Honeymoon Gone Wrong – Part 2 (Individual Visit)

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This story is part of a series:

We got up around 11 in the morning and went sightseeing. I was doing my level best for Chaitali to feel happy and comfortable. We did some shopping. After lunch, we went to a movie. We returned to the hotel around 7 in the evening and were tired.

We had a bath and then freshened up. We planned for dinner in the hotel restaurant and started getting dressed. Chaitali was inside the bathroom. She came out, and I was stunned. She wore a strapless Cami Dress, exposing 70% of her thighs.

As the dress was strapless, it fitted over her boobs tightly, displaying her boobs vulgarly. I looked at her wide-eyed. She asked, “If it is not good, I will change it.” I said that she was looking great and she was looking like a bomb. She was wearing bangles and ornaments on her neck. Her red lipstick looked sexy.

We reached the gallery and then to lift. Chaitali was looking ravishing, and she was indeed a head-turner. The hotel guest, the working staff and the liftman looked at her often. We reached the restaurant. Every diner in the restaurant was spying on her, but Chaitali seemed very comfortable.

We ordered our dinner, and the dinner arrived after a while. We had our dinner slowly, looking at each other and smiling meaningfully. Meanwhile, I was looking around for other diners. Suddenly I spotted those three bastards. The same guys who fucked Chaitali the other day in massive confusion.

They were looking at Chaitali’s thighs and commenting something between themselves. I became a little nervous and was feeling a bit restless. Chaitali saw me like that, and she followed my eye’s direction. She looked at them and became restless. She was feeling the same awkwardness which I was feeling.

She quit eating and drank water. Then she uttered, “Let’s go back to the room. I’m full now.” I nodded my head and called for the bill. We headed straight to our room. Chaitali reclined on the bed after changing into comfortable clothes. She was trying to sleep and so switched off the room light.

I felt suffocated, so I said I was going for a walk. She asked me to lock the door. I locked the door and came out. I headed to the ground floor. I wanted to confront those guys and request them to stay away from this hotel until we left. I reached the restaurant, but the guys were missing.

I know that one of them was the owner’s son, so the staff were familiar with them. I asked one waiter about those guys. He told me they must be in the garden, having a smoke. I reached there and found all of them in the dark side of the garden.

Two of them were smoking, and one of them was viewing something on a mobile. I wanted to confront them in a lonely place, so this was my best chance. I walked towards them slowly, without making noise, and reached behind them. Before asking for their attention, I got a glimpse into their mobile.

They were viewing a video of Chaitali getting fucked by them. Those bastards have recorded fucking her that night. I was dumbfounded and continued staring at the mobile screen. They noticed my presence, and the guy with the mobile handed me the mobile.

Chaitali was on her fours in the scene, getting rammed from behind. Another guy was getting a blowjob, and the last guy was sitting beside her. He was mauling her boobs which were hanging downwards. Looking at my super sexiest wife getting rammed like that, I instantly got a hard-on.

I looked at the video for a few more minutes. Both guys on both ends grunted at a time and filled both her holes. The guy whose mobile it was, mauling her boobs, came and picked it up. After that, the video went blank, and the mobile got automatically locked.

The guy who handed me the mobile pulled his mobile back and looked at my zip. He said, “Look at this asshole. He has got a hard-on while seeing his wife fucked.” All of them laughed loudly and started to move outside the hotel. I dropped my head and forgot the purpose I came for.

When they climbed into the car and vanished, I remembered my mistake. But they were gone now, so I had to return to my room. Chaitali was already asleep. I rushed to the bathroom, poured a handful of hand wash and started to masturbate.

It took me 10 minutes to release my load. I washed my hands, my dick and my face before coming out of the bathroom. I reclined beside Chaitali and soon dozed off.

I got up in the morning with a wet feeling. I opened my eyes and found Chaitali between my legs. She was sucking my dick, showing her mood was good now. I relaxed, and she started to raise my dick. Soon, it was rock hard in seconds, and she was sucking it like a professional.

I was thinking about last night, and the blood flow in my dick increased. I wondered how often those bastards had used her mouth to get their dick sucked. Another question was how and how much they must have enjoyed her blowjob. This made me rush in my mind, and I couldn’t hold on for long.

Within the next few moments, I exploded in her mouth. She gulped down my load and cleaned my dick. After she was done, she got out of bed and brushed her teeth. When she was done, she told me she would take a long hot tub bath. She told me I could join her inside as she kept the door unlocked.

I smiled back, and she opened her entire clothes in front of me. She became bare and moved inside the room, keeping her clothes in the laundry basket and a fresh towel on the bed. I was sure she would come out all naked as she didn’t take the towel with her.

I was about to doze off when I heard a knock on the door. I suspected the room service on the door. I was cursing him while walking to the door. I reached the door and opened the door in a very bad mood. As soon as I opened the door and saw the visitor, I was disappointed.

He was one of the guys who fucked my wife that night. He was looking very serious and wasn’t smiling at all. I was standing at the door like a statue and was waiting for him to speak. He was getting furious second by second as his facial expressions were getting changed.

After a while, he said, “Are you and I going to stand at the door all day? Step aside. Let me get in.” I didn’t even ask for the reason and got aside. He slipped inside my room and walked to the bed. He sat on the bed, yawned for a while and said, “Close the door. Are you expecting someone else?”

I was still standing at the door like a statue. I closed the door and walked inside the room. He was looking around when Chaitali shouted from inside. She yelled loudly, “I’m all naked inside the bathroom and haven’t even brought the towel. If you’re interested, you can come inside.”

I bumped my head a few times in the situation. The guy smiled within himself and looked around. He found her clothes in the bin and a towel on the bed. He seemed delighted and so got up from the bed. He went to the other side of the bed and removed his shoes and socks.

When he was done with it, he started to get rid of his shirt, vest, pants and underwear. He got bare in a few moments and spread all his clothes on the bed. He was all naked in front of me and wasn’t minding that at all. He looked at me when he arranged his clothes on the bed.

He smiled and looked at the bathroom door. His gesture was like he was telling me he was going inside the bathroom. He said, “Can I?” I just was able to reply, “But!” He said, “Like, I haven’t seen her naked before? Or I haven’t done anything before? Asshole!”

I was so scandalised by his presence and the situation that I forgot to ask him to leave. Something inside me was stopping me from reacting to this. An eagerness was crawling inside me to what would happen next and where this situation would end.

He stood straight and yawned once more. He started to take steps towards the bathroom. The bathroom was a few steps away, and he reached it in a few seconds. Before I could react, he opened the bathroom door and walked inside, closing the door behind him.

I was expecting Chaitali to scream or some shouting from her end, or she would get outside in a minute. But nothing happened as I expected. I waited for complete 5 minutes, but nothing happened at all. I didn’t dare to walk to the bathroom and peep inside.

The scene inside the bathroom may not be digestible to me. I was highly puzzled, which led me to wait a few more minutes. I took my first step with a heavy heart and walked to the bathroom. It took me 2 more minutes to reach the door. I was expecting the door to be locked, so I tried to open the knob.

The knob clicked, and the door opened. I peeped inside. Chaitali stood, bowed, and kept her palms on the bathroom wall. Her legs were stretched apart, and the guy was fucking her from behind. I am not sure; he was fucking her pussy or asshole. Chaitali’s face was towards me, and so was that guy’s face.

As soon as Chaitali saw my face, she closed her eyes and turned her face to her left. The guy looked at me. He paused and said, “She isn’t comfortable while you stare. Please stay outside.” He requested, but I took this as an order and moved out, closing the door behind me.

I sat on the bed, all lost. I don’t know what he said to Chaitali and how the fuck Chaitali accepted getting fucked by him. Maybe he has manipulated her that he came inside with my permission. I didn’t dare to see Chaitali coming outside the bathroom fucked.

So, I exited the room and came to the lawn outside the hotel. I walked there for a few minutes and then walked to the restaurant. I ordered a coffee and sipped it slowly. Then I ordered one more and later another one. I sipped all of them slowly with a purpose.

I wanted that guy to get out of the room and Chaitali to be dressed when I arrived in my room. I passed the whole hour and then headed back. I reached the room, opened the door and walked inside. The scene that welcomed me was Chaitali, all naked on the bed.

The guy was above her, holding her thighs and fucking her with immense pleasure. They turned their head toward me when they noticed someone. Chaitali looked at me and turned her head in the opposite direction. The guy paused for a while, ignored my presence and continued fucking her pussy.

I walked towards the bathroom and got inside. I decided to get a bath and come out after a long gap. I freshened up first, brushed my teeth, and got inside the shower. Chaitali came inside the bathroom. She walked to the sink and washed her pussy and asshole.

She fingered inside her pussy and asshole. It was clear that the guy had fucked her all bare, and no condoms were used. He cleaned herself, looked at me with little awkwardness and walked out of the bathroom. After 10 minutes, I found her dressed in a night suit.

She had already ordered breakfast and was having it. I, too, joined her in a while. After that, she reclined on the bed and said, “I don’t want to go out today. You can go if you want.” I wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere. The event that happened that night broke Chaitali, and the event that happened today broke me.

Chaitali was broken as her chastity was taken in a non-fateful series of events. I was broken as I wasn’t sure if Chaitali got mentally forced up or if she was willing to do it. I decided to recline in bed and think about the events. Just then, a message buzzed on my mobile.

Actually, on the first day of the outing and our honeymoon, I booked an expensive necklace for Chaitali. The message informed me that it was ready and that I could pick it up. I had already paid for it, so I decided to pick it up. I informed Chaitali, and her response was reluctant.

She didn’t show any enthusiasm, so I picked it up myself. Leaving Chaitali in the hotel room, I rushed out of the hotel and reached the shop. I picked up the necklace and returned it immediately. It took me around 1 hour to go and return to the hotel. I was excited to show the necklace to Chaitali.

I came to my room door and opened the door. As soon as I got inside, the scene that welcomed me was a naked ass. A dark brown ass and two pairs of legs. One was brown, and the other one was white. I recognised the white legs as Chaitali. But the dark legs were unknown to me.

As soon as I got inside, the guy turned his face towards me. I recognised the guy; he was among the fucker who fucked my wife that night. When I came inside, both Chaitali and he was talking about something. But as they recognised my presence, they stopped talking.

I went to the Almira and opened it up. While keeping the necklace inside the locker, I peered toward Chaitali. Her chin was on the pillow, and her lipstick was smeared on her cheek. When I left, she hadn’t applied lipstick, but now she had, and that was smeared off.

I was in no mood to see their live session. So I decided to go out of the room. When I passed by, the guy excused me, “Hey, Vineet! Do me a favour, please.” I got angry and then calmed myself. I looked at him, and he said, “My dick has slipped out of her pussy, kindly plug it back inside.”

It was sheer humiliation for me, but creating a scene would have made it worst. Suppressing my anger, I reached for his dick. I managed to grab it in my fingers when I noticed he wasn’t wearing any condom. I meekly spoke, “Condom?” He turned his face a little and said, “I don’t like condoms.”

I tried to aim it at Chaitali’s pussy. Chaitali raised her waist a little and spread her thighs wider. Due to this, her pussy lips spread a little wider. As soon as I placed his dick tip on the pussy lips, he pushed his dick inside. The dick slipped inside in a go, and Chaitali moaned immediately.

Now I was sure that Chaitali was a willing partner at present. While leaving, I heard Chaitali’s words, “First of all, you’re double-weighted than me, and your thing is thicker too. Do it fast. I’m feeling restless and crushed due to your weight.” I left the room and reached the ground floor.

I exited the hotel and took public transport, and went to a mall to spend away my time. I reached the room after 1.5 hours. Chaitali was in her nighty, sleeping comfortably. I, too, slept beside her as it was already late afternoon. Maybe Chaitali had already taken the lunch, but I wasn’t hungry.

I woke up around 6 in the evening. Chaitali was still asleep, and I was feeling a headache, so I went back to sleep. I woke up with some bed shaking and murmuring sounds. I tried to open my eyes and looked at Chaitali’s side. Chaitali was on her fours.

Her boobs were hanging downwards, and she was saying something. That indicated she wasn’t alone. I looked downwards and saw another guy among the group. He was the third guy from the group and the hotel’s owner. They were talking about something before.

As soon as I concentrated, the chat was over. The guy was already naked, and he pushed himself forward. Chaitali hissed, closed her eyes and bit her lower lips. The guy dropped his body on her spine and mauled her boobs for a few seconds. He straightened himself, grabbed her waist and started to thump her.

She was hissing and weeping with each thump which indicated that he was fucking her asshole. The guy said, “Are you uncomfortable?” She turned her head and said, “You are fucking my asshole. What do you think? Am I an expert getting fucked there? And besides that, you are thick too.”

He smiled and started to hit her more aggressively. They were making out beside me, and she didn’t even care that I would wake up. Chaitali whispered, “Why the hell, all are after asshole only?” I decided to surprise Chaitali. So I forwarded my palm and grabbed her dancing boob.

She looked towards me immediately and smiled. She said, “Oh, my baby woke up. Interested in fucking my nipples? Or just come to my front, and I’ll relieve you while he fucks me that way.” She said, pointing her face towards the back guy.

I dropped my pants and stood in front of her on my knees. She gulped my dick and started to suck hungrily. While my dick got size and her tongue started to build effects, the guy started to thump her more aggressively. She turned towards him and said, “Slowly, he’ll get hurt by my teeth.”

He smiled at her and reduced his speed and power. She started her magic and started to suck me more aggressively than before. Seeing her getting fucked all day had already made me high enough to explode in her mouth in a few minutes. I exploded, and she drank it all.

I pulled my dick out, and she raised her head and started to concentrate on her ass fucking. I looked at the clock showing 9:30, so the guy asked me to go and have my dinner in the restaurant. I looked at Chaitali, and she said, “You go. I’m not hungry.”

I dressed and left them in the room. I reached the dining hall and sat for dinner. The dinner was served soon. I started to have dinner, thinking about the event that happened. I was fond of cuckold stories before marriage and had even thought of doing that in the distant future.

But things rolled up very soon, and here it was. I was indeed a little disturbed. But on the other hand, I liked a few of the events, though I didn’t want to confess that to Chaitali. I ate well and ordered a coffee after dinner. I only wanted to spend a little time there, so the guy left.

I went back to the room after an hour or more. I opened the door and got inside. Chaitali was lying on the bed, and the guy was still in the room fucking her in a missionary position. This time she was being fucked in her pussy. He was kissing around her neck, and she was cuddling arms around her neck.

She was moaning uncontrollably and moving her waist in rhythm. I went to freshen up and returned after 20 minutes. He was done with his fucking session and was lying on top of her. He got up and went to the bathroom. Chaitali looked at me and then looked at her pussy.

I looked at her pussy which was already oozing with his cum. I dropped my pants and pushed my dick inside her. I started to fuck her immediately with his speed. She started to moan even more. The guy came out, looked at us and dressed up. He left the room, locking the door behind him.

I had just got a blowjob, so I was sure I would take time. I fucked for a few minutes when she stopped me. Pulled herself out and made me recline on the bed. She climbed on me and took my dick inside. She started to jump on my dick.

I was amazed to see her active after getting fucked several times throughout the day. She jumped on my dick for a long, and I was busy mauling her boobs. After a long fucking session, I shot my load inside her pussy. She waited until I was completely drained and then rolled over.

She closed her eyes, pulled the blanket, and went to sleep. I got up and brought a wet towel to clean her up. I cleaned her pussy and asshole with the towel and covered her with the blanket. Accidental courses of events already fulfilled my future fantasy. Thinking it to be the end of the game, I, too, joined her to sleep.

The next morning when we woke up, we found a flower bouquet near the bed with a greeting card. The greeting card was from those three boys who stated they had a good time with us. It also stated that they were leaving and wished us for the rest of our stay. An expensive gold set was also there as a souvenir.

We had plans for 5 more days, so we roamed the city and fucked in the hotel room many times a day. Chaitali wasn’t sad at all, which made me confident that she wasn’t involved in any emotional attachment with them. I thanked God, and we continued our beautiful and fucking honeymoon.

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