How I fucked my beautiful Shehnaz aunty – Part 2

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Tenets 4 and 5 go hand in hand. I had to create conditions such that sex between us would be morally justified and she would be convinced. Luckily for me, her husband hadn’t fucked her since marriage. Also, he was a miser. She wanted to send her son to good coaching classes, but he wouldn’t pay the fees.

This made Shehnaz aunty very sad. And one night when we were sitting on the sofa, she told me about this and started crying. She was wearing a half-sleeved nightie. I took this opportunity to comfort her. I took her hands in my hands and kept them on my thigh. Then I caressed her forearm and moved it upwards towards her bare shoulder inside her sleeve. She was crying, so she didn’t care much.

I kept rubbing her shoulder inside her nightie and then pulled her towards me for a hug. During the hug, I caressed her back and felt her bra. She didn’t mind this either. I told her not to worry, I would pay for her son’s coaching (I was earning a very good salary). Then I wiped her tears and caressed her cheek, moving my hand down to her neck.

My thumb brushed against her chest. She smiled and said I was doing a great favor. We turned to watch the TV. I had her one hand in my hand, and the other one around her shoulder, sort of like sitting and cuddling. I wanted to pull her closer to me, so I dropped my arm down from around her shoulder to her waist, and then to her soft hips. My fingers curled around the side of her ass, and I pulled her closer. She didn’t mind.

Throughout the movie, I kept moving my hand from her waist to her side ass. When the sex scene came in the movie, I gripped her hand slightly with my hand. My other hand moved upwards from her waist and touched her side boob and then touched her armpit. The nightie sleeve was short so I felt her bare armpit skin. It was smooth skin with small curly hair.

I quickly moved my hand back down. She thought it had happened in adjusting, so she didn’t say anything. Then I moved her hand closer to my crotch. I bet she saw the bulge in my pajamas.

I told her, “This actress has a very pretty face, but her figure is not that great. You have a much better figure”.

“Shut up”, she said smiling shyly.

“No, really”, I said. “Your hips are much bigger than hers”, saying this, I caressed her right hip and squeezed it slightly. “You should’ve been in Bollywood, you’re just wasting your youth here.”

She said, “Oh, I am nowhere close to youth. I am above 40 years of age”.

I said, “No one could say that by looking at you. You look like you are in your late 20s. My uncle is a lucky man to have a wife like you”.

She said, “He doesn’t care about anything except for his silly job.”

I said, “That’s too bad he has wasted your youth. If you were my wife, I would treat you like a queen. You are so beautiful, you deserve every happiness and satisfaction in the world. I would definitely keep you satisfied all night long” (winked).

“Zain, stop it, you are too much”, she said blushing and laughing.

“I’m serious”, I said. “I would never leave your side. In fact, tonight I was going to ask you if I could sleep next to you. It gets really hot in my room, and I also find it difficult to fall asleep.”

“Ok, you can”, she said.

“That’s great! See how much I care for you?”, I said and then kissed her on the cheek.

She was surprised by my move but didn’t say anything. This gave me more courage, I was making good progress. That night, we both went to her room together. She lay down on the bed. I took off my t-shirt saying, “How hot it is”, and lay down beside her. I intentionally stayed awake until I could hear her snoring. She had fallen asleep. I was waiting for this moment.

Then I turned towards her and saw that she was sleeping with her back towards me. Perfect! I inched closer to her and put my crotch to her ass crack. Her nightie was stuck in her ass crack as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I had never been more turned on in my entire life! Then pretending to be asleep, I started snoring sounds and put my arm around her waist. Then I moved my hand up till my hanging fingers were touching her boob.

She was still asleep. Then I removed my erect pulsating dick from the flap of my boxers and pushed it deeper into her ass crack. She was still snoring and asleep. I also fell asleep in that position after some time.

In the morning when she woke up, she saw my naked dick out of my boxers flaps and how close it was to her ass. I was pretending to sleep but was seeing everything from the slits of my eyes. Shehnaz aunty looked at my cock, but she wasn’t surprised because she had seen it out before also. She probably thought it would come out in sleep. She took a blanket and put it over my waist to cover me.

Then she got up and went about her morning chores. The entire day went as usual as if everything was normal. I knew I had to be patient and execute each move carefully. However, there was no beating around the bush with Tenet 4. You have to let her know loud and clear that you want to fuck her! I waited for a few days, and then one night as we were sitting on the sofa, I decided that today would be the day I told her.

We were watching an English movie, and a sex scene came up. It was a very steamy scene and I knew that it would last for at least 2 minutes. This was it, time to accomplish Tenet 4. No easy way of doing this.

I gathered all my courage, took a deep breath, and said, “Shehnaz aunty, I wanted to say something to you..”

She: Yes, tell me.

Me: This might sound a little weird to you though. Please promise me you won’t get angry.

She: Tell me what is it?

Me: No, first you need to promise you won’t get angry.

She: Ok baba, I won’t get angry. Tell me.

Me: You know when the lockdown was going on and I was staying alone in the PG, I was going through such depression. I haven’t told this to anyone. But I was even having suicidal thoughts.

She sat up straight shocked, “What?!”

Me: Yes. I was sad about the whole pandemic’s negativity. My job was so damn stressful and demanding. All my friends have moved away and I hate my co-workers. I didn’t know what I was doing with my life.

She: Oh Zain, why didn’t you talk to me about this earlier?

Me: Actually, after I came here to your house, the depression went away. When I spent time with you, it felt amazing. I am able to freely share all my thoughts with you. You understand me so well and I understand your feelings. You have been like a best friend to me. In fact, the things I share with you, one wouldn’t even share all this with their best friends. You are more than that to me, like a girlfriend I never had.

Shehnaz aunty was silent. I continued.

Me: With you, the most depressing time has turned into the most amazing time for me.

She: Even I was pretty lonely before you came. I too enjoy your company a lot and I am glad we could spend this time with each other.

Me: There is more though. I have been talking to you and it feels so great when you are around. I don’t know how else to say this, but I have started developing feelings for you. I know you are my aunt. But I just can’t stop thinking about you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am falling in love with you.

She: Zain, have you lost your mind?! What rubbish are you talking about?

Me: Shehnaz aunty, I am serious. I know saying all this would make you angry, that is why I was hesitant. But I cannot keep these feelings inside me any longer. I wanted to let you know about them.

She: You do know that I am married, right? And that my kids are almost your age? How could you even think this way? And you are of the marriage age right now. You need to look for a good girl and get married too.

Me: I can’t stop thinking about you. The way you smile, the way you talk, the sexy way you walk. I fantasize about you so much! I just have one request. Please let me kiss you once. Just once. I promise I will never bring it up again. Let me kiss you once and then we can go back to being normal.

She: Shut up! Just shut up!

Me: I know, uncle and you don’t have any physical relationship. You are such a beautiful woman, that man has taken you for granted his entire life and wasted your youth. Please, just let me kiss you once and please you. You too deserve happiness. I will never ask again, I promise.

She: Enough of this nonsense. Just get up and go to sleep in your room. I am very happy with my life. And you have gone mad!

I did not argue and didn’t want to apply too much pressure or else she would start feeling unsafe. I had done what needed to be done, I had planted the seed in her mind, and I had to give her time to digest all this and think about it in her personal space. Then I put up an expression of deep sadness on my face and got up and went to my room and slept off.

The next morning was a bit awkward. We had a minimum exchange of words during the day. She was avoiding eye contact with me. Neither of us was addressing the elephant in the room. I was completely silent for the next couple of days.

Then little by little we were making small talk again. She was starting to pretend like nothing had happened. It was time to act once again. Because I could not let things become completely normal.

At night after dinner, I spoke to her again.

Me: Shehnaz aunty, regarding what I said the other night, I am sorry I made you feel embarrassed.

She: It’s alright. You made a mistake. You are at the age where these kinds of thoughts may come to your mind.

Me: I said I’m sorry about how I made you feel. I’m not sorry about what I said because it was the absolute truth. (Then I held her hand) I have been giving you company when your husband left you, I have been financially supporting your son’s education, and I have been more of your husband than your husband himself. I just want to kiss you once, just once. Nobody else will come to know about it, it will remain a secret between us. It will make me extremely happy, and even you will enjoy it. Then we can go about normally with our lives. I will never ask for anything else again. I could sense that her defense had weakened due to my persistence and convincing.

She: But it is so wrong what you are asking. You are my nephew! How can we even think of kissing?

Me: Before you are my aunt, you are a woman. You too have your desires. You will be doing me a very big favor for me by letting me kiss you once. It will help me get it out of my system so that I will never bother you again.

She was silent for a few minutes. She was really considering it. I had purposely told her that I just wanted to kiss her. It would be dangerous to directly ask for sex. But I knew if she agreed to kiss, one thing would lead to another. Things would never be the same between us. And since she hadn’t been fucked in a long time, she would no doubt become extremely turned on with just kissing, and there would definitely be more!

Finally, after a very long time, she quietly said, “OK, OK you can kiss me once. But, that’s it. You will kiss me and then never talk about this again. Never!”

I could not believe my ears! I had successfully broken all barriers. My hard work had paid off! I sprang to my feet. Then I took her hands in my hands and made her stand too. I wanted to stand and kiss her because sitting sideways on the sofa and kissing became restricting. I had to seduce her with my hands too while kissing so that we could get beyond kissing.

More importantly, I was finally going to squeeze her big ass like I had always fantasized. My dick started getting hard and throbbing. She was wearing a half-sleeved nightie.

Me: Thank you, Shehnaz aunty! I promise this will remain between us and I will never bring it up again.

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