A shoulder to cry on, is a dick to ride on

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Being a guy’s best friend is tough. First, you get put in the infamous friendzone. Then you get to hear all the unnecessary gossip and details of the ‘girlfriend’ (that space in between is the so-called friend zone). One thing is for sure: it’s entertaining, with all the drama and stuff.

The same was true for me. This girl I had a crush on put me in the “I love you but as a friend” zone. I have been there for almost 4 years now. I was the only one she trusted with her secrets. I stopped crushing on her after she got into a relationship.

The timeline was as follows: I had a crush on her. She made me her best friend. She got into a relationship with Rahul around 8–9 months after we had been best friends. Their relationship has been stable for 3 years now until today. I got a call from her, and she asked me to come to her home as soon as possible.

It might be just another relationship drama. It’s not like they are the ideal couple. They have their ups and downs but are fairly stable.  I reached her place. Her parents were out of town, so I thought she just wanted to hang out together. Well, that wasn’t the case.

Just as I sat on the couch, she sat beside me and started crying. This was not her normal, stressed-out tears. She was balling her eyes out, the ugly type of crying. This was much more serious. I got up and got her a glass of water. She was still crying. Tears had stopped flowing already, and her voice was already gone.

I hugged her tight and consoled her, asking her to calm down and tell me what happened. It took a while, but she finally calmed down. I handed her the glass of water, and she sipped it slowly. Her voice was broken, and her nose and eyes were red.

“What happened? It has been half an hour since you haven’t said a word and have been crying. Tell me, Ishita, what happened?”

“Rahul, he cheated on me.” She again burst out crying, but there was nothing left in her tank. I was indeed shocked. I never thought he would do that, at least not after 3 years of being together, and definitely not to her. They never had a rough patch in their relationship where they had to take a break.

It was rather a smooth relationship between these two, but this news indeed came as a shock. “Are you sure? Who told you this??” considering it would possibly be a misunderstanding, I inquired.  Well, it wasn’t just a misunderstanding, but there was proof of it as well.

The girl he was cheating on with found out about Ishita and messaged her. Not just that, she had photos and videos of them kissing and making out. Even a short video where he was fucking her with his face visible. These were irrefutable proofs.

The worst part was that this wasn’t a one-time thing but was going on for about 2 months. It was indeed a difficult situation to be in. She had calmed down considerably and was in better shape after drinking some more water.

“Yash, can you do something for me?” Her voice was heavy but filled with determination.

“Yeah? ” I was confused, but I wasn’t going to say no to her.

“I want to take revenge on him for cheating on me.”

“Oh, okay… and?”

She shuffled closer to me on the couch. “What do you think the best revenge for cheating is?”

“Moving on.” I knew it. If I had said anything else, she would have definitely done it. Revenge is a really weird motivator.

“No,” she said, raising her voice. “I’m sorry, but no, it’s not moving on.”

I was looking at her, awaiting her answer, when she suddenly pushed herself over me and started kissing.  A bit stunned by her action, I grabbed her by her upper arms and pushed her away, but still held her.

“Have you gone insane? What are you even going to get out of it? He cheated. Even if you have sex with someone, nothing is going to change. Ishita, calm down and think it through.”

She pushed my hands away from her and angrily shouted at me, “I’m single now, and I want you to fuck me. What’s the issue with it?”

“The issue is that it will not do anything. Even if we do, how will it affect him anyway?”

“Oh, it will,” she smirked, and her eyes lit up as if she already knew what to do.

“You are going to record fucking me. I know what to do to hurt him.”

“You are not in your right mental state. calm down a bit and think this through.” She was in no mood to listen. She took off her top and sat down on my lap, facing me. Her boobs were just inches away from my face.

“Either you fuck me and help me out with what I want to do, or you and me are done. I know you had a crush on me. I know how you look at me when I wear revealing dresses, and now, when I’m asking for sex, you’re running away.”

She wasn’t wrong there. As much as I could control myself, she had the face of a saint and the body of a sinner. Her voluptuous hourglass figure with a narrow waist, a cute face, and boobs that pour out of her bra. An ass that makes her head turn. She was a bombshell that everyone craved.

As much as I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings, my hands had a mind of their own. Her boobs were way too tempting, and my hands had already grabbed onto them.

“Good, now let me tell you what you have to do. I want you to pass as many demeaning comments against Rahul as you can, and I want you to record it while you fuck me. Better yet, when we fuck, record parts of it and save it. I want to crush his ego.”

That’s what she said, but I was too mesmerised by her boobs. Her weight on my lap was already giving me a raging boner. I’m sure she would have felt it rubbing against her thighs.

She stood up and held my hand, pulling me from the couch and dragging me to her room. Pushing me over her bed, she climbed on me.

“Start recording,” she said as she started kissing me. I turned on the camera and kept my phone to the side. It was a side view, and both of us were visible. It was a good angle.

We started kissing, and her entire weight was on me. She was soft and smelled really good. Kissing my neck and my collar, she continued her way down and pushed my shirt up. I sat up and pulled my T-shirt off me. She had unbuttoned my jeans and was about to pull them off.

She was at the edge of the screen, so I picked up the phone and started taking a point-of-view video. “Stop,” I ordered. She was confused and looked up at me. “Come over here,” I pointed out to the corner of the bed. She had a full-length mirror near the corner, and I had a brilliant point-of-view idea.

She obeyed, and she stood near the corner. I pulled her boobs over her bra and pinched one of her nipples while the camera was focused on her face. The expression she had was so erotic. She had bit her lower lip, and while she moaned softly.

Her eyes were looking straight into the camera while her hands were unhooking her bra. The bra dropped on the floor, and her breasts were free from the constraints. Her boobs were shaped like a drop of water. Her nipples perked outwards, urging me to nibble on them.

She could see the need in my eyes and took the camera from me. My two hands, now free, cupped her boobs from below. I was licking one of her nipples while twisting the other between my fingers. She was definitely enjoying it, or maybe putting on a show for the camera as she was moaning rather than stifling it.

She was filming all this from a top-down view, with her expressions as well as my head from behind sucking on her breasts visible in the frame. Her body temperature was on the rise. I could feel her heartbeat fasten on my hands. She had her other hand between her crossed legs.

Her finger moved up and down her slit. I started kissing along her sternum, below her boobs and left some shallow bites along her middle. I made my way down to her navel. She was holding onto my head with her fingers running across my hair as I continued kissing her till I reached her jeans.

I unbuttoned it and pushed it below her waist. It was stuck just above her hips. She handed me the phone and proceeded to turn to the side and bend over with her back straight. Slowly pushing down the jeans over her huge ass. She had a nicely shaped ass.

It was really something that caught people’s attention. It made them look multiple times when she was in leggings or tight-fit jeans. But that wasn’t just that. As her ass was free from its jail, I realised it wasn’t just big but well-shaped as well. A bubble butt with a good slope, not too saggy, not too tight, just right.

Adding to that, the pose she struck and the motion she followed to get her pants off while making a seductive expression was icing on the top. She wasn’t just doing it as revenge, but enjoying it as well.  She stepped out and came close to me in her red underwear, which had a wet spot.

I touched her thigh and glided over her soft skin towards her pussy while recording it closely. Pushing her pants to the side, I slid my fingers between her labia, and it was wet with cumin. I removed my fingers and pulled them apart in front of the camera, revealing strings of copper spreading thin like a web.

“You’re so wet,” I teased her as I turned the camera towards her.

“Yeah, you played with my nipples so well, I couldn’t stop myself.” She winked at the camera, pulled my hand up, and started sucking my fingers sensually while moaning. Her acting looked so natural on camera.

After she was done, she turned around, grabbed her ass, and spanked it lightly to make it giggle. “You like it, na? I have seen you ogle at it a lot of times.”

“Yeah, it’s nicely shaped and big. it makes me want to spank them till I leave my hand prints on them.”

“I won’t stop you, but be gentle for now.” She said as she sat in my lap, rubbing her ass against my boner.

The camera was near my face, recording her grinding her ass against me. She leaned back and whispered to me and the camera, “You can be rough when you fuck me. Hard spanks make my cum faster.”

I was seated at the edge of the bed. She was between my open legs, grinding against me. Her hands grabbed my thighs tightly while I was playing with one of her breasts and recording the view in the mirror. She spared no energy, giving her best expressions and moaning while teasing me as well.

“It’s getting bigger. I can feel it pressing against me. It’s so big.” Her words and the way she said it were like an aphrodisiac. I was hard as a rock.  “It’s my turn now.” I slipped my hand between her legs, and she opened her legs for me in sync. I grabbed her inner thigh firmly and gently slapped it.

She stiffened up a bit and curled her toes. I pinched her inner thigh as I went towards her pussy. I put my hand over her pants and started rubbing over them. She tightened her grip over my thighs and stopped grinding. But pushed herself harder against my dick. Her panty was soaked with pre-cum.

I moved above the seam of her panty and pushed my fingers through it, reaching between her lips, and started to push my palm against their clitoral area. All of this was getting recorded. She was putting on a good show by moaning and making erotic expressions.

They truly were a class apart. One would not have distinguished whether it was fake or real. My fingers found their way to her entrance, and I pushed them into her, fingering her and rubbing her walls. My thighs have become victims of a lustful crime, as her nails were stabbing them.

The pain was bearable at the moment because of all the hormones erupting inside me. Her moans became louder as my fingering speed increased. She was putting on a good show by playing with her nipples as well.

Suddenly, her body stiffened up, her toes curled. I felt her insides convulsing around my fingers. Her breathing was erratic, and her moans got louder. Then suddenly she stiffened and relaxed and stiffened again and relaxed and again stiffened and finally relaxed completely.

Her toes extended outwards while her breathing was going back to normal. “That was so good. I just came,” she whispered under her breath while she laid her head on my shoulder. All this was being recorded, and it felt like I was shooting really good porn.

After relaxing for a moment, she stood up and kneeled between my legs. I knew what she wanted. I pulled my pants down from my waist while she pulled them off my legs. My boner was standing tall, creating a tent with a wet spot at the glans from pre-cum.

Her hands moved swiftly, and she removed the underwear over it, revealing my penis. She curled her fingers around my shaft and started moving it up and down. The pressure of her fingers and the way she stared up at me made me twitch a few times.

“Someone is dancing from excitement.” She looked at me and winked.

“Well, the view I have is something to be excited about,” I focused the camera on her and panned the camera towards the mirror, revealing her narrow waist and huge ass.

“I can say the same. This is something to be excited about.” Her eyes were on my dick. She moved closer to it and started licking the glans with her tongue, slowly rubbing her tongue to the back of the glans and circling the glans.

She would kiss the head and kiss her way down, then lick the entire length with her tongue. She was drooling. Her saliva was all over my dick. She was really good at giving a sloppy blowjob. Whenever she licked the entire shaft from base to top, she would look up at the camera and kiss the dick.

My dick was all covered in her saliva. I was itching to be in her, and she caught onto my thoughts. She stood up and took off her pants while having her ass facing against the mirror. She came closer to me, put her hands on my shoulder, and pushed me onto the bed.

Mounting over me, she pushed my dick upwards, reached my belly button. She started to grind her pussy over it, mixing her dick with her saliva and lubricating the dick. Her breasts swayed back and forth. While she ground against it, feeling it was sufficiently lubricated.

She held the dick against her pussycat and slowly sat down over it. I could feel a bit of resistance inside her. It showed as her expressions changed, but it went all in. After a few seconds, it seemed she had completely acclimated to my dick and started moving back and forth.

Her hands were pressed against my chest, and her nails were digging in. It stung a bit, but it also felt erotic.  I grabbed her ass while recording her and gave it a nice spank. Her reaction after that was worth it. As soon as my hands made contact with her, she moaned louder.

She looked at the camera while she exhaled and continued to ride. This was the visible reaction. The one not so visible was her body stiffening up and her body temperature rising. She got wetter, which I could feel around my dick.  “This feels really good,” she exclaimed.

She increased her speed, thrusting herself further and pushing the dick deeper inside her. I continued spanking her but with a mix of soft spanks, ass grabs, and hard spanks. It was less frequent and random, so she was left in anticipation of when it was going to hit.

“You seem to be enjoying a lot, Ishita.”

“Yes, your dick feels really, really good.”

“Better than…” I left the name out deliberately. She nodded yes to it. “It’s better,” she said as she looked at the camera and put emphasis on the word  “better.”

Something about her dominating nature and the way she added after that, “I wish we would have fucked sooner. You’re better than him,” pushed me over the edge.

“I’m about to cum,” I said, and I spanked her hard.

“Cum inside,” she said and leaned back, giving the view of her pussy getting fucked.

I tried to control myself as much as I could. My dick was filling up with fluids, ready to squirt all inside her. I was doing pretty well focusing on not cum-ing until she said, “I’m about to cum as well. Cum with me.”

That was enough to push me over the threshold, and I emptied my balls inside her. They came oozing out as she continued to move back and forth and rub her clitoral area with the cum. What soon followed was her contracting her insides and coughing as well. It was intense, and she fell over me, collecting her breath.

I moved my camera to take a shot of our genitalia covered in each other’s fluids. I extended my hand with the camera and moved my semi-hard dick to push out of her pussy. The dick was acting like a plug. As soon as it came out, all the cum oozed out around my dick and balls.

It would have been the final shot, but she wasn’t done. She crawled back and kneeled between my legs, slurping up all the cum from around the dick. Even going as far as scooping the cum from inside her.

Pressing out the cum from inside me, sucking it out as she pressed and moved her fingers from the base to the top of my shaft. She showed her mouth filled with cum, sucking the cum of her fingers and gulping it down. She proved by opening her mouth, and no cum was found on her tongue.

“I liked the taste of me on you,” she winked at the camera, and I stopped the video.

Now what? We did it. Now, what about us? The infamous post-nut clarity hit hard. She held my hand and sat beside me, taking the phone and watching the video. It was as if nothing new happened between us. My thoughts were all dissolved as we started discussing what to edit out and send to him.

Rather than the full video, we decided to send snippets of it, especially the parts where we talked shit about him. This was definitely going to affect our friendship in some ways. I didn’t know how. She decided to do the editing herself and send it later.

I took a shower first and ordered food while she was in the shower. We sat and had it together, discussing random stuff. It was about time I cleared out my doubts, so before leaving, we had a serious chat. She had tears forming in her eyes while talking about what Rahul did, but now she was in a better state.

This would stay between us and would be a one-time thing. I was a bit sad. I felt like I was just being used. But it did happen with my consent, so there’s nothing I can do about it. Overall, she was in a better state now, mentally and emotionally, and was making jokes as well.

While leaving her house, I teased her, “There’s one thing that I’m amazed about your talent for putting on a show and faking things is on another level.”

“Who said I was faking it?” She smiled teasingly and winked at me.

“Yea, yea, bye.” I took it as a joke.

While on my way, I felt happy that at least I got to fuck her and sad that it was a one-time thing. But it was a good time. I can’t force her to do it again. But the possibility of a situation in the future is possible.

I had just reached home when I got a message from her. “Listen, I wanted something but didn’t want to go down to get it. Can you get it for me, please?”

I was indeed irritated. I had just gotten home. Had she asked me to get it while I was at her place, I would have. Now she wants not to get it herself, be lazy, and make me go back.

“I just reached home. You could have told me if you needed something while I was there. What do you want?” She sent a video with the message “You.” It was a video of her fingering herself and showing her cum on her fingers.

I was indeed irritated and had decided to say no to her request, but that was before I saw that video. As a guy, we have limited blood, and when the blood flows to the head down below, all rationality is lost.

The story is a work of fiction. Do let me know your thoughts regarding it. You can reach me through Gmail or Google chat at [email protected].

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