A Virgin Boy With Dominating Mami – Part 8

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Happy horny night to all my loving readers. I am extremely happy that guys are enjoying the story with its naughty turns and twist. Wasn’t it amazing and naughty reading the dominating act our cute Ishaan had to go through?! But, hold your breath, there is something else that mami had for for her nephew Ishaan.

Let’s begin the show.

I was totally tired and felt no energy in my body. I was almost in the state to pass out sitting in the bathroom because of the intense masturbation that she gave me. It was way more pleasurable and relaxing. I closed my eyes and was sitting with no motion.

Mami got up from my back (mami was sitting on the back with me in the front on the commode while recking my dick with her devil hands). She made me sit on the commode with comfort taking the support of the wall in the back. She then stood in front of me completely naked.

Mami opened the tap of the shower and water started to fall on her body striking first on her face. Slowly, water was flowing from her neck to mami’s big boobs which had erected and pointed nipples. She started to move seductively and took a bath in front of me.

The shower was set at the lowest speed, so that water flew over her body slowly. Then she turned her back toward me and started to bend for me. She tied her hair on the top and made her back under the shower.

As she was bending, many streams of water were formed and one such stream went straight from her spinal cord bottom and disappeared when it reached the ass crack.

As mami bent more, her ass crack started to separate more and that disappeared stream started to flow between her ass cheeks. It was too sensual to watch her take bath in such a sense. That water stream started to flow from over her ass hole and then slowly slid over her pussy lips.

She had bent her waist too much by now and both her holes (pussy and ass hole) were visible to me. That water stream felt as if coming from her pussy and falling on the floor making it look like she was peeing in front of me in that bend position.

Mami then placed both her hands on her ass cheeks and started to pull them apart. Her ass hole was completely visible to me. She was pressing her fingers hard on her ass cheeks to pull them apart forming a print of her palm on both the ass.

She had dark brown thick lines between her ass and around the ass hole which was turning slightly pink at the ass hole. I was completely without the energy, sitting on the commode with the support of the wall and just watching her take bath.

Then she reached out to the shower gel (‘Dark Kiss’) and took a green loofah. She turned herself to face me and opened the shower gel bottle. She was too excited to take a bath in front of me.

My aunty tilted her head back in excitement and dropped a few drops of the shower gel on her each boob. They slid down to her nipples and then dropped below. She took loofah and started to rub it on her boobs. She was getting more naughty and wilder with each passing second.

With the help of her left hand, she got hold of her right nipple and started to pull it up so that her whole right boob could be lifted. As her boob got up, she started to rub her loofah under her right boob and was staring directly into my eyes.

Her act of lifting her boob and cleaning each corner of it sent a weird sensation in my body. She did the same with her left boob and her underarms to her stomach.

Once she was done rubbing loofah on her upper body, she came closer to me and put her right leg between my legs just inches away from my excited dick. Slowly, she started to move her right leg toward my dick. My dick was completed numb. Because of her act, my dick was in a semi-erected position. But due to the slaughter that she did to my dick 10 minutes ago, it was lifeless and just laying semi-erected on the commode seat cover.

Mami started to press my dick tip with her right leg’s fingers and gave me pain. Suddenly, she put her complete foot on my dick and passed me the loofah.

Mami (with a smile and commanding voice): Here, start from here.

Ishaan (in pain): Ahhhh (looking into her eyes) hmmm (moving my head down to her thigh).

She pointed to her right leg’s thigh with her left forefinger. I understood what I had to do and started to rub the loofah on her right leg. With the energy left, I was moving my hands and looking at her thigh.

As I came to her calf muscle, I leaned in and kissed her knee and slowly started to press my hands along with rubbing to feel her softness.

Mami: Uff… That’s my cute boy, Ishaan.

Mami put her right leg down and brought her left leg up. I thought she would put it on my dick again, but instead, she put her left leg on my chest in a very dominating position and pushed my torso back to lean on the wall.

She took the loofah back and for a few seconds, she rubbed it on her left thigh. She couldn’t hold back any longer and suddenly, she took the loofah to her pussy.

As her left leg was on my chest she couldn’t stand straight looking toward me and turned to her right profile spreading her right leg to get access to her pussy completely. She was teasing me by not showing me how she was rubbing her pussy.

Mami (ecstasy on her face): Ohhhh..Ummmm..Ahhh (closed eyes and biting lips).

After rubbing for 3-4 minutes slowly and making noises, my mami turned to bring her left leg down on the floor from my chest and bent with her ass toward me. She started to rub the soapy loofah on her ass and sometimes flicked her ass cheeks such that they giggled (bounced).

Soon, she started to rub the loofah between her ass crack and cleaned it with her hands coming from the side. It was a difficult position to rub the loofa up and down between her cute ass cheeks. As a result, she had to switch to different hand positions.

Mami then put her left hand on her ass cheek but moved her right hand below her pussy. She spread her legs a bit and brought her right hand under the pussy to her sexy ass. She was rubbing the loofah from her ass to her pussy in one go. I was just seeing both the holes in front of me getting disappear with the foam.

Soon, she was done with teasing me and applying the body wash on her whole body and each corner of it and went under the shower. Slowly, water started to flow from her face to her boobs, making the foam fall, and a ravishing beauty getting appeared before me.

Water was moving very slow and slowly cleaning the foam from her boobs to her navel and then to her pussy. I was getting the urge to get up and rub my rough hands on her smooth sexy skin but was completely lifeless enjoying the show.

Within a second, a whole new beautiful and sexy face mami was standing in front of me. Whenever someone washes his/her face, a different kind of spark is there on their face, and now this was mami.

My eyes just popped out looking at her and her whole sexiness. I was feeling as if I was seeing more sexy and hot mami now. She had droplets all over her body making me feel to lick her whole body and every corner with my tongue.

Mami came toward me, holding my hand. She turned and started to walk toward the bathroom door. We came out of the bathroom with me walking behind her. She stood in front of the mirror.

Mami: Get the towel from the cupboard.

I found a slightly used dark red towel in the cupboard. Taking it, I stood behind her.

Mami (strong voice): Start wiping, I am feeling cold.

I started to wipe her neck from behind and then came to her back. By then, I was feeling a bit of energy in my body and so was evident from my saluting dick. It was directly pointing to her ass.

Mami slowly started to poke her ass out toward my dick to feel it. The only thing which was not letting my dick feel her ass was the towel hanging from my hands.

I didn’t want another session with her knowing if she could make me so tired by just rubbing my dick with her hands, what she would do with her pussy. To avoid more excitement, I knelt and started to wipe her ass. Seeing this, she turned and brought her pussy under the towel to wipe.

I moved my hands toward her thighs and was seeing her pussy straight on my face. I completed wiping her legs. Then I went up towards her navel wiping it. She raised her both hands up in the air such that her boobs moved up.

Then I started to wipe her arms, boobs, underarms, under boobs, cleavage, and her upper chest. Once done, she sat on the edge of the bed and gave me a purple color (panties and bra) jockey pair that I got for her.

I managed to slide the panties on mami’s pussy and strap the bra on her boobs.

Mami (strong voice): Leave the room, I want to take a rest. Huuhh…Uff.. So tired (stretching her body).

I left her room naked, grabbing my clothes from the room and my wet underwear from the bathroom. I went to my room and lay down on my bed. Then I saw the time on the clock it was 4 pm. I grabbed something to wear from the side chair and drifted into sleep. I never realized when I slept.

When I woke up, it was already dark, I rubbed my eyes and saw the time. It was 11 pm. I was really hungry as I didn’t eat since afternoon. So I went to the kitchen to find something to eat. I found a note from mami on the dinner table saying –

“I prepared chicken masala and rice, eat and get some energy. I was probably too rough on you and made you so tired. Then I came to your room to wake you up, but you were in deep sleep my cute little naughty. After eating, get some sleep. Wash the plates. I don’t want anything in my kitchen sink. By the time you read this, I will be already sleeping.

– A lovely mami to my naughty Ishaan, a dominating Madam to my cute slave.”

I had a smile on my face after reading the note and I started to eat. I was happy to read her note and enjoy the lovely chicken that she had prepared.

After eating, I was full and was still feeling sleeping after having a good nap. I then went to my room and again drifted into my dream, imagining mami’s body. There was something about mami, her body, and her attitude; subtle face yet so ravishing and sexy body, caring nature yet so much domination and attitude. I was going crazy for her and was willing to do anything for her.

The next day morning, I woke up early around 6:30 am. It was pretty early as mami always used to wake up at around 8 am. So, I thought why not do something special for her?

I got ready and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I prepared tea, eggs, and bread for me and mami. Then I went into her room and greeted her.

Ishaan: Good Morning, mami..

Mami was surprised when she saw me entering her room with the breakfast. She was wearing a nighty and was happy to see me first in the morning. She stretched her hands and adjusted herself on the bed.

Mami: What’s this?

Ishaan: I thought of making breakfast for you. See we have tea, eggs, and bread.

Mami: Ohhh.. So lovely, Ishaan. I am so happy seeing all this.

Ishaan: Thanks mami, I just wanted to see your happy face in the morning.

Mami (smiling): So nice.. I guess you, really wanted to serve me, (pause) as a slave.

Ishaan: Hahaha… no mami… I just did.

Mami: But I liked it, you serving me as if I’m a Queen to you (in a seductive tone).

Ishaan: That you already are, a sweet and mature Queen for me.

Mami (smiling): Hmmm (taking a bit of egg and bread).

Ishaan: Why do you want me to be your slave?

Mami: Yes… I want to be a Queen to you, you cute boy.

Mami: Actually, it was my fantasy to dominate a boy, but you are too cute. The more I see you, the more I want to just make you my slave. (taking bit)

Mami: I just want you to serve me and only me.

Ishaan (shocked): Okay.

Mami: What okay? Do you want your Queen to dominate you?

Ishaan (lowering eyes): I will do anything for you.

Mami (happy): Hmmm… That’s my cute Ishaan (pulling my cheeks)

Mami: I’m so happy. Listen what do you want to have for lunch?

Ishaan: Anything you like. Yesterday’s chicken was delicious.

Mami: Hehehe… Thanks. You wanna have chicken today too?

Ishaan (nodding in yes): Yes.

Mami: Okay, I will make it for you.

Ishaan: I want to eat chicken “Breast” (focusing on the word ‘breast’).

Mami: Hahaha..Okay. I will make the Chicken ‘BREAST’ for my cute Ishaan..Slave.

Then we both completed our breakfast and I went to put the plates in the kitchen. She went for getting freshen up. It was already 8:30 am. After a while, mami came out of her room. She was wearing light blue shorts and a tight-fit top. I had never seen her in these clothes and she was looking too beautiful in them.

Mami: Why are you looking at me like this, with your eyes so wide?!

Ishaan: Nothing.. nothing (embarrassed).

Then she came towards me and started to pull my ears.

Mami: Never thought that I could wear these clothes.

Ishaan: Yes mami, it was a shock and a surprise to see you in these clothes.

Mami: Mami.. Nah..Nah… Call me Ma’am.

Ishaan: Yes, ma’am. It’s hurting, Ouch!

Mami: Hehehe.. (smiling).

Then she left my ears and went to the kitchen to do her work. I went to my room to take some rest because of yesterday and waking up early in the morning. I was feeling tired and took a rest in my room.

Around 1 pm, mami called me to the dining hall for the lunch. I washed my face and went to the dining hall. Mami was getting the chicken dish and plates. Then I helped her to arrange the things on the table.

Once done, I sat on the chair thinking mami would sit on the adjacent chair. But she stood beside my chair. Not understanding what she wanted, I asked –

Ishaan: Ma’am..come sit next to me. Why are you still standing?

Mami (making a cute face): My hands are paining.

Ishaan: I will feed you, no issue. Come sit. (pointing to the adjacent chair).

Mami: No.

She just slid my chair back and sat on my lap. I was shocked at her action and my dick instantly started to get hard after getting to feel her soft ass. She put her both hands around my neck and locked them.

Mami: Hmmm… this is so comfortable.

Ishaan: Yes, Ma’am.

She was looking straight into my eyes and I was the one getting a bit uncomfortable by the way she was looking at me. TI started to feed her one bit at a time and sometimes she too used to give a small chicken piece from the bowl to me.

I used to just take her fingers inside my mouth and lick her fingers while taking the chicken piece. She had specially put just one leg piece in the dish, she took that piece in her hand and started to lick it off, such that all the gravy was completed gone.

She passed that chicken piece to me and said –

Mami: Eat it.

Ishaan: Hmmm. (Thinking how it will taste).

Looking into her eyes, I took a bit and it was tasting more delicious. I never thought it will be that juicy. I was enjoying the taste. She was smiling and looking at me the way I was biting it in a hurry.

Once I was done with the flesh, I licked the bones too. They too tasted awesome.

Ishaan: You didn’t want to have the leg piece?

Mami: My leg piece is already with me and it’s still growing. (naughty smile and pointing her eyes down.)

Ishaan: Hehehe.. (Understanding she meant my dick).

Mami: I want to eat it slowly, very slowly, and enjoy it’s every fiber (veins), chew it hard.

Ishaan: Hahaha.. (scared, knowing what she did yesterday, she might chew my dick).

Mami: But not now, I’m full and feeling sleepy. I want to go to my room.

Ishaan (relief): Hmmm.. Huff, you take a rest. I will put the dishes back in to sink.

Mami: Nice, so cute my slave.

Ishaan: Hmmm.

Mami: Listen, I want to have a party at night.

Ishaan: Sure mami, what should we order from the hotel?

Mami: Stupid, not food. I want to have liquor. Are you up? (hitting on my head.)

Ishaan: Oops.. Yeah, sure. What shall I get? I don’t know anything about the liquor.

Mami: Don’t worry, mama already has a full stock in the house.

Ishaan (shocked): He has liquor cabinet in the house. I didn’t see them, I’m staying here for the past 3 weeks.

Mami (laughing): Hahaha..We have everything from Gin to Vodka and Beer to Wine.

Ishaan (excited): So nice. That means I will get to enjoy them, yes!

Mami: You are such a cute boy, so innocent (playing with my hair).

Mami: Order some chicken lollipops, chicken breast, and chicken leg pieces, okay?

Ishaan: Sure, mami (knowing what she meant by lollipops, breast, and leg).

(Lollipop – pink tip of the dick, Breasts – my juice balls, Leg – shaft of my throbbing and hard dick.)

I would love to hear your thoughts on the story and any naughty scenes that you guys want in the story. A few of the scenes are already planned for the future, but I need more naughty situations for my readers. So, please send in your ideas.

You can reach out to me at [email protected]

I would love to read your suggestions and review them. Please be patient if I’m taking a long time to reply.

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