Happy Anniversary to Ashok & Savita! (Comic Video)

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It is Ashok and Savita’s wedding anniversary, and they are having a grand party to celebrate. As the couple goes about meeting the guests, Savita realises that she has enjoyed sex with every man present here! She remembers her encounters with every one of them.

These memories arouse Savita very much, and she’s looking forward to the special sex with Ashok. But Ashok is dead drunk by now! So will Savita remain horny as her plans have gone haywire?

Watch this video and find out: Episode 62 – The Anniversary Party

Liked the trailer? You can watch the full video by going to Google.com and search, ‘Savita bhabhi videos’. You will see the official Savita bhabhi video site in the first result. Or you can directly go to the website mentioned at the end of the trailer video.

Savita Bhabhi Video

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