Sulekha’s sex life – A game of Fuckball

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Hi, I’m Sulekha. I am married, but I’ve cheated on my husband many times. He works for the Merchant Navy and usually spends 7-8 months at sea. Today’s story happened on one such occasion, many years ago.

It was the monsoon season. I and my eldest daughter, who was just two years old, visited a historical monument in our town. My husband had left for his voyage a couple of weeks back. So, it was just my baby girl and me.

With my baby girl in my arms, I was strolling inside the compound of the monument, trying to explain things to her, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw a tall, white guy with big muscles beaming at me.

“Hi. I’m John,” he introduced himself, “Can you help me?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied curtly, “what can I do?”

“Can you take a couple of pictures of my friends and me,” asked John politely.

“Sure,” I replied.

John led me to his friends. They handed me the camera. Back then, smartphones weren’t a thing, and mobile phones were new and expensive objects. He and his friends posed in front of the monument. At their instruction, I stopped taking pictures and handed the camera back.

“What’s your name, love?” inquired John.

“I’m Sulekha,” I introduced myself, “and this is my daughter, Isha.”

“How old is your daughter?”

“She’s 2.”

“She’s lovely,” said Rob, “I’m Rob, by the way.”

“And I’m Alan,” said the third.

“Lovely to meet you guys,” I answered pleasantly, “where are you from?”

“We are from the UK,” answered John.

“Here as a tourist?” I quizzed.

“Yes,” said Rob, “can you do us a favour and tell us where we can have authentic Indian food without falling sick?”

I laughed at first and then said, “If you wanna have authentic Indian food, you must have lunch at someone’s house.”

“Are you inviting us to your house to have lunch with you!” said Alan coyly.

I mused and replied, “You know what, let’s do it. Come, have lunch at my place.”

We got into my car, and I brought them to my house. They helped themselves to a tour of my place while I prepared lunch. After lunch, they asked my permission to take a shower. Being a good host, I showed them to the guest room.

They had brought their luggage with them. Each had a big backpack on him. While they showered, the rain came down heavily. Stuck inside, they decided to rest for a while. In the evening, they requested me to help them with shopping. They desired to buy some Indian clothes for themselves.

By the time we were done with shopping, it was already 9 o’clock. Out of courtesy, I offered them to stay and have dinner with me. To be fair, being alone in a house sucks, and having company over a meal felt great.

After dinner, I helped them get an auto, and they left for a hotel. I came back inside. After cleaning the table and doing the dishes, I went to take a shower. I got out of the shower and slipped into my nighty.

It was a green backless chemise with a low neckline that exposed my cleavage and a high hemline that barely reached below my hips. My nighty was made of silk. It was slippery and a bit big on me. The father of my daughter had bought that for me.

I was in my room, reading my novel, when the doorbell rang. It was a bit surprising to have a visitor at that hour. I set my book aside, got out of bed, pulled on my silk robe, and walked out of the room. I opened the door and was surprised to find John, Rob, and Alan standing at my front gate.

“What happened?” I inquired sharply.

“We couldn’t find a hotel. They were all booked. And those that have rooms are beyond our budget,” John explained, “I know we may be taking undue advantage of your generosity, but if you can, could you let us stay in your house tonight?”

I thought about it and then agreed to let them stay. They were foreigners. It would have been a stain on our country’s name if they had to sleep in the street. I helped them to their rooms and inquired them if they needed anything.

“We love football, and our team is playing tonight. The game would be on in half an hour. Can we watch it on your Tele?” requested Alan.

“Yes, sure,” I answered, “the TV is in the drawing room. You can watch the game.”

“Thanks,” said the three in unison.

I followed them down the stairs. Alan and Rob settled on the sofa while John went to the kitchen. Holding the fridge door, he inquired, “Don’t you have any beer?”

“No,” I answered, “but you can buy it from the liquor store. It’s right around the corner.”

“Will it be open right now?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Great,” exclaimed John, “Can you come with me? To help me find the store.”

“Umm,” I hesitated.

“You know I’m not from around here. It would be easier if you could help me to the store,” John requested.

I thought about it and then agreed. Just as we stepped out of the house, the lights went out. The streets went dark. The sky was covered with clouds, and puddles had formed along the road. On top of that, we had to battle with strong wind. It made walking difficult.

On several occasions, I almost felt like it would blow me away. It may as well have if it wasn’t for John grabbing me by my arm. We made it to the liquor store at last. There was a medical store next to it. The same guy owned both. It was the only place that had lights because of the generator.

John ordered a 6-pack. The store owner didn’t speak English. So I had to step in and translate the whole thing for both of them. John pulled his wallet out only to realise he didn’t have enough cash. The owner didn’t accept credit cards. Hardly anyone did back in those days.

“Can you give us a discount?” I requested.

“No,” the owner said sternly, shaking his head.

“What are we going to do now?” John looked at me.

“How about you stay here? I’ll head back home and bring some cash,” I suggested.

“Thanks! That would be great,” John exclaimed, “I’m sorry that we are troubling you a lot today.”

“It’s fine,” I waved it off.

I don’t know how or when the belt of my robe got undone. But just as I turned and stepped away from the store, a strong gust of wind hit me from the front and blew off my robe. I chased after it. It landed in the middle of the road. I got there, still not far from the store and remaining in the lights.

I bent over to pick it up. Another strong burst hit me from behind, blowing my nighty off as I did that. I was wearing nothing but my thong underneath. I chased after my nighty, but it landed in a puddle before I could get to it. It was soaked in water and mud. I picked it up and returned to my robe.

After wrapping my robe around me, I turned my attention to John and the store owner. John was beaming, and the owner was in awe. His jaw dropped. I realised that they had just seen me topless. I felt embarrassed. I stayed where I was, unable to say much.

The owner composed himself and agreed to let John have the beers for less money. On our way back home, I stayed silent. I was embarrassed. John finally broke the silence and said, “Nice tits, by the way. Big and round.”

I smiled. Despite being embarrassed, it made me blush a little. “Thanks,” I said mechanically, tucking a loose strand behind my ear.

We got home. It was dark inside. The power still had yet to come back. I went out to the backyard. After tossing my nighty into the washing machine, I went into the garage and turned on the generator. When I returned, the boys had made themselves comfortable on the sofa.

As I was on my way to my bedroom, Alan said, “Hey Sulekha, where are you going, love? Come, join us.”

“I’ll justโ€ฆ” I began.

“Come,” Alan reached over and yanked me by my wrist. I fell into the sofa, sandwiched between him and John.

I pulled my legs up, and the game began. They gave me a beer as well. ย Their team didn’t start well. They were under pressure. I watched for a few minutes. The guys were lost in the game. Seeing it as an opportunity, I put my bottle on the table and got to my feet. Just then, their team conceded the first goal.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Alan snapped. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back, “You stay here. You got to your feet, and we conceded.”

“That’s nonsense,” I protested.

“No, it is not,” Rob argued, “these things matter. So, you stay in here until the game is done.”

We argued back and forth. The game continued in the background. After a while, I decided to get to my room. I needed to put on another nightie. I wasn’t wearing anything under my robe apart from my thong. Just as my feet touched the floor, their team conceded a second.

“See,” barked Alan, “your feet landed on the floor, and we conceded again.”

“This is rubbish,” I replied.

“No, it is not,” Alan said.

We again argued back and forth. The game kicked off again. Their team started to string a few passes together. Alan grabbed my robe and pulled me to the sofa. I lost my balance and landed in John’s lap. Our lips met. The other two erupt.

I pulled back and turned to see what had happened. Their team had mounted its first attack and nearly scored.

“Whatever you did, do it again. It worked the first time,” exclaimed Rob in excitement.

John turned my face towards him and kissed me. Their team came close to scoring once more. He kissed and kissed, and their team mounted a few more attacks until halftime.

“We are out ofย beer. Let’s get some more,” said Alan.

“We need to go to the store,” said John.

“It would be close now,” I added, “you’d need to pay extra for the beers.”

“We will,” Rob said firmly, “can we sit there and watch the game?”

“There is a sitting area at the back. But I don’t think the owner will let you stay,” I answered.

“I think he will,” John said coyly.

“Let’s go then,” said Alan, “and you are coming with us,” he added firmly.

“But I can’t leave my daughter alone. She’s asleep and is too young.”

“We’ll lock the door on our way out,” Alan replied.

“But John,” spoke Rob, “don’t let her feet touch the floor. We have to carry her to the store.”

“But,” I tried to argue.

But before I could say any further, John was on his feet, and I was in his arms. I pointed at the keys, and we quickly headed down the street. The lights hadn’t come back on, and the wind was still strong.

The boys would kiss me now and then. They called it the lady luck. To be honest, all that kissing had aroused me slightly.

We got to the store. Alan knocked on the shutter. The owner pulled it up and answered in a short while. After spotting me in John’s arms, he didn’t argue much and agreed to the demands. He escorted us to the back of the store and set up a TV in the sitting area.

I was in John’s lap. As the game resumed, John started kissing me. Their team started well, but they weren’t able to score goals.

“We need to do more,” said Alan ruefully, “it’s not working.”

“Then let’s ramp it up,” John exclaimed sharply.

He laid me down on the table. My robe opened from the front, exposing my thong and cleavage. John undid my belt and exposed my whole front and my bare boobs. He shoved, pushed his hand down my thong, and massaged my cunt.

The kissing had made me wet. I didn’t protest when his fingers felt my pussy. My body grew warmer, and a moan escaped my mouth. Just then, their team scored, but the goal was ruled offside.

“Oh My God,” muttered Rob, “looks like we know what to do to help our team. We need to fuck her. The more satisfied she is, the better our boys will play.”

John looked at me, lust twinkling in his eyes. I smiled, said, “Looks like I need to take one for the team,” and took my thong off.

“Love, we are two goals down. You need to take 3 for the team,” stated Alan.

The store owner’s gaze was fixed on my boobs. John had to shout twice to get his attention. The owner went into the medical store and brought a pack of condoms. John pulled his shorts down to reveal his massive tool.

Pulling a condom, he adjusted the table and shoved his dick inside me. I gasped as his massive tool pushed deeper into my cunt. I grabbed the sides of the table, and John started pounding me.

“Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh,” I moaned. Their team was in form, just like John was. He pounded me hard. My moans grew louder, “Oh yes… oh yes… oh yes… oh yes.”

John slapped my boobs. He pumped my pussy hard. I felt his dick stiffening inside me. He grunted as he exploded in me. Just as he finished, his team scored the first goal. The boys erupted in joy as John pulled out.

“Looks like it’s my turn to score the second goal,” Alan murmured.

Pulling a condom on, he flipped me over and put me on all fours. He pushed my head against the table and shoved his cock in me. It wasn’t as big as John’s, but it felt great. His hand pressed my head as he drilled my hole.

“Oh yes… oh yes… oh yes… harder… harder… harder,” I moaned.

“You like it, love. You like white British cocks,” Alan gritted his teeth.

“I do… I do… I love your white British cock… I love it… ahhh… yes… what a cock… yes… yes… it’s better than my husband’s.”

“You want more? huh?”

“Yes, I do… I do… ahhh… yes… ahh… I want more… I want your cock.”

Alan started to fuck me even harder. My face was pressed against the wooden table, and it did hurt a little, but I was horny, and the drilling made up for the pain. I loved their cocks in my cunt. Alan cum in me after a while, and his team scored their second.

“Time for the third goal,” said Rob, rubbing his hands.

He laid down on the table and asked me to ride him. I got on top of him. I guided his shaft into my pussy and rode him like a horse. My tits bounced as I hopped on his stick. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them in his hands.

“Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me,” I cried.

“Oh yeah, baby. Ride me… ride me… Get my team on top just like you are on top of me,” Rob remarked.

“Oh yes, babe… oh yes… fuck me… fuck me like that… yes… like that… fuck me for the team,” I squealed.

Rob lasted until just five minutes were left. As he pulled out after cumming in me, his team scored third and took the lead. He pushed off. I dropped in the chair behind me, my legs on the table and my cunt spread open. The boys cheered their team, and the store owner rushed to me. He had a condom on as well.

“What are you doing!” I yelled as he tried to push his cock inside me. The boys turned their attention to me.

“Score the fourth goal,” he reasoned.

“He’s right. We need a fourth goal to secure the win,” John said firmly.

I shrugged and let the owner fuck me. He grabbed my hair and pounded my pussy hard.

“Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck… fuck,” I moaned with every thrust.

The owner finished inside me, and the team scored their fourth goal before the final whistle. After the game was over, we made our way back to my home. The store owner didn’t charge us anything for the beers and the stay.

Back home, the three boys fucked me all night. They stayed at my house for three weeks. They fucked me at their will throughout this time and got me pregnant.

So, guys, this is my story. Tell me how did you find it on [email protected]. I’ll see you in my next one.

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