They made me the king – Part 1

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This story is part of a series:

My name is Jiiva, I am 21 years old. It was our last year in college and for our final excursion, we planned a week’s trip to Nepal. All arrangements were made and we booked two party buses.

In our bus, we were accompanied by 2 teachers Divya and Vinitha mams, both were around 24-26 years old. Divya madam was very beautiful overall, fair with a healthy body 36D-26-36, nice dark hair with thick lips. Vinitha madam had a beautiful face, and looked very young and active, with some cute curly hairs. She was fair-looking, with good body stats 34B-24-34.

Divya madam and I were good friends. I even had a small crush on her. Vinitha madam was our class teacher and was fond of me as I was good at her subject. She had a very innocent girly look, was very friendly with the students, and used to dance well, especially cinematic songs.

I and my girlfriend Sneha were sitting together on a 2 seater side. Sneha was a sexy doll, super slim like a stick, with flat breasts. But she had such a pretty face, very fair, and beautiful with flowy hair, with the sweetest smile. We both were crazy about each other because of the sexual appetite we both had. And before meeting her, I thought girls were all shy or didn’t know a lot of kinky stuff. But Sneha was something else. She had no limits. We used to do everything that we wanted, sex in all kinds of positions, anal, BDSM, submissive role plays. She liked me being rough on her, she loved having many bruises on her body after I ravished her all night.

Whenever we got a chance to spend the night together, she used to be the first one to wake up in the morning and greet me with a sensual blowjob. She was crazy about sucking my dick. And if we were not together, still early in the morning she used to send me a long message on how she would suck my dick and all the other things she would do.

Sneha and I had to keep our limits during the trip. But she had already prepared drinks mixed with alcohol for the ride. It would take us a night to reach Nepal. On the bus, we could not do a lot. But we had a blanket to cover us and I was exploring Sneha’s body all night as it was dark on the bus.

We were kissing each other and I was teasing her tiny nipples. And because she was very slim, it was easy to handle her. I slid my one finger inside her pussy and one inside her tiny asshole and kept going in and out. Soon, Sneha came hard on my fingers!

Then she put her head inside the blanket and started sucking my thick long dick. Uff, she didn’t stop. I came 4 times in her mouth (it’s not magic, I think I have a condition where I can produce a lot of cum) and she gulped it all down like a good girl happily. She just loved everything about dick sucking, cum drinking, and licking my balls for a long time. Finally, I got Sneha to stop and we had a long kiss and slept off.

When we reached Nepal, we visited many places. At this time, Nepal did not have a king and some people said that the people were waiting for the real king to come. It had been many days since Sneha and I got to have some real sex and with the constant alcohol drinks, we just could not control our urges.

When we visited the most famous monastery in Nepal, everyone went to listen to the teachings of the main monk Rinpoche, which usually lasts an hour. Me and Sneha decided to skip the lecture and started exploring the monastery secretly after slipping by some guards.

We found a tunnel that took us to the other end of the monastery. But it was a dead end. Luckily, we found a small opening through which somehow Sneha could slide inside and open the main door for me. To our surprise, it was a lavishly big room with a king-size bed. We didn’t need any more invitations.

We just jumped into the bed and started making out. In a few seconds, we got fully naked and Sneha started sucking my thick cock down her throat and was going at it hard.

Sneha: Gwak gwak gwak.

Jiiva: Sneha, stop baby, I need to fuck you super hard now.

Sneha: Please vavee (also means ‘baby’), just give me your tasty cum once and then you can fuck me in any hole. Just give me your juice once dear.

Jiiva: Okay baby.

And in 5 minutes I came hard down her throat and then quickly flipped her over and spread her tiny asshole. It was such a cute small hole and I had to taste it. I started licking it non-stop and I could not get enough. But I realized I was running low on time. Her ass hole was already well-lubed by my spit. So I placed my thick dick near her hole and slowly pushed it deep into her ass.

Sneha: Ahhhh.. vavveeee… slowly, please… you will tear my asshole.

Jiiva: I know how much you love the pain and like when I pound you harder and rough, especially when I fuck this tiny tight ass.

Sneha: Vavee, I am yours. Everything is yours.

I continued to fuck Sneha’s asshole hard and came deep inside her. Sneha quickly came up and took my warm dick in her mouth, trying to suck any remaining cum from it. Then I fucked her pussy and ass 2 more times and filled her petite body full of cum in both her front and back. Like a double cream pie.

When I checked the time, it was already more than 1 hour and we quickly got dressed. But then unfortunately, some guards caught us and put us in a circle-shaped prison room with a large stone in the center.

Without giving any reason or official information, they just shoved me and Sneha into the prison cell. We were not sure what was going to happen. We thought it was best to just wait till they informed our trip guardians about the incident and hopefully, they would bail us out.

But after an hour, they brought Divya and Vinitha madam also and put them in our cell too. Immediately upon entering the cell, Divya madam slapped me hard and started yelling, “WHAT DID YOU GUYS DO?”

Jiiva: Madam, we are sorry, but I am not sure what is happening. Why did they bring you both here?

Divya: BECAUSE WE ARE YOUR GUARDIANS. Tell me what really happened Jiiva.

Jiiva: Sneha and I were making out in one of the rooms and they caught us and put us here. I swear nothing else happened.

Vinitha madam: The room you guys made out, was the room of the last king of Nepal. The people have been keeping it sacred for years and anyone who disturbs it is supposed to be killed.

Jiiva: WHAT? Do you mean they will kill us all? Isn’t there a government or law here for all this?

Vinitha madam: There is, but when it comes to religious and sacred beliefs, no one can help us.

Jiiva: Shit, I am so sorry madam. Why did they put you both here too? I can admit it was my mistake and let them kill only me. I cannot let you all suffer because of me.

Vinitha madam: According to the authorities here, they said we are lucky they are letting the rest of the students flee back to India as soon as possible. And if they stay back any longer, they would also be put to death.

Sneha: Madam, we are sorry for what happened. Is there any way we can talk to someone or escape from here?

Vinitha: It’s okay, dear. Let’s see if we can find a way out. I am sure the Indian government will try to start negotiations as soon as possible. Let us hope for the best.

Divya madam was crying in a corner of the cell. Sneha was not the crying type, but she was terrified and not talking much. Vinitha madam was trying to think of solutions or ways to get out of this hell of a situation. She noticed a big stone placed in the center of the prison room and wondered what its purpose could be.

A full day passed in the cell and no news of anyone, no talks or questions, no negotiations. We were just left in the prison to die I guess. Soon the girls started to get hungry, as there was no food or water for us. For some reason, I was okay.

At night when everyone was sleeping, Sneha woke me up and kissed me. She probably felt like we were all going to die soon. She hugged me tight and said, “Vavvee, I love you”. Even though me and Sneha were so close and did everything. We never really said we loved each other. I also loved Sneha a lot and told her my love.

We kissed and soon Sneha started kissing my entire body and reached my dick. She looked at me with that beautiful loving face and started licking my cock and soon it was buried deep inside her throat. This was her most happy place. She sucked me non-stop like it was her life’s only wish.

Soon I came in Sneha’s mouth. She was already starving, so she drank it all without letting a drop fall down. Sneha always made me cum a couple of times before she stopped sucking. So she started sucking again and soon I came again. In total, I came 5 times and Sneha drank every drop and I filled her stomach.

The next day, Sneha and I were healthy. But Divya and Vinitha madam were getting really weak from lack of food. Divya madam was almost about to faint.

Sneha: Vavvee, aren’t you tired? How are you okay after I drained all your sperm last night?

Jiiva: I am not sure why. I usually don’t get tired after cumming.

Sneha: I think we should let Divya madam drink your sperm too or else she may die today.

Jiiva: But, will she be okay?

Sneha: It’s better than dying here.

Sneha told Vinitha madam about what they did at night and told her the solution to stay alive. Vinitha madam could see that Sneha and I were looking healthy. So this could definitely be a solution for now she thought.

Vinitha: Sneha, can you quickly get some of Jiiva’s sperm? I will feed Divya without telling her what it is.

Sneha: Yes madam, give me 5 minutes.

Sneha quickly came to me, took off my pants, and started sucking my dick deep down her throat. I saw Vinitha madam stealing glances at my big dick from the other side of the prison. Soon, as I was about to cum, I let Sneha know and came hard inside Sneha’s mouth. But some sperm got split on the floor.

Sneha quickly took it to Divya and Vinitha and spit it into her hand. Vinitha got Divya madam’s head up and asked her to drink from Sneha’s hand. Divya started with a few licks and then slurped it all up, she was so hungry that she started licking Sneha’s hands clean.

Divya: Thanks, my dear. Where did you get this? Please can I have a little more?

That made Vinitha madam also very hungry. She couldn’t control it any longer. She noticed that some sperm got split on the floor after Sneha sucked it out and some cum was still on the dick.

Vinitha madam came to me and asked if I was feeling okay.

Jiiva: Yes madam, I am good.

Sneha: Madam, don’t worry, Jiiva always has a lot of cum in him. And he doesn’t get tired. If you want you can have some.

Vinitha madam without thinking further, took a huge breath into her lungs and dived to take my cock inside her warm mouth. My cock was very thick and Vinitha madam did not seem to have any experience with sucking cock. But she still managed to take half of it inside her mouth until she coughed out hard when my dick hit her throat.

With watery eyes and spit drooling all over my dick, she said, “Sorry, it was my first time” and again tried taking it inside. This time, she went down carefully and sucked me slowly. It felt nice and sensual. Divya madam also noticed what just happened and she realized that she had just drunk Jiiva’s cum. But she didn’t care now, as it saved her life.

Soon I came inside Vinitha’s mouth. Initially, she didn’t know what to do, so she closed her eyes and panicked a bit. Half of the cum fell on my tummy and half inside her mouth. But soon she composed herself and started tasting the cum. I could say she liked it because soon she started sucking my dick for any remains and then moved on to lick the cum that fell on my tummy.

Once she was done, she was happy. She was a bit shy to face me, but still said, “Thank you” with her head down.

Sneha: Vinitha madam, Jiiva doesn’t need a break after cumming. You can start the second round without stopping.

Vinitha madam’s face lit up, I knew she was still hungry. But before she could do anything, Divya madam came up and started kissing my lips. My hand slowly went towards Divya’s big breasts, and I started squeezing them while kissing her passionately. Her boobs were so soft. Divya madam started moaning with pleasure.

I always had a crush on Divya madam, she was so beautiful and her body was at her prime which was ready for breeding.

All this got my dick hard and excited. Divya madam saw my erect big dick and now started going down, kissing my neck, chest and to my dick. She kissed its head first and slowly started sucking my dick. I was in heaven as it was a sight to behold. Divya had thick lips and it was a treat to watch her suck me with her beautiful face.

Vinitha madam was getting horny, so she opened her dress to reveal her 34B boobs. They looked so perky and fresh. She then pushed her beautiful warm nipples into my mouth. I started sucking her one breast and was squeezing the other with my other hard.

Sneha also got excited and joined Divya madam. She went underneath and started kissing and licking my balls. It was a lot of pleasure for me from all sides. I came a lot deep into Divya’s mouth. She was prepared for it and gulped it all down to fill her stomach.

What happened next, you will get to know in the next part. I hope you liked the story.

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