Forbidden Act: Smita’s Betrayal and Sanjay’s fantasy

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Hi everybody, This is Romeo from Delhi. It all started when I decided to satisfy ladies, satiate my hunger for sex and earn some extra bucks. This is my second time using this site. Please read my previous story, โ€˜A Sensual Exploration: A Gigolo.โ€™

The preceding story landed me in a flood of inboxes. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and answers. I appreciate it. I got to interact with several of you and learned a lot from you. This story concentrates on one such incident that occurred as a result of the previous story. Grab your dicks and stuff your pussies for a pussy warming trip.

This started with a response to my preceding story. Sanjay, a 26-year-old married guy, texted me on Google chat. The chats went thus.

Sanjay: Well-crafted story! Totally cum worthy.

Me: Thank you

Sanjay: What are your fetishes?

Me: None, all done.

Sanjay: Lucky you.

Me: I know, right? Tell me yours.

Sanjay: Actually, it’s complicated.

Me: I won’t judge you.

Sanjay: Cuckold.

Me: So, what’s the big deal? Go and make it happen.

Sanjay: Will you help us out?

Me: Why me?

Sanjay: It was Smita’s idea.

Me: Your wife?Why so?

Sanjay: We read your story together

Sanjay sent her. Smita was a cute 26-year-old woman with sizes 32-28-34 shaped like an hourglass.

Me: Oh, is it?

Sanjay: Why don’t do come over for dinner tomorrow?

Me: Okay

He sent me the address. I spoke to him over the phone to confirm. I got ready and reached the nearest metro. He was kind enough to pick me up. We reached the house, which looked lavish. His gorgeous wife opened the door. She was staring at me throught the supper.

After the completion of supper, it’s time for some dessert. They led me to the master bedroom. It is completely lit with scented candles, and the bed is covered in exquisite flower petals. It’s a scene straight out of a movie, I would say.

I asked Smita why she agreed to all. She said that she was smitten about a threesome and her husband about a cuckold. So it’s a win-win for both of them. Sanjay signalled me with a thumbs up and undressed himself. I looked into Smita’s eyes, which were completely drenched in lust.

She pounded on me with a peck on my lips. I rolled my hands around her wide hips and reciprocated the very same intensity. I lifted her, threw her into the bed, and started licking her earlobes and neck. She removed my trousers skillfully while I was mauling her boobs.

I removed her satin saree and threw it on her husband’s face. He was holding his semi-erect dick looking at us. She removed her inners, and I removed mine. We embraced each other in our birthday suits. We passionately kissed each other, exchanging our saliva and feeling tongues.

I was on her. I pressed her perky boobs, and a whispering moan escaped from her. I licked her brown areolas and inserted my rough index finger in her gentle pussy. This time, she let out a moan. I continued working on her boobs by sucking her erect nipples as if it’s candy.

She was mesmerised and told me to stop. I wondered why. I didn’t know what happened. A condom was rolled on my dick, and I was inside in seconds, literally. She was really swift with her concise moves. She rolled me on my back and came on the top, giving me open access to her boobs.

My hands landed on her boobs. My eyes landed on her poor husband, who was shagging off with utmost intensity. She was grooving like she was crazy and waited her whole life for this to happen in a cowgirl position. I was hanging there for a while.

She told me that she was about to cum and increased the pace. Now, the bed was literally shaking. I was able to feel my dick a lot deeper in her. She clutched her pussy muscles, and my shaft was pleading for mercy. But she didn’t heed and continued moving like a maniac.

We had cum together, and she purred and let her head lie down on my chest. I was feeling ecstatic and closed my eyes for a while. I opened my eyes to see the husband licking her cum soaked pussy. Smita turned towards my dick and removed the condom.

I placed my dick into her mouth to clean the remnants of cum. Just imagine she is blowing you, and her husband is sucking her off. It’s the sophisticated chain of sex. This continued for a while. She slowed the pace, and I gazed at her to realise she had cum once again.

After regaining her stand, she pushed her husband away and continued blowing my dick. My threshold was nearing. I caught her and gave her 5 strong thrusts before I released my cum in her. She, being a good girl, drank my cum without wasting.

I told her to wash her pussy, and she heeded. I commanded Sanjay to bring some cream from the fridge. I waited for both of them to assemble. She lay down, spreading her legs. I opened the box of black current ice cream, shoved my fingers and licked it. The taste is so good.

I took some of it and put it in her mouth, and she sucked well. I applied a lot of cream on her vulva and clitoris. I surrendered my tongue to her. I started licking profusely. I sucked her, pinched her clitoris and stimulated it a lot.

A quick fun fact: only 25 % of women can reach orgasm through penetration. So, fellas, keep this in mind and work on your licking skills. I continued this tasty process till she cum with breaks in between. I had put on a condom and rubbed the head vertically for a while, then horizontally.

She begged me to fill her up, and I heeded. I entered with a squishy sound, and she replied with a husky moan. The pussy felt even better than the first. Maybe my dick loved the ice cream. I gave good thrusts till the time I felt a tingling sensation. I knew my end was near.

The aroma of our sweat was in the air. The slapping sound of my balls reverberated in the room. I switched her to a doggy position and fucked her. I shivered with a moan and filled the condom. I inserted my finger to find her G-spot and continued the soft pressure to build her climax.

One finger became two fingers, two became three, and proportionally, the amplitude of her moans increased. I did this for a while. I knew she was about to cum. I cupped my hand on her vulva. She released the cum. I vibrated my cupped hand.

She said that it was one of the best moments and no one had ever done that to her. We chatted for a while. Then came the topic of anal, her face flustered. Sanjay’s face became pale. He said that she was still a virgin there. I looked at her and asked, “Do you want to try?” She’s afraid.

Later I came to know that one fine night Sanjay tried invading Smita’s ass without lubrication and notice. So, I comforted her, and her expression changed. She wanted to try. Her husband’s face made this even crazier. I grabbed the bottle of oil and poured it into her anal hole.

I fingered her and comforted for a while. I applied the oil on my dick thoroughly. I asked for her consent once again she signalled me with a thumbs up. My head slowly went in, and she shrieked. I asked her whether I should stop or go ahead. She replied positively.

After 5 minutes of hard work, she felt okay and started humping her hips. This hard work opened the gates of hardcore anal. I pounded her well, she’s enjoying too. We did it harder and harder, husband’s shagging for the nth time. He looked sad and horny.

I released my cum deep inside her, and this concluded with a moan from both the sides. It was a really surreal experience for me. Any husband looking for the same can contact me.

Any ladies or girls out there seeking my service, need someone to talk to, wanna satisfy their deepest dark fantasies in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon can contact me via G-chat. Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Thanks for reading.
Gmail: [email protected].

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