Baptized by Fire

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Hello, I’m Priya. Some of you are familiar with my genre and writing style. In this story I’m experimenting with a new fast-paced narration focusing on sex instead of the plot. Please note this is a true story. I got consent from the protagonist recently to post this on ISS.

I’m still friends with Sheeba and shall articulate the story as if this is my own.

One Sunday evening, Anish and I were sitting on the living room couch. He suddenly asked, “So, what’s your wild fantasy?” I chuckled and said, “I think we have played them all out in our four years of marriage.”

Then I looked at Anish in his eyes and asked, “Where is your head at?” Anish wanted to say something. He then just responded with “Never mind.” This got me curious, and I started pestering Anish to say it out loud.

Anish then said, “Listen, honey, you know I’m not good with words. Can you promise me that you won’t get mad if I say it out loud like I want?” I then smiled at Anish and crossed my heart as a promise.

Anish: So Sheeba, whenever I look at you, I get a feeling of owning an expensive sports car, you know. One that all men dream about showing off to others.

Me: ok, I’m listening

Anish: You are the best wife in the world any man can dream of. You are so great at sex. You have the best boobs. So firm, and those tits of yours are cute and always perky. You are the best at handjobs and blowjobs. Your pussy is so tight and beautiful. I don’t think anyone can beat you at Anal.

Me: Hahaha, thank you, baby. I’m ok if you want to talk about our sex life with your friends.

Anish: Yeah, about that. I’ve already spoken to them many times now they were asking if they could take my sports car for a drive, you know what I mean.

Me: Ah ha, I see where this is going

Anish: Hey, I’m not insisting or anything, just throwing it out. If you like the idea, I don’t mind.

Me: Will it make you happy?

Anish: Hell yeah! But I don’t want to be selfish about it. I don’t want you to agree just because it will make me happy. It’s all about “us” if you think you could enjoy this equally maybe we should try it.

Me: Alright, Anish, look at me, let me ask this again. Where is this coming from?

Anish: As I said, you are hot, and I hear my friends say that their wives don’t do half of what you do to me in bed. They keep saying that you are hot as hell and would kill to fuck someone like you. Vijay says I’m bullshitting when I told them about our water sports in the shower.

Anish Continues: I want them to know that I’m not exaggerating things and you are the real deal, a one-in-million trophy wife.

I looked at Anish for two minutes quietly and said, “Let’s do it.”

It was Saturday evening; I was in the bedroom completely naked and blindfolded. I heard the presence of a few men in the room, and my mouth went dry as the men came close. I recognised Vijay’s and Rahul’s voices. Other voices were new to me.

Anish removed my blindfold and made me sit on a chair in the middle of the room. I saw five naked men with hard dicks standing around me. Despite my kinky nature, I had never cheated on anyone. The only cock I had seen after marriage was that of Anish’s.

The very thought that I got all these men hard was exciting. I licked the tip of their dicks in sequence. They all had their hands back and tried to touch my tits with their dicks. Anish was sitting on the bed, and he then said, “Go ahead, Sheeba, you can touch them and suck them.”

I started to run my mouth on the biggest dick in the room and deep-throated it. I spat on the dick and continued to work on it until Rahul pulled my hair. He shoved my mouth on his boner.

Anish then said, “Ahoy! Remember what I told you guys. She likes it soft at first, so don’t rush her.” I liked how Anish was being protective and sitting there as a guardian to ensure I was all right.

I then stood up and walked toward Anish and sat next to him. He kissed me softly and pushed me, and I lay on the bed with my eyes shut. I could feel hands all over me. There were two on each of my legs running up and down, two on each breast softly rubbing and pinching my nipples.

I bit my lips, and then I could feel one hand rubbing my pussy very gently. It was so amazingly relaxing and exciting. I could then feel the fingers that were rubbing my pussy start to change pace, and I sensed a finger go inside my pussy.

When I was enjoying it, I sensed a pair of lips on each of my nipples as their hands increased the pressure on the boobs. Suddenly, Anish whispered in my ear, “Are you enjoying this baby?” Closing my eyes and enjoying this sensation had surprisingly sharpened my awareness and presence of mind.

I connected the dots that this event was a result of immense planning with attention to detail. Anish had already spoken to his friends. He brought the conversation up to make it sound like this is not what he wants but what we both want. He mentioned to his friends that I liked it soft in the beginning.

I felt like I was conned into this and would have stopped. However, the gentlemen in the room ensured to play with my body and were not rough or disrespectful. I liked how they handled my breasts and how they touched me. It felt like I was in heaven.

I thought to myself. If Anish wants to watch his buddies play with me and fuck me, then I should live up to his standards. I did not want to embarrass my husband. Besides Imran’s wife, Priya is a good friend of mine, so I should let him fuck me more and swallow his cum.

It felt like the fingers in my pussy were exchanged. I could sense the difference in thickness and the pace at which my clit was being rubbed. “These guys are good,” is said to me. A few minutes later, nobody was touching me. I was still too shy to open my eyes and see what happened.

I slowly peeked. All the guys in the room were staring at me. I remember hearing things like, “Wow! Her pussy is awesome.”

“Man, look at that wet pussy.”

Imran then asked the group if he could fuck me first. My husband looked at me. I nodded in acceptance. He started fucking me in a missionary position as others were enjoying the show. Vijay then said, “Dude, looks at those awesome pussy lips dragging out when the cock comes out.”

With my eyes closed and lost in my world of pleasure, I continued to hear comments from the group. The show-off in me was enjoying all of this. My pussy, clit, boobs, and nipples were all being simulated at the same time. This was so different from the gangbangs I had seen on some websites.

The boys treated me so gently with respect and compliments. There was perfect harmony in sex. Anish was showing me off to his friends. I sensed his pride by the expression on his face. I did not want my hubby’s guests to feel that I was a selfish host.

So, I broke free from the dream-like state and decided to participate more actively.  Imran continued to fuck my pussy, and Vijay was sucking my right nipple. My left nipple was being sucked by Rahul while I held both their dicks in my hand. Abhishek’s dick was now in my mouth.

Moments later, I could feel Rahul’s dick throbbing in my left hand. He straightened up and unloaded his jizz on my left breast. It felt so warm and good. I could sense the change in mood. Anish sat next to Abhishek and was running his hand on my head.

I was sucking his friend, who was about to cum in my mouth. Imran withdrew before he could cum inside me and unloaded his milky fluids on my stomach. Vijay took Imran’s position. The moment he slid his dick into my pussy, he said, “Goddam, this is the tightest pussy I have ever fucked.”

Anish then whispered in my ear, “Are you liking a different dick?” to which I smiled and said, “Yes! Yes! I need more, baby.” Vijay had increased his tempo and was fucking me hard. I was scared that he would release himself in me.

Anish noticed my fear and said, “It’s all right,” and hinted to me to go with the flow. I relaxed and allowed my body to be freely used. Just like I predicted. Vijay cum in me. He overfilled my pussy so much that his jizz started to flow out.

Abhishek, Rahul Vijay, and Imran had all had their turn with my pussy while swapping their positions. It was now my lovely husband Anish’s turn.

Before he inserted his dick in my pussy he loudly said, “Ah, Sheeba, you look so beautiful getting fucked by my friends. I will not fuck you now. Let us have a private moment when the boys leave.”

I was exhausted, but I owed Anish for the lovely evening. I thought it was all over then I heard them talking about taking a break and returning. I went to the washroom to clean myself up and wondered what else was there to do.

My husband wanted to see me being fucked by his friends and give me a wild evening. We both enjoyed so that should be it. I thought to myself that I’d tell the boys that I was tired and ask them to leave.

I wanted a final “Thank You fuck” with Anish before we went to bed. Just when I was about to open the bathroom door, I overheard them talking.

Vijay: Dam, dude, your wife is such a whore!

Rahul: Man, I’m speechless.

Imran: I loved her tits; they were so perky and hard, just like you had described, dude.

Abhishek: Did you see me unload in her mouth? She swallowed it like a pro, phew!

Anish: Vijay, You Bastard, I never permitted you to cum inside her behanchod! (motherfucker)

Vijay: Sorry, Bro, I’ll let you cum in my wife one of these days.

Listening to my husband and these men talk about me. I started to wonder if I had become a friendly neighbourhood slut.

As I came out of the bathroom, I saw all five of them standing with their erect dicks. I immediately knew the night was still young. I walked towards Anish and got on my knees. I started to suck my husband. Imran sat behind me and started to fondle my boobs as I sucked my hubby.

I was now sitting Indian style as my knees began hurting. Imran got his face between my legs, so I was sitting on Imran’s face and sucking my husband. Rahul and Abhishek stood right next to Anish, so I held their dicks in each of my hands and started stroking them.

Vijay was struggling for space and finally managed to get hold of my tits to rub. I then got on to my fours and started to suck Abhishek. Imran had his middle finger in my ass hole.

Anish took things a notch up and started to say nasty things like, “You like being a whore don’t you bitch?” his language encouraged others. Then Imran said, “ Kutiya, teri to me gand choduga aaj.” (Bitch I’ll fuck your ass tonight). The dirty talk was infectious.

Rahul, who I thought was the most decent in the group, then said, “Yaar Anish teri randi biwi ki chut and gand ek saat chodenge aaj humlog Imran tu yeh randi ki gand mein ghusa aur mein uski choot leta hoon. Vijay tu apna lund iss kutiya ke mu me rak” (Mate Anish, Let’s double penetrate your whore wife while Vijay fucks her mouth.)

Instead of being offended, I started to enjoy the slut shaming and joined the conversation by saying, “Ah! Zor se chodo iss randi ko, meri gand, chut aur chuchiyan sab tumhare hain.” (Yes, treat me like a whore that I am, fuck all my holes while my hubby watches please)

The boys got aggressive with not just their language but their actions, too. They spanked my ass hard and slapped me on my face and boobs. They pinched and squeezed my nipples and clit, and then all of them fucked my ass one by one. This continued for hours.

Every time they took a break, I thought we were done, but I was being naïve. Finally, they all left as I lay on the bed without any strength to move an inch. My entire body was hurting and covered in sperm. Anish lay next to me as I slept, holding his dick in my hand.

I woke up a few hours later to see Anish was still awake and upset. Wives have this special power to understand what’s wrong with their husbands even if they don’t say anything. Anish was so focused on me having the best night of my life that he did not participate in most of the fucking.

I’m sure he was expecting some spicy chat about the experience before we fucked alone. But my body had given up. I was still tired, but I did not want to disappoint my husband.  I smiled at him and said, “Kya ye randi apne pati ka lund choos sakti hai?” (Can this whore suck her husband’s cock?)

Anish nodded his head. I then asked, “Kya mere pati dev ko apni biwi ko chudwate hue dekh kar acha lagta hai?” (Does my dear husband enjoy watching his wife being fucked by others?)

He suddenly had an angry face and fucked me hard by choking me. I did not say a word. I was really confused about what I did wrong.

The next morning, I instinctively knew things were fucked up. Anish was not next to me on the bed. He started to come home late, always drunk, and our spark in sexual life was gone.

It was too late for me to realise this. But some things should remain in the realm of fantasy, and we must never translate them into action. He kept denying that the sex with his friends was not the reason, but deep down, I know it broke him. It broke our marriage and our life.

The trauma, the counselling and a lot of support from friends helped me get back on my feet.

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