Project EX – Part 7 (Introducing Alisha to my world)

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Hi Guys, this is Alex, back with more BDSM stories and complete slaves. So, stay tuned!

This story is a figment of my imagination. All characters mentioned in the story are fictional and created for entertainment. Please don’t mail me asking for my details. Review emails are appreciated.

Alisha’s pussy looked so inviting. Her skin was white, and her slit was as pink as possible. I buried my head between her legs and stuck my tongue out, only to land it on her clit. As soon as I did that, a shiver ran through Alisha’s body, and she let out a soft moan.

I rubbed her clit in circles with my wet tongue. Alisha’s moans kept increasing. After 5 minutes of circling her clit with my tongue, I took 2 fingers and stuck them in my girlfriend’s pussy.

“Oh god,” Alisha moaned.

She was tighter than expected, and it was like entering a virgin’s pussy. I pushed my finger more profoundly and deeper until my entire fingers were inside her cunt.

As I stayed there, I looked Alisha in the eyes and scratched the top of her pussy with my fingers. Alisha rolled her body as I did that and loved the feeling of it. I knew I had found her G Spot.

“Baby, continue what you are doing, it feels so good,” Alisha gasped

I looked up at her as I placed my tongue on her clit while my fingers rubbed her G Spot. I could see her moan while I gave her the best pleasure of her life. She moaned, yelped, and screamed while I dug and licked her love hole.

She started to rub her nipples. I could sense she was nearing an orgasm. I increased my speed while her body started to arc in pleasure.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” saying this, Alisha squirted a huge stream of her love juices on my face. She sprayed for almost a minute while she moaned loudly. My face was now drenched in her squirt, and I loved the taste of it.

“Fuck, kiss me, baby,” Alisha said and pulled me. She kissed and licked my lips, tasting her juices. She was now on cloud 9.

“Fuck me, baby,” Alisha said with a heightened sense of pleasure, “Fuck me, hard,” she spread her legs wider.

I placed my 8 inches of monster on her tiny pussy. I was unsure whether she could handle my dick in her cunt.

“Fuck me, Alex,” Alisha moaned.

I looked into her eyes and started guiding my dick inside her pussy. Inch by inch, her pussy started widening and accommodating my monster. After 4 inches, Alisha gave a worrisome look.

“I don’t think it’ll fit in,” she said.

“Oh, I’ll make it fit,” I said, kissing her.

As I kissed her, I pushed my dick inside her womb. Alisha screamed in pain as I kept pushing until I was completely inside my best friend’s womb.

“You are going places no one has ever reached before,” Alisha said in my ears as I saw a tear dripping down her eye.

“Don’t worry, baby, the pain will soon turn into pleasure,” I pulled out my dick and Alisha gasped.

Before she could relax, I pushed it in again. This continued for a few minutes until I caught a rhythm and started fucking my girlfriend.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good,” Alisha moaned.

“Fuck me, oh fuck, yes, fuck me, baby,” Alisha said as I increased my pace minute by minute.

I fucked her in missionary for more than 20 minutes. I was getting close now, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

I pulled out of her pussy and told her to get into a doggy-style position. She immediately obeyed and took the position on the couch. Before I went on to fuck her from behind, I placed my dick near her face.

She understood what I wanted and opened her mouth. I pushed it further in until I hit the back of her throat.

She sucked me good for a few minutes, licking all her pussy juices from my dick. I could see from her expressions that she was loving it. I held her head with both my hands and started to fuck her mouth slowly.

Alisha started enjoying even more and was making gag sounds. I slowly increased my speed and fucked her mouth for 10 more minutes. All her saliva was now drooling from the side of her lips.

Her face was messed up, and my dick was drenched in her saliva and my pre-cum. I removed my dick from her mouth and slapped it all over her face, making it even more messy.

Alisha took it all gracefully and looked up at me with a smile.

“You are enjoying it, aren’t you?” She said as she massaged my dick in her palms.

“You have no idea,” I replied, giving her a sloppy kiss. I got a bit courageous and spit in her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it all.

“You love degrading me, don’t you?” Alisha asked

“If you enjoy it, then, yes, I do love it,” I replied

“Then degrade me more, my love,” she said, pulling my foreskin back.

Alisha bent down and raised her ass for me to fuck her from behind. I took my position and lined up my dick to her pussy. I smacked her ass and pushed my dick completely inside her fuck hole.

Alisha let out a moan and started enjoying my thrusts. I spit a slob of saliva on her asshole and started rubbing it. I knew she was a virgin in her ass as it was too tight for my finger to enter.

I didn’t want to stretch it today. I wanted to prepare it well before fucking her in the ass. I rubbed her asshole while fucking her pussy, and she loved the feeling.

“Rub my asshole just like that. I feel like I’m going to die from so much pleasure,” Alisha exclaimed

I could see goosebumps on her hand as I rubbed her asshole. I continued fucking her for what felt like a lot of time. I was nearing an orgasm now.

“Where do you want me to cum, baby?” I asked

“In my mouth, love, let me taste your seed,” she said

As soon as I pulled out, Alisha took position on the floor, on her knees and started licking my dick like a kid licking a lollipop. She was slurping on it while her hands massaged my ball sack. Within 2 minutes, I shot a jet of white semen on her face.

Alisha was taken back by surprise but regained composure and aimed my dick in her face. Slowly, she pulled my foreskin back as I shot another load directly into her mouth.

I emptied my balls in her mouth as she showed it to me. Her mouth was filled with my white goo. She churned it in her mouth and swallowed it, looking into my eyes the whole time. I loved this feeling. She scooped my cum off her face and sucked it from her finger.

I pulled her up, kissed her, and retired to her bedroom. That night, we had sex more than 2 times. I unloaded myself in her mouth every time. She loved the taste of my cum.

Our dates continued, and we met almost daily for 2 months. While away from home, I ordered Amy to take care of Sarah. She had made Sarah a complete whore by now. Amy took Sarah to one of her parties where 10 couples tossed around Sarah.

She was fucked like a slut for 2 days by all 20 people, including girls and guys. Sarah was involved in a cum bukkakke where all 10 guys emptied their balls multiple times on Sarah’s body.

She was made to sit in the centre of the room while the boys came over her. She was also made to swallow all the semen clean from her body and the floor, which she did with pleasure.

Later on, the ladies and gentlemen emptied their bladders all over Sarah. She was given a big bowl where she was to collect all the piss and then drink it.

Amy recorded all the degradation and sent it to me. I watched it with Alisha, and we both enjoyed Sarah’s humiliation.

For 2 months, I had not touched anyone other than Alisha. We both were in love and enjoying every single moment. After a few days, I spent a night at Alisha’s place and in the morning after our session, Alisha came and cuddled me.

“When are you going to meet me with Sarah?” She asked

“You sure you want to meet her?” I confirmed

“I want to humiliate her more. I was serious when I said I want to be a part of it,” she said

“And what about Amy?”

“Well, I and Amy will humiliate her,” she said, and we giggled.

“Do you know what you will be getting into? It includes nudity, group sex, humiliation etc, etc. You want this to be part of our life?” I asked.

“Honey, as long as Sarah suffers, I don’t mind. And besides, I want to explore this world as long as you are okay with it,” Alisha and I kissed.

“Well, let’s do it then, but there are some rules I want you to follow,” I said with a tone of dominance.

“Ah, you want to dominate me now?” She said with excitement.

“Well, if you want to put it that way,”

“Tell me,”

“Number one, as long as you are in my house, you won’t be wearing a single piece of fabric on your body. Only the ones that I will give,”

“Okay, I can manage that,”

“Number two, your holes will be stuffed by dildos, both ass and pussy. You will wear a collar around your neck that will claim you as my property and mine alone,” I said as I bit her lower lip.

“I love that.”

“Number three and the most important, you are not allowed to get involved with any guy without my permission. Things can get heated up sometimes. Sam or someone might try to fuck you. Well, I don’t mind that as long as you are fine with it, but you need to make sure that you get my permission every single time,” I said.

“I am fine with it as long as I am the dominant one. I am not willing to submit to anyone except you, and when I say that, I mean it out of love. I don’t want you to dominate me like you do with Sarah and Amy,” she said

“I’ll never do that. Sarah is my whore, and Amy is my slut, but you are my love. I’ll always handle you with care and love. And you have all the right to Sarah and Amy. Amy is willing to submit to you the way she submitted to me. So, you now have two slaves at your disposal. I want you to have fun,”

“That sounds great. Let’s do it then,”

I removed a collar from my bag, which I had specially created for Alisha. It was studded with diamonds all around and looked beautiful. I collared my girlfriend, who looked beautiful, wearing it around her neck.

I inserted a buttplug with a diamond at the other end in her asshole. I had stretched her ass enough for it to fit in. I took out a small dildo as well and pushed it in her pussy. She was now stuffed and was loving it.

“This feels good,” she exclaimed.

I told her to wear a sharp dress with no undergarments, and she did. We left from her penthouse in my car to my place, and it was an adventurous journey. I rubbed her clit multiple times before reaching my place.

She was horny as hell by the time we reached home. We entered the front door. As soon as Amy saw us, she lunged at me and gave me a tight hug. She was seeing me after god knows how many days.

“I’ve missed you, brother,” she said and hugged me tighter.

“I’ve missed you too, sister,” I replied

“Oh, so you finally decided to introduce Alisha to our world,” Amy said and went down on her knees, “Or should I say, Mistress Alisha,” Amy continued in a submissive tone.

“Whoa, Amy, you don’t need to,” Alisha was taken by surprise

“But I want to, Mistress,” Amy responded and licked Alisha’s feet.

This was all new to Alisha, so she didn’t know how to react. She just went with the flow.

“Okay, that’s it. Let’s give some time to your new Mistress to adjust to this environment,” I pitched in.

“As you say, Master,” Amy replied and backed off.

Amy was not wearing anything on her body except for her collar, buttplug and a dildo. She looked hot in that, and Alisha couldn’t take her eyes off Alisha’s body.

“Looks like Mistress likes me,” Amy said naughtily, rubbing her nipples and exposing her pussy by spreading her legs.

“You do have a beautiful body, my slave.” To my surprise, Alisha was taking command now. I saw her step towards Amy and place her hand on Amy’s waist.

Before I could sense what was happening, Alisha pulled my sister closer to her body and kissed her lips. Amy, too, wasn’t slow to respond. Both ladies immediately started exchanging saliva and feasting on each other’s mouths.

“Ummm, you taste a bit familiar to Alex, delicious,” Alisha said, licking her lips.

“I love her,” Amy replied and continued kissing my girlfriend.

“Let me please you, Mistress,” my sister moaned and knelt again between my girlfriend’s legs, right on the doorstep of my house.

As soon as we entered the house, Alisha looked at me and, in a swift motion, undressed herself. It took her a fraction of a second to remove all the clothing from her body.

“A rule is a rule,” she said, giving me a sloppy kiss.

I closed the door and sat on my couch while I saw the ladies making out on my doorstep. Amy was on her knees now and had started to lick on my girlfriend’s clit. Alisha grabbed my sister’s head, pushing her on her dildo stuffed-pussy.

The licking continued for a few minutes. Alisha now took the support of the door to stand while Amy showed her the magic of her tongue. Amy’s hand went near the dildo I had perfectly placed in my lover’s pussy. She grabbed it and pulled out the dildo from my lover’s pussy.

I could see it was coated in Alisha’s juices. Amy looked at it briefly and licked the silicon dick with her tongue. She must’ve loved the taste as she moved ahead and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Lick me, slut,” Alisha ordered

Amy kept the dildo aside and continued her job as ordered. She stuffed 2 fingers inside my girlfriend’s cunt and rolled her tongue on Alisha’s clit. Alisha went on to rub her nipples while my sister showed her the magic between her legs.

This went on for a few minutes, and I saw Alisha was nearing an orgasm. She had closed her eyes and completely leaned her back on the main door, and her legs gave up.

Within a minute, Alisha let out a loud moan and almost collapsed on the floor. She cum rivers of squirt on my slut sister’s face. Amy took it all graciously as she finished satisfying her Mistress.

Alisha then grabbed my sister’s face and bent down to kiss her. Both the ladies were eating, swapping on the squirt leaking from Amy’s mouth like hungry bitches.

Alisha looked up at me, sitting there on the couch with my rod in my hand.

“Well, this is something new for me,” she said and gave a slutty smile

I understood that I hit a jackpot.

In the next part, I will explain how Alisha humiliates Sarah completely. Alisha takes on the dominant role. Along with me, we take on Sarah and Amy, making them our whores for life. Stay tuned for further adventures.

I hope you liked this part. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] for suggestions. Please comment and let me know what you think about this one. Thank you for reading.

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