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Hi, I am Madhusudhan from Bangalore. I have written 20+ stories already, which you can read here. I’m here to narrate a true incident of one of my story readers. Comments and anyone for a real relationship can ping mat [email protected]

Hi, Dears. Every woman (and man) wants to be faithful to their spouses. But it’s the time which you spend with each other that keeps them faithful or not. Mine is also one such experience. Let’s get into the story without keeping you waiting.

I’m Geeta, 30 years old now. I hail from Shimoga, which is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka. People from hilly regions are always more attractive, charming and funny. I’m no exception to that. I’m 5.4” in height and weigh 58 kg. I will let your dream decide my structure.

I got married at the beginning of 2021 (Covid batch). I was 27, and that was the time when things were getting back to normal. Me and my hubby are both working in the IT field in Bangalore. But since it was during Covid, we were in WFH.

We were young, energetic and newly married living in a hill station. You can understand what we will be doing often. Yes, we had wonderful sex as and when we had the time. There were no limits to it, and it was always not fucking.

At times, we would have a 5-minute break between meetings. My hubby will kiss and grope my boobs and leave. I will also do the same. There are times I have kept his cock in my mouth when he is in a meeting. I tease him by taking it deep inside, especially when he is actively talking in the meeting.

We always had bite marks on our bodies. My lips were always swollen during that period. We were very active in bed and decided not to have kids for a few years. So we were enjoying life to the fullest.

Both of us don’t drink or smoke or party. We enjoy life by roaming around, watching movies, cuddling, and talking to each other.

But finally, by April/May ’21, Covid stopped completely. My husband got an opportunity to go onsite. It was a short-term trip at that time for 8 to 10 months. So there was no option for me to join him. But unless he takes this trip, he will find it difficult to get another onsite soon.

So we decided not to miss this opportunity. From that day till the day before he left for the US, we had 3 to 8 times of fucking every day. It later made me feel bad, as that much fun had made me literally starve for sex in the coming days. We kept chatting or doing video calls whenever possible.

But I never liked the idea of watching each of us nude in video and satisfy ourselves. There is no thrill in that. So, after a month, my craving for sex peaked. I openly confessed to my hubby that I needed him with me as soon as possible.

He couldn’t do anything apart from explaining to me why he couldn’t come back soon without any proper reason. (Emergency leave in the need to have sex is not part of any company culture, wtf). I did control my desires.

Finally, the day came when I was asked to come to Bangalore. Work from the office 2-3 days a week, and the rest of the days will be WFH. Shimoga is 300 km from Bangalore. Hence, I took a PG in a Flat with 2 more roommates. Both of whom are also working in the IT field.

Life became normal, and I was no longer newlywed. My boobs have become 2 inches bigger than what they used to be. My ass increased by an inch (of course, because of the sex we had before my hubby went abroad). Days became weeks, and 6 months got over just like that.

It was the last week of Oct ’21. One day, my hubby called me and said one of his colleagues was coming back to Bangalore in a week as his onsite was over. And he will hand over some things to him. (Some lingerie, dresses for me and sweets for the family).

On a Wednesday morning around 11 am, I got a call from an unknown number.

Him: Hi, is it Geeta?

Me: Who’s it?

Him: I’m Ashok, a friend of your hubby. I wanted to hand over the things which he gave me.

Me: Oh, sorry. My hubby didn’t share your number and, hence, couldn’t realize it was you. Also, I wasn’t expecting you to call this immediately after landing.

Ashok: It’s ok. Not at all a problem.

Me: I’m actually in the middle of work now and not sure when I will be available. Is it fine, if we can meet on Saturday?

Ashok: Absolutely, take care bye.

Me: Bye.

Nov’21 first week was Diwali, and all my flatmates had gone to native. I was alone, staying in the room for the weekend. On Saturday, around 2 pm, when I was washing my clothes, I got a call from Ashok.

Ashok: Hi Geeta, how are you?

Me: I’m good, Ashok.

Ashok: I’m coming towards BTM around 5 pm and can travel to HSR to hand over the things.

Me: Sure, let me know once you are in BTM, and we can meet someplace nearby

But as a lazy ass, I slept immediately after lunch. He called me around 5 pm, and I missed his call. I woke up at 6 and saw his missed call and called him back. He was already in HSR by that time. I apologized and said let’s catch up at my place.

It will take a lot of time for me to get ready after this. I didn’t want to make him wait. I was in a tee and skirt. The top 2 buttons of my T-shirt were open, which I didn’t realize at first. He came around 6:30 pm. I greeted him and gave him a cup of coffee.

He kept looking at my cleavage all that time. We spoke for an hour or so about multiple things. He seemed to be a really nice guy and a good friend to me, too. It was almost 8, and I was hungry. So we decided to go to a nearby hotel which was 10 minutes from my flat. We decided he would go to his place from there.

I freshened up and got ready in my room. I told him to use my roommate’s restroom. Their bra and panties were lying, and he happened to see them. I came back in jeans and a black sleeveless top. We went to the hotel, again chatted for sometime and had our dinner.

Is being in Bangalore a luck or curse? It started raining, and we both cursed the rain. It looked like the rain wouldn’t stop anytime soon, so we came back to my place on his bike. We were completely drenched. To our bad luck, power had gone, and we were in the dark.

I took a towel, gave it to him and told him to dry himself. I went to my bedroom. While on the way, I hit a wooden chair and fell, it did hurt me slightly. I don’t know if it was the longing to be touched by someone or to act in front of a stranger. I acted like it hurt so much, and he came to lift me.

While doing so, he ended up touching my back and side of my boobs. It made me so aroused. (Not sure why I acted so bitchy that day). Then, he helped me go to the room where I could dry myself. (This time, again, he touched me, and I guess he also got aroused by the situation).

Ashok: Geeta, your dress is so wet. If you sit on the bed, it will also become wet. You won’t be able to sleep at night, or you will end up getting a cold fever.

Geeta: That’s ok. I can’t even stand properly, and it will be difficult to change dress in this situation.

Ashok: If you don’t mind, I can help you change the dress.

Geeta: No, no, not possible. Please leave the room. I will manage somehow

After a minute of trying, I felt what if he came inside and undressed me. Since it was dark, I thought he wouldn’t be able to see me properly, so that nothing would happen. I was daring to do such an act that day

Geeta: Aah!

Ashok: What happened?

Geeta: I can’t remove my dress. It’s a pain in my back as well. Looks like I got hit there as well. (It was a lie)

Ashok: I’m coming inside. This is why I said I will help you out.

Saying so, without waiting for me, he put a hand near my belly on my tees and moved it up. While his hands were moving up, it touched the nipple of my boobs. I let out a slight “Sshhh” moan. He also must have gotten horny with that. He started to press my boobs a little harder this time.

I was so aroused I kept murmuring to myself, “Please don’t do this, Ashok, this is wrong.” I don’t even know if he heard what I said. He moved closer to me and started to kiss my lips. I didn’t open my mouth.

Ashok: Geeta, your lips look so beautiful, like a pink flower. I want to taste them. Please open your mouth and give me your tongue.

I obeyed him and opened my mouth. We lip-locked for a few minutes, and then he started to kiss all over my face. He literally was licking me everywhere. I was feeling more and more horny with his act. Then he started to kiss my neck by keeping a hand on my waist.

That’s when I fell entirely for him. I put my hands inside his hair, which gave him a signal that I was also passionate about having sex with him. He kept kissing my neck, then kissed near my boobs. I lay down in bed upside down out of shame.

He came on top and started to kiss from the start of my ass and moved up in my spinal cord. He kept kissing me till he reached the neck. He unhooked the bra, started to kiss the side of my boobs. I completely surrendered myself to him.

He turned me, removed the bra from my shoulders and started to suck my boobs. He started with his mouth on the right and his hand on the left. He kept exchanging positions so that he gave equal importance to both of them. He played separately on my nipples initially.

He then bit the boobs without the nipples, came to the bottom of the boobs and kissed me. I inserted my hands inside his t-shirt and was playing with his nipples. Then removed it gently, and we got into lip lock again for some time.

While kissing me on the lips, his hands went inside my panty and touched my pussy. I used to shave once a week. It was neither too hairy nor clean. It was easy for him to find the hole and insert his fingers. He started to finger fuck me for a few minutes while kissing my lips and boobs.

I had a heavy orgasm and let out a huge moan of relief. He went down and removed my panty. My mind was telling me it was wrong, but my heart wanted it that day. Finally, the heart won, and I let him remove the pants. He came near my panty and smelled it.

Ashok: Geeta, I’m so lucky to get a chance to be in bed with such beauty. Your boobs are well shaped, your lips are so good, and now I see your pussy. They are pinkish and look beautiful.

Even though there was no power, our eyes got used to the darkness, and we were able to see each other’s bodies. He started to lick my pussy like a baby licking ice cream with much joy and loving each moment of it. I was also mesmerized by the way he licked me.

I kept moaning throughout that 15 minutes. Then he got up and removed his pants and showed me his cock, and asked me to suck it. I usually don’t suck cock much for my husband, too. But he gave me real pleasure that day, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Hence, I started licking and sucking it. Then he spread my legs and came on top of me, spreading my legs a little wider. He kept his cock on the top of my pussy and was playing around with me without inserting it.

Geeta: Ashok, please don’t tease me more. I need it inside.

Ashok: What do you want me to do?

Geeta: I want you to fuck me
Ashok: I wanted to hear that word from you.

Geeta: Now that I have told it, can you put your cock inside and fuck me hard? I want it inside now. I’m burning inside.

All this conversation was in Kannada. So people can relate it to their mother tongue.

Without giving a second thought, he inserted his cock entirely in one go. My pussy had been deprived of sex, so it was not ready to take it that easily. It was a little painful in the first push. Later, the pain subsided, and it became a pleasurable moment.

After an hour-long fucking session, including a lot of foreplay, he released his cum inside me. I was in no mood to think of the consequences. I was more into enjoying the fun part of it.

We ended up having 3 rounds of sex that day, twice in missionary and once in doggy position. We slept around 3 am. The power came around 1 am, and he fucked me harder by seeing my naked body in the 3rd round.

The next morning, we woke up around 10 am. I asked him to stay with me for a day. We kept fucking for a few more times till evening. Then he left home. While he was leaving, both of us felt guilty for cheating my hubby (his friend) and decided not to meet/contact again.

He got a chance to move abroad to another country and is now settled there. So I hope we won’t meet again and will try to be faithful to our spouses. This is the end of this story. Comments are welcome to either of ours or both mail IDs, [email protected] or [email protected]

I wanted to be faithful. But my colleague seduced me and made me have sex with him. That is also my real-life incident.

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