My Cuckold Fantasies – Part 3 (The Party)

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This story is part of a series:

Neha and I were taken into the bedroom with a massage table. I was made to sleep on it. They applied wax strips on me and pulled them. All the girls enjoyed watching me cry in pain. Then Neha cleaned my groin area and ass. Now I don’t have a single strand of hair on my body.

They told me to take a shower. My body felt so smooth while having a shower. By the time I came out, Neha was also waxed. Now while we were waiting outside, all three couples went inside for a shower and got ready. They were dressed stunningly like the elite people. They gave us maid dresses.

Jahnvi: You’ll greet everyone on your fours.

Anusha: You’ll stand up only when we say so.

Shreya: And you’ll obey everyone’s orders at the party.

After 15 minutes, the doorbell rang. We both got on our knees and went to open the door. We opened the door, and 4 couples entered. We wished everyone saying, “Good evening, Ma’am. Good evening, Sir.โ€ They didn’t even bat an eye on us. One by one, everyone came in.

Then Jahnvi signalled to close the door. So there were around 15 couples. All of them, friends or classmates of the 3 couples. We then kissed everyone’s foot and greeted them. Neha’s lipstick was over everyone’s footwear. As instructed, we served everyone alcohol and food.

After that, Jahnvi pulled us to the centre of the room and dinged her glass.

Jahnvi: Hello, everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for coming to the party. We have a surprise for you this evening.

A guy from the crowd: We know this guy, Jahnvi. He is from the bus stop video. The video is so popular.

Everyone laughed.

Jahnvi: So I don’t have to waste time on this bitch.

Saying this, she came behind me and ripped my shirt in one go. My boobs came out jiggling. Everyone cheered again. Then, the pants display my small dick. It appeared even smaller because of all the waxing. So, I’m there stark naked in front of 46 people. She then pressed my boobs from behind.

Jahnvi (still caressing my boobs): The disgusting thing about this bitch is his small dick and bitch tits.
She then increased the speed and slapped them both at a time. She then placed her hands on Neha and pressed them lightly.

Jahnvi: And this girl here is his girlfriend.

Everyone laughed even harder. I was ashamed, and my dick got hard.

Anusha (laughing): Janu, look, his dick got hard.

Everyone turned to it. Jahnvi lifted my dick with her pinky finger.

Jahnvi: Look, guys, this pathetic excuse of dick is hard at the humiliation.

Saying this, she pinched my nipple and slapped my boob. Then turned towards Neha.

Jahnvi: This is one proud bitch. She threatened us when we first met and spoke to us very rudely. But now we made her our bitch.

She turned Neha, lifted her skirt, and spanked her one by one on both ass cheeks. Then she ripped off her maid’s uniform. Neha was naked too. Then Arjun came and made us both kneel. He handed over two dog leashes to Jahnvi. Jahnvi tied them to us.

Jahnvi: Let the party begin. Use them as you wish.

Two people came and took us like dogs. All of them got nude. Among all the boys, my dick was the smallest. Some were pressing my boobs, and some were spanking me. Some were making me lick their feet and kiss them. Neha was also being made to do the same. Some were rubbing their crotches on her face.

Some were making her suck their thumbs. Some girls were slapping her, spanking her. Then a girl got up and said, “Let us use the girl first. We won’t be able to enjoy a cum drained bitch later.” And took Neha to the centre. Everyone gathered to see some intense action.

First, they took some pics, and three girls made Neha wear strapons. Then a girl lay on the floor, and the other made Neha sit on her strapon. Then a girl entered her asshole. The last girl inserted the strapon in her mouth and started fucking Neha in all her holes.

The girl fucking her in the ass held her hip so tight and was spanking her. The one getting the blowjob held her hair and slapped her to suck properly. The one below her was sucking her boobs and slapping them. That was some intense fucking.

Then they switched positions till three of them enjoyed all three holes. I was carrying a box of tissues on my back and giving them to guys masturbating after seeing this action.

Then it was my turn. Men took me to the centre and started comparing my dick with theirs. Whoever is small should kiss the other’s dick and take a pic with the bigger dick on their face. No one kissed mine.

Meanwhile, Neha was cleaning all their pussies by licking them clean. Then Neha was pulled to the middle, and the guys started fucking her. But before fucking her, they lined up before me to lube their dicks with my mouth. I sucked everyone’s dick before they fucked my gf.

While they fucked her, I was being passed around the girls. They were hurling abuses towards me like.

“Look how they are fucking the bitch.โ€

“Don’t you have any shame watching your gf getting fucked.โ€

“Hey loser, how did you feel when you sucked a dick that will enter your GF’s pussy?”

Jahnvi (pressing my boobs): Hey loser bitch, is your little pee pee getting hard by all the humiliation your gf is receiving?

It was so good. I closed my eyes, bit my lips and said, โ€œYes, Jahnvi ma’am.” All the girls looked at me and laughed. Then Neha and I were made to kneel, facing each other in the doggy style. While girls fucked me with their strapons while their bf fucked Neha in the ass one by one.

We were then ordered to kiss while they were fucking us. They high-fived each other while fucking laughing and enjoying us. After that, everyone sat on the couches. Neha was made to jump on the guy’s dicks. While their gf held me by the hair and made me kiss their feet.

In between, suck their dicks which were entering my GF’s pussy. After everyone fucked her. We were again made to kneel down while each couple stood before us. Girls shagged their bf’s dick and came on our faces. Then we were told to make love in front of everyone with our cum stained bodies.

We both did a good job. Then I was made to wear a bra and panty and kneel at the door. Neha was on her knees a few feet away from me. Everyone was leaving, and they appreciated Neha by patting her head like a dog. Neha was blushing.

Some squeezed her boobs for the last time. Neha then kisses their feet as thanks in return. When they came to me, they threw money at me, which I hurriedly collected and put in my bra. Some kept notes in my bra by themselves. Some told me to put around my G string like a hooker.

They verbally abused me, saying, “That’s a good bitch. Here’s some money for her. That’s all she deserves. Cheap Slut.” One girl squeezing my boobs, โ€œYou’ve got nice boobs. With these, you can never satisfy any woman. Just obey your gf like a good slave cuckold.”

“Stupid Slut, this is what you deserve when you have a dick size of my pinky finger.”

I thanked them after the abuse and kissed their feet. After everyone left, we were told to have a shower. We had a good shower, and when we returned, we were again put on a dog leash. I was handcuffed, and my legs were tied. Neha was only on a dog leash. We both were tied to the main door.

Shreya: We are going to sleep, but Neha, we are leaving you this bitch.

Anusha: You did good today, bitch, so we are leaving him tied for you as a reward.

Jahnvi: Yes, he’s yours till morning. You can do whatever you want to with him.

Saying that they left a leash and strapon with her and set a camera to record.

After they left, Neha wore the strapon and straight up sprung into action. She started by making me lie on the floor. She sat on me and started pressing my boobs with both her hands. Then started verbally abusing me.

Neha: Because of you, I became like this, you bitch and slapped my boobs.

Neha: Does it turn you watching me getting fucked? (She slapped my cheeks. Turned towards my dick) Because of this pathetic dick, I became a slut.

She slapped my dick. I cried in pain. She slapped my dick again.

Neha: Don’t shout. My owners are sleeping, you dumb fuck.

Me: Sorry.

But she turned and slapped me again.

Neha: Sorry…Mistress. Address me as your mistress,you slave.

Me: Sorry, Mistress.

Now she spat on me.

Neha: Very good. Your submissive side is really hot. You are made for this bitch. And spat on me and slapped me hard.

Neha: Go sit up against the wall.

I did, and she started running her foot on my chest. Pressing my boobs with her feet.

Neha: Lick them.

She slapped me with her foot. I started licking them.

Neha: Now, the other foot.

I started to lick it too.

Neha: Now suck my toes.

I sucked them.

Neha: Mmm, you’re good at this.

Then she put me in a doggy position and started to fuck my ass with the strapon. She held me by my leash and fucked me ruthlessly. She was angry and took out all her anger on me. Then she caught my hair and again fucked me hard. She then pulled me back and started pressing my boobs with force while fucking.

Neha: Feel like a real slut, do you?

Me: Yes, mistress.

Neha: Yes, you are my slut. Now say, who are you?

Me: I’m your dirty little slut mistress.

Neha: Yes, you are my dirty slut.

Then she fucked me in the missionary position. She held me in position by my leash and slapped me. She was ducking me real good. Of all the people who fucked me, Neha was the best. Her aggression, anger and passion were making her fuck me harder.

Then she pushed me aside, sat in front of me with her legs apart, and signalled me towards her strapon. I crawled and sucked it while she guided me by holding my hair. Then she raised me to head my head and started stroking my dick with her foot.

Neha: Cum on my foot and then lift it and lick it clean as you worship it.

I did that.

Neha: Hahaha, I had so much fun. I love the way I humiliated you. I never had such joy when it was just us.

She turned off the camera and went to sleep on the sofa. I slept on the floor.

The next morning, we woke up and got freshened up. When we came out, we were met with an amazing sight. The 3 couples were in gym wear. Girls with sports bras and thigh shorts, boys with sleeveless tops and shorts.

Girls took my leash while boys took Neha’s leash and took us to the gym. Girls started working the treadmill, and I was made to run too. They laughed at my bouncing boobs and small dick. Then they took the elliptical. I was holding towels and drinks for them.

Boys were weightlifting. Neha, too, was holding towels and drinks. Neha wiped them when they ordered and poured the drinks into their mouths. They squeezed her ass while pouring and spanked it when it was enough. They didn’t tell Neha to do any of this. She did this all by herself.

After 45 minutes, we were again guided to the living room by the leash. They sat on opposite sofas, with Neha and me facing them. Our backs were facing each other, and we couldn’t see each other. The girls’ bodies were shining with sweat from the workout.

Jahnvi: Come lick the sweat from my underarms.

Shreya and Anusha pulled me and guided me towards her armpits. My face was near her armpit. I could smell it. It was so heavenly. Before anything could happen, Shreya pushed my face into it and buried it. She rubbed my face in her armpit.

Anusha: Do it fast bitch. You have to lick us too.

Then they guide me to her other armpit. I rubbed my face and licked that clean too. Then I licked Shreya’s armpits and Anusha’s dusky armpits too. Then they removed their bras and made me smell them. Then they turned me towards Neha, who was licking their armpits, admiring and licking their muscles.

She was passionately licking the chest and sucking the nipples of a guy while massaging the other two guys’ ducks with her two hands. The boys were in ecstasy. It was super horny for me.

Anusha: Look at your gf, who now is our slut. Look at her acts like a whore.

They were pressing my boobs when I was watching Neha being a full slut. It was too horny for me. I was biting my lips and kissing the hands, mauling my boobs. Then the guys switched positions. I was again turned towards girls, and they told me to lick the sweat from their cleavage and their abs.

I licked them. Then they removed their shorts and panties and made me sniff them. Then made me lick their inner thighs and pussies. Meanwhile, Neha crawled around like a hungry dog while the boys waved their underwear. Then they started fucking us.

For a good 40 minutes, they fucked us and came on us. They told us to clean ourselves. Then Arjun came and held us by the back of our necks and lifted us, taking us to the door while Jahnvi opened the door. He then threw us out.

Arjun: We are done with you. You can leave now. We have your number. If we feel like degrading you again, we’ll call you. It’s up to you if you want this again. Now, Fuck off.

Jahnvi: Here are the tips you collected at the party.

They threw the money and our dresses out and closed the door. I tried to gather money, but Neha slapped me and took all the money. Then we both got dressed up on the balcony with some people watching us and left the building.

Neha ordered a cab. I was about to get in when it arrived, but she pushed me.

Neha: This is for me. You can break up with me or still be my bf. But I’ll fuck whomever I want, whenever I want. If you want to be my bf, you’ll be my cuckold bitch and clean me and serve me as a loyal dog. Get on your knees and bark if you accept.

I got on my feet and barked, at which can driver laughed.

Neha: Now kiss my feet and say, โ€˜Yes, Goddess Neha, I’m your bitch and will serve you and your lovers like a dog.โ€™

I kissed her feet and said, “Yes, goddess Neha, I’m your bitch and will serve you and your lovers like a dog,” while still on my knees.

Neha: That’s a good bitch.

And she got in the cab and left while I was still on my knees in the middle of the road.

That’s the end of the story. Thank you.

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