The Unexpected Swap – Part 3 – Overloaded Fantasies

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This story is part of a series:

Hello, I am Daman. When I came to know about part 1, I asked Amol to allow me to do the part between me and Shruti.

This is part 3 – Overloaded Fantasies (Amol is a nerd he gives such big titles)

Let’s start with me: I like to dominate in bed, and I like to be in extreme control every time. Even with Priyanka, I am a dominating man. I like it that way. Shruti is a woman who wants to be dominated.

Let’s begin with the time when we decided to meet each other in a private room for some time.

Amol and Priyanka were in the living room while we went to the room. The relationship is purely only sexual. So, as soon as we entered the room, I pulled her, pushed her against the wall and started kissing her. She was surprised.

She pushed me away, but I kept hold of her. From her side, I went for her neck and started licking it. She got out again and sat on the bed. She was calm.

Shruti: So you like to dominate, huh?

Daman: Yes.

Shruti: I like dominating guys, too. Amol is dominating.

Daman: I will dominate you to the extent that you will forget him.

Shruti: We will see.

She laid back on the bed. She was wearing a very short crop top through which the lower side of the bra was visible. I always get turned on whenever I see a woman in to bra.

Shruti: What’s your turn-on?

Daman: Looking at women in bras.

She giggled and then pulled her crop top up. Damn, that sight was so much good. I joined her side in bed. I placed my hand on her navel and started rubbing it. But soon, she took my hand and placed her on the breast.

I went all in. I started kissing her deeply, and she was in, too. I pressed her breasts. But soon, she got out of bed abruptly. She started laughing

Daman: What?

Shruti: You said you are dominating, and here we are with me dictating you to fuck me.

I was so embarrassed that she controlled me like a puppet. She was intelligent. She left the room, but I was furious. My male ego was hurt, so I decided as soon as at night I entered the room, I will start to fuck her.

I went out. Amol and Priyanka were in the room, and there was awkward silence between us. I decided to go for a kiss. But as I moved, Amol and Priyanka got out. Priyanka’s dress was upset. I knew Amol had some fun. I wanted mine.

We went out and returned late at night. We entered the room, and as soon as I entered, I caught Shruti from back. I bit her ear hard and pressed her breast. She let her go, and she said.

Shruti: What are you doing?

Daman: Dominating you.

She was slim and less strong than Priyanaka. I pushed her against the wall, got both her hands high and got her crop top up and removed. She was very much easy to handle which has turned me on.

She was wearing shorts. So I went for them, unbuckled them and removed them along with her panties. I wanted to remove my pants, too, but I thought she might go, but she didn’t. While I removed my pants, she stood there. As soon as I came up, she kissed me deeply.

I felt like she was in control, so I decided to go for her pussy without any condom. I picked her up and inserted my dick in her pussy. She was shocked.

Shruti: What are you doing? Wear a condom!

Daman: You are controlling me, right? Make me!

I kept fucking her fast. She started moaning because of the speed. I was holding her high. I kept kissing her deeply, and she kept breaking. She was gasping a lot, so I increased the speed more. She was tapping my back to stop. But I ignored it. I was enjoying the moment, I kept fucking, but I soon let her go.

Shruti: Wait. Wait.

Daman: No, I want to fuck you now.

Shruti: I want to take a bath.

Daman: So do I.

Shruti: You can go first.

Daman: No, we are going in together

Shruti was stunned. That look was enough to prove who was in control. She was hesitant, but I pulled her into the bathroom. I locked the door.

Shruti: Don’t fuck me here.

Daman: Why?

Shruti: Amol and I sometimes spend some time in the bathroom. I don’t even allow him in.

Daman: So what?

Shruti: I want to bathe alone.

Daman: I am in control. Why should I listen to you?

Shruti: Come on, it was a joke!

Daman: Then accept I am in control

Shruti stood there. At that time, she was looking sexy, and the only clothes on her was her bra. She went and removed the bra. Those medium-sized boobs were the best she stepped in the tub. She was completely naked, and I was completely horny.

The tub was filled with warm water. I entered and laid in the tub and then she sat on my lap. As soon as she got comfortable, I caught her by her hip with one hand and sent the other hand to her pussy.

I used two fingers and used them a lot. She was trying to leave my grasp, but I easily dominated her. I was kissing her neck and even bit her hard. I stopped

Shruti: What was that?

I ignored it and started squeezing her boobs. Her boobs were medium-sized and fitted perfectly in my hand. I was playing with them, and she was enjoying it. I squeezed them so hard that she went ahead, and I kissed the back of her neck. I released my hand, pulled her near me and adjusted myself.

I inserted my dick in her pussy. She gasped. I was fucking her slowly while pressing her boobs. I was even squeezing her nipple in between, which made her moan. I wanted her to moan more. I turned her around and removed the drainage cover of the tub, and the water drained away.

I saw the pussy clearly. I inserted it fast and started fucking her fast. She started moaning. I held her tight. I went for the boob and bit the nipple hard. She tried to get away, but I didn’t allow it.

I fucked her fast and hard. Soon, I let her go. She got up and started wiping her body with a towel, and so did I. She went for her bra, but I stanched it away.

Daman: I am not done with you.

We got out of the bathroom. There was a small table I made her lean against it. I got the condom and applied it to my dick, happily inserting it fast in her pussy. I started moving fast. I was seeing her hands trying to grab things to hold.

I pulled and put her against the wall. I spread her legs and inserted my dick in it. I grabbed both of her hands and held her tight, and kept fucking her. She started moaning loudly. I kept fucking her.

I stopped, turned her around, kissed her. She was biting my lips. I got her in bed. I was cuddling her, pressing her boobs, licking them. She even kissed my chest and bit my nipples. I got up she was laid. I spread her legs wide open. I saw her eyes. She knew she was going to be fucked hard, so I inserted my dick.

I was speeding very much. Her moans were echoing in the bedroom. I was relentless on her. She was moaning in pleasure too much, and her expression was so erotic it made me increase the speed more and more to the limit. Soon we both were about to cum.

I went for her boobs and kissed them and sucked them. She was moaning a lot as I was sucking and fucking her. We both reached the climax. I went for a kiss as we were kissing, she bit me.

Daman: What?

Shruti: Thanks for this wild night.

Daman: You enjoyed it?

Shruti: Was I supposed to not?

Daman: Well, not like that. The last time I swappers, the woman cried a little.

Shruti: Last time?

Daman: Yes, I fucked Akansha like hell, you know how sexy she is.

Shruti: Are you talking about Samir and Akansha?

Daman: Yes, he worked with me.

Shruti: He was mad at me, and Amol likes Akansha. We were quite in love rectangle, you can say.

Daman: Oh.

Shruti: He even once texted me, just come for a night. I will make you cum for your entire life. We laughed at jokes. Shruti went for cleaning while I waited. When she came then, I went, but she was in bed asleep. I decided to go and wait in the living room for Amol.

As I went out, I heard moans, I knew it was Amol fucking Priyanka. I went near the window and saw them. I saw Priyanka on top of Amol while Amol was fucking her hard. He was pressing a boob and sucking and biting the other. Priyanka was also kissing him hard and being pleasured by him.

I have seen Priyanka get fucked by Samir, but I never saw her like this. I wanted to fuck more. I wanted to fuck Shruti more. I sat and thought about her. I was going to do round 2.

After half an hour, Amol came out, he was happy.

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