allowed me to calm down and lower my speed of pounding my dick below in her pussy. I was back to my senses and realized that the ice had melted, which, might make me explode my cum.

Ishaan (gasping for air): Ummffff.. Ummhhh.. Leave me. I can’t breathe (still stuck under her armpit). Ice has melted, leave me.

By then, I had stopped moving my dick. It was just lying inside her pussy and feeling the heat in her pussy for the first time as the ice melted away. Still, she didn’t lose her grip around my head, making me lick her more and inhale her sweat smell mixed with her pussy smell as her panty was still on my face.

After about 5 minutes, my mami loosened the grip and I gasped for the fresh air. She was still lying over me with my dick inside her.

After relaxing for more than 10 minutes, she got up from the bed and removed my dick from her pussy. She grabbed my boxer from the floor and wiped the sweat from her body and my chest.


I will end this part here as my horny readers would have ejaculated by now. Mami has something different planned for Ishaan in her dirty mind. She is hornier now as she has her favorite slave under her control.

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