Finding Happiness for Mom

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Nick was excited to end his day at the office as he was eagerly waiting to meet his Mom after 8 months. His Mom, Emily, was visiting the town for a teacher’s conference. They had planned to meet at her hotel and then head out for dinner.

It was 7 p.m. when Nick reached his Mom’s hotel and knocked at her door. The door opened a few seconds later. Nick immediately understood that something was wrong with his mother.

“Hey, Mom, why do you look like you have cried a lot?” he asked as he stepped inside and hugged her.

“Oh, nothing honey, just some dust went inside my eyes,” she lied with a smile and hugged him.

After releasing her from the hug, Nick gripped her shoulders and questioned again, “What’s wrong, Mom? I know you’re not your usual self.”

She fell onto her son’s body, a tear rolling down her cheek. Before pressing her further, Nick waited for her to calm down. When Emily had recovered her footing, she started to recount the incidents that had made her cry.

“I met your father here today. It appears that he reserved the same hotel room to attend the conference. He was not alone, as he had two women on either side. He smiled his devilish smile at me as he entered his room.”

Emily and her husband, Peter, were teachers. They had fallen apart after marriage, mainly because Peter was obsessed with young women. He cheated on Emily with one of his PhD students. Above this, he was a schadenfreude – a person who derives joy from making other people feel inferior or envious.

Nick was still confused. It was now a common occurrence for the Mom and son to run into Peter at some family functions with an escort by his side. So he asked, “We know he is a prick who likes to pick on you by showing off one of his prostitutes.”

“It’s not what I saw at his door that upsets me. It’s this,” she said and fiddled through her phone to show him a photo with the text, “You are missing it out dear.” It showed a naked woman on all fours with her back and ass cheeks showing and a naked man from the neck down, kneeling on the bed.

The nude man’s belly touched the girl’s ass. It was clear that his cock was lodged deep within her. Below the picture, there was a text that read, “Oops, send it to the wrong person,” with a smirk emoji. Nick was so angry that he wanted to strike his dad.

But he thought better of it since it wouldn’t please his mother. After giving it some thinking, he chose to go with the plan of taking her out to dinner to make her happy. Emily found her grip on her emotions after Nick consoled her. They headed out for dinner.

They had a good time at the dinner as they discussed their life and everyday hustles and joys. After dinner, they went out for a walk as the weather seemed pleasant. They walked down the streets of the town, which attracted tourists. Nick noticed the infamous club that he wanted to visit with his friends.

Nick thought for a moment what his Mom would do once he dropped her at her hotel. She would probably sulk over the earlier incident involving his dad and probably cry to sleep. He wanted her to have some fun like his dad. So he decided to take her to the club to have some fun of her own.

“Mom, do you want to have some beer?”

Emily thought for a moment. “Why not! Let’s go. The conference is the day after tomorrow, and I can stay up late today. Yippee, I haven’t gone to a club in ages,” she said with excitement.

Nick was happy to take his Mom to the club and show her a good time. They entered the club, sat near the bartender’s booth and ordered a couple of beers. A few drinks down their pipeline, and their bodies began to move to the rhythm of the music.

Emily invited her son to the dance floor, and Nick followed her. During the dance, Emily admired her son’s character in treating a woman like her and was very happy to have raised him right. They danced their hearts out and enjoyed each other’s presence before the DJ announced a short break.

“Wow, that was fun,” Emily commented as they returned to the booth.

“Glad you enjoyed it, Mom. Why don’t you club with your friends in our hometown?” Nick asked as they sat down and ordered 2 shots of tequila.

“You know your father visits all those clubs regularly, and I don’t want to run into him with one of his bitches”

Nick was a bit taken aback to hear the “bitch” word from his Mom. But he didn’t judge her as he knew her inhibitions were lowered because of the alcohol. “Screw him, Mom, you are a beautiful woman. You should be dating and showing off your catch to that man.”

Emily’s eyes filled up as she asked, “Do you think I’m still beautiful, son?”

“Hell ya, Mom, you are still beautiful. Don’t let anyone take that happiness from you, especially the asshole whom you married.”

Emily laughed at her son calling his dad the “A word” and high-fived him. As they continued to chat, Emily noticed 3 women her age come through a curtain that hid a doorway to another room. They looked so happy as they giggled and joked about something.

“Oh boy, I wish I did something fun like those women to laugh and joke about.” After giving his mother’s words some attention, Nick remarked, “You know what, Mom, I think you deserve it, and you are going to have the same fun as those women just had.”

Before Emily could reply, he rose from the chair. He went to speak with a man who was standing next to the door that the women had been excited to pass through. After a while, Nick appeared to have paid the large man something before turning to face Emily and indicating that she should come along.

“What is happening here?” Emily asked as he joined her son.

“You will soon find out,” he said as they entered through the doorway into a dimly lit corridor that led to another door. When they opened the second door, They were met with smoke, multicoloured lights (red, yellow, green, etc.), and a large stage with a nude man and lady.

Emily’s eyes adjusted to the new lighting. She noticed that they were among the men and women who were taking in a couple’s nude performance on stage. She was shocked and surprised that her son had brought her to such a place.

Her words, “Oh my god, where have you brought me, Nick?” were devoid of rage, so Nick had the guts to respond, “To a place where you could have fun just like those women you saw, Mom.”

Nick grabbed his mother’s hands and led her through the mob. They seated themselves one row behind the stage after finding some seats. Emily was astounded to see the nude woman. She appeared attractive, handling the man’s enormous, thick cock.

Emily’s eyes were transfixed on the woman who was jerking the big cock and about to take it in her mouth when Nick tapped her thighs and said, “We could leave if you don’t enjoy this. If you feel awkward having me with you, I could go out and wait while you enjoy the show.”

Emily had forgotten that she was here with her son. She did not want to be alone in a club where men were watching live porn with hard dicks in their pants. She also did not want to take her eyes off the naked men and women whose performance had already gotten her pussy wet.

“Stay with me, dear,” was all she said before turning her eye back to the stage. Nick was happy to know that his Mom wanted to stay and have fun with him besides her. They did not speak for the next few minutes.

The naked men standing on the stage pulled up the woman. He inverted her to suck his cock while he licked her pussy. He turned around in all four directions to give the crowd a clear view from all angles. Their performance came to a halt as the music stopped.

The announcement of the next performance by another couple was announced. A guy came out wearing a netted tank top that was transparent and showed off his body. He had a leather lace-up thong that contained his cock. The woman looked even more sexy with her all-black costume.

It involved high heels, netted stockings, garter belts, a thong and a fishnet bra that showed her massive cleavage. The couple began to show off their sexy moves as they danced to the music. Soon, they were stripping each other along with their sexy dance routine.

The man was only in his leather thong, and the woman was in her bra and thong. Just then, the song ended, and another one started playing. It must have been a cue for something. They separated and went in the opposite direction to the two side stairs that led them to the crowd.

As they stepped down from the stage, the crowd went wild. The man began to approach the ladies in the front row who began to touch him and stick some cash in his thong. Emily saw a woman pull the front side of his thong out and put her hand full of cash into it.

She stroked his cock before he moved to the next woman. On the other side, the men were going crazy for the woman. They fondled her tits and ass while sticking some cash into her cleavage and thong. Nick wanted to fondle the woman’s tits as he was tit-man.

He checked his pockets for some cash, and that’s when he realised he was there with his Mom. She was looking eagerly as the woman touched and felt the hot guy up.

“Mom, do you, uh, maybe want some cash? You know, to….” Nick said hesitantly. He pointed to a woman feeling the guy’s ass and sticking a bill behind his thong.

Emily wanted to do what her son was suggesting to her to do. She felt a bit hesitant to do it. But her shaking hands took the cash from his hands and waited for the right opportunity. But as luck would have it, the music stopped, and as a cue, both the men and the woman returned to the stage.

Nick could see the disappointment in his Mom’s face. But they had the whole night to accomplish the mission. Back on stage, the emotions were running high as the men and women started to fondle and kiss each other. They removed the last of their clothes and performed naked.

Soon there were lots of tits fondling, nipple sucking, handjob, ass spanking, clit licking and so on. The music ended two or three minutes after the guy started fucking the blond girl in her pussy. The curtains came down, and the music stopped.

The Mom and son waited for the next song to be played, but instead, they heard an announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are taking a break to get the stage ready for our next lesbian act. Please help yourself with some drinks while we return to you.”

Nick could see the disappointment in his Mom’s face again. He wanted to do something to make her feel better. So heads off to the drinking area, saying, “Mom, do you want anything to drink?”

“Maybe some tequila would be great,” she said as she picked up her phone and fiddled with it. “Wait, I will also come with you.” Nick waited for his Mom to join him as they made their way to the bartender. With a shot of tequila in their hands, the mom and son duo sat silently at the table. Both were hesitant to talk.

Nick gulped his shot in one go and said, “Mom, I’m not sure if I crossed any line by bringing you here. We can leave if you feel uncomfortable, but let me say that you deserve some happiness in your life. You are a beautiful woman who should be enjoying her life, and I won’t judge you for that.”

Emily smiled as her eyes filled with tears, and she took Nick’s hand in hers. “Thank you for saying I’m beautiful, honey and for bringing me here. Today, I felt what I was missing as a woman. You made me realise that and I’m forever grateful for having such a gem of a boy as my son. I’m telling you all this as you said you won’t judge me. That’s what I want in my life: a man who doesn’t judge me.”

Emily took her shot as Nick said, “I’m grateful for having such a great mom, and I would do anything to see you happy. No judgment involved.”

“Great, then I can sit here with my son without any guilt.”

“Anytime, Mom, I’m glad to accompany you anywhere that you find happiness.”

The announcement interrupted their conversation as a female voice spoke, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are back. Please welcome the amazing Roxyn and her sexy partner Vilot.”

The crowd cheered as a hot blonde and a busty Asian girl made their way to the stage, wearing tight costumes that showed off their body.

“Looks like you won’t be able to tug into a man’s underwear and stick your cash till this lesbian act is over.”

“Who said that I will only tug into a man’s inner? I could also leave the note on those lovely girls’ panties or bra straps,” Emily said with a giggle.

“Someone is being naughty here. Oops, sorry, Mom. No judgements.”

Emily burst out laughing at that, and Nick joined her. On the stage, the women were already kissing and fondling each other’s boobs. “You could go and watch them up close, honey. I won’t judge you either.”

Unknowingly, her eyes drifted to his pants to check if he was hard. The moment she realised what she was doing, she felt awkward and shy.

“We are here for you Mom, So let’s make you happy before we turn the attention towards me. Give me a minute to check out something fast.” Nick said as he rose from his seat and went towards a bouncer.

Emily got a view of his hard cock pressing against his pants as he left the place. She was struggling with her feelings. She did not know whether to enjoy that view of her son’s cock or to be ashamed of her act. Emily looked towards her son.

She could see him discussing something with the bouncer and heading to a room that the bouncer pointed to. A good 10 minutes later, Nick approached his Mom with all smiles as he said, “Come with me, Mom.” Emily was confused as she followed her son through a door and a staircase to the upper floor.

They reached a hallway that had doors on both sides. “Where are we? What are we doing here?” was all she could ask. Her son refused to talk and used a key to open a door at the furthest corner of the hallway. Emily had a mixed feeling as she entered the room.

“Was he going to do something with me? Or are we staying the night here?” all these thoughts ran through her mind. The room had a big L-shaped couch on one end and a wall full of mirrors on the other side. In the middle, there was a pole, which Emily imagined would be used by an exotic dancer.

“What are we doing here?” Emily asked as they sat down on the couch.

“You never got a chance to stick the cash into a guy’s sexy underwear, so I asked the manager when the male strippers would be coming out again. He mentioned that they wouldn’t come out for another hour as the next few performances only involve the women. So I arranged for a private show for you.”

“What? A private show? What does that mean?”

Before Nick could answer that, the door to their room opened. A tall and fit guy entered the room wearing a netted T-shirt and leather pants. “Hey people, you must be Emily right?” he asked as he came and took Emily’s hands and kissed them. “James is at your service, mam.”

Emily was blushing as the young man kissed her hands. She looked at her son who signalled her to sit back and enjoy. James continued, “I have been informed that this is your first time. Your mate here has made the full payment. But you could stop me anywhere you feel uncomfortable, and we would end the night on a good note.”

“Mom, by now, you would have got an idea of what’s happening here. So I can leave you two alone and wait outside if that’s what you prefer, as things could get quite naughty in here,” Nick whispered into Emily’s ears.

Even though James looked hot and handsome, Emily couldn’t think of being alone with a stranger. “Don’t leave me alone. Stay here. I know you won’t judge me.” Then she looked at James and said, “Yes, we understand.”

“All right. Let’s get this party started.” James took the remote from a corner table and hit some buttons to play the music. He started to sway to the music and rip off his netted t-shirt and his leather pants in one go to show off his fit body and a semi-erect cock in his half-mesh thong.

Emily could already feel the heat in her body as James moved to the music. From the mirror placed on the other side of the wall, she could see his ass moving along with the music. The string of his thong disappeared between his ass crack. She imagined how it would be to touch those ass cheeks.

When James felt that Emily was getting turned on, he offered his hands to her. She accepted, and he pulled her onto his body, making sure his cock was touching her ass. He turned her and held her from behind, and made her move to the music with him.

Emily felt her ass being poked by an almost erect cock, so she started grinding her hips onto James. He started to feel her up as his hands slowly travelled from her hips to her upper body and then onto her face.

Cupping with one hand, he turned her face towards him and told her, “You look beautiful, Emily. Mind if I kiss your rosy lips?” She just nodded, and they began to kiss passionately.

Feeling no restrictions from Emily, James began to explore her body over her shirt. Both his hands went down to her tits and cupped them. He squeezed them both and felt her nipples getting harder. A slight moan escaped her mouth as they kissed.

While his righthand cupped and fondled her tit, his left hand ventured below and started to rub her crotch over her skirt. Emily couldn’t kiss him anymore as her body shivered in excitement, and her head went up in pleasure. Nicked watched as his Mom’s body dissolved into the man holding her.

He was transfixed at the sight of his Mom being groped and kissed by a stranger who could be his age. James used his expert right hand to unbutton her shirt and expose the white bra she was wearing underneath. His left hand pulled down her skirt to her thighs from where it hit the floor to show off her white lacy panties.

Emily had no idea her son was ogling her semi-naked body as she ground her hips against James’s erect cock. Slowly, James pushed her towards the couch and made her sit on it. He jumped back to the pole and made use of it to make his moves.

James could see Emily’s excitement as she could not sit on the couch and wanted to join him. After a good two minutes of solo dance, he moved towards her with his erect dick pointing to her face. “Will you do the honours of letting him free?” he said, pointing to his thong.

Emily was so eager to see his cock that she didn’t even let him finish the sentence before pulling the thong down to his legs. His erect cock, which had some precum, was pointing straight to her face. She bit her lips and extended her tongue.

James pushed his hips slightly forward until her tongue touched his cockhead. She swirled her tongue around a bit before retrieving it and tasting him. “Mmm,” a moan escaped her mouth. Seeing that there was no more precum left to lick, she placed her right hand on his dick.

She slowly pumped him until a few more drops of precum oozed out. As she opened her mouth to taste it again, a flash of light hit the room. Both James and Emily turned to see Nick holding up a phone towards them.

“Don’t worry. It’s your phone, and I’m taking this so that you can send it to your husband as revenge.” Nick said without uttering the word “Mom.”

“And don’t worry, dude, your face is not captured,” he says to James, who gives him a thumbs up.

“In that case, take a video of this too,” Emily says as she takes the entire cockhead in her mouth and starts sucking it like a pro. Nick was amazed at how easily she handled the cock in her mouth while her right hand still pumped him gently.

“Oh yaa baby, your mouth feels so good,” James says as he places both his hands on the back of her head and pulls her more into his cock. Nick watched as his Mom bobbed her mouth like a pro and made the guy moan while her hands gripped his ass cheeks for support.

Soon, his balls were crashing onto her chin with a slapping sound. James moved his right hand from her head to the bra straps holding her tits and undid them. Then he took her hands from his ass cheeks and let it hang down as he pushed the bra out through her hands.

Her 34 C cups tits began to jiggle as she blew his cock. Nick was capturing the sluttiest moments of his Mom in a camera. He wondered what else he was destined to capture and view as the night progressed.

Hi readers, I’m ending part 1 as it has been too long. More actions and twists await in part 2. Until then, send your comments and feedback to [email protected]. Hit me up if you would like a personalised story as well.

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