Shatabdi Express And Seductive Pooja – Pt 2 (Thinking About Her All Day)

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I wanted to seriously attempt to try my luck with Pooja as she was alone. The ice between us was broken in the morning. Any discussion or conversation about that would certainly be exciting. I was taking care of her grandmother as of now.

I had 2 mobiles. I offered 1 to grandmother to listen to devotional music. At first, she was reluctant. But once I placed an earphone on her ear with devotional songs of MS Subbalakshmi she was very happy. As she was listening to music, I kept digging information from her.

I understood they stayed at a place just 10 km away from my flat. I decided to approach Pooja first. I took a snap of her grandmother listening to music and sent it to Pooja. She saw the pic and instantly replied what is she listening to. I replied, “MS Subbalakshmi.” She replied, “Great. That’s her favorite. Thanks.”

She asked me if she could speak to grandmother. I texted her my other mobile number to Pooja and asked her to call on that number. Pooja called and grandmother got nervous as mobile was in the vibration mode. She looked at me with scared eyes. I connected her to Pooja.

They chatted for some time and grandmother indicated me that Pooja wanted to speak to me. I informed her that she can continue listening to music. I would call her from another number. I called Pooja and she was really happy that I was taking care of her granny.

She told me how excited grandmother was to use earphone and listen to her favorite music. There was little hesitation in her voice when she said, “Sorry. Did I hurt you in the morning?” I said, “It’s ok. It hurt for that moment. It is too delicate there. But it’s ok now.”

She said “I know. It took little time for me to realize. But it was really embarrassing.” I said I also felt equally embarrassed as I was in a very awkward situation. She said, “I am glad you did not get hurt.” I said, “Thosehor soft hands will never hurt.”

She laughed and said, “I hear you said ouch. They are soft but very firm also. When I hit it hurts.” She was a sport and did not mind speaking boldly. I just went one step ahead and said, “From a male perspective the touch was actually enjoyable.” She said, “Oh just shut up. All males have a filthy mind.”

I praised her and said, “You were so close to me. Actually, you were very close to me when you hugged grandmother and you have a fab body. It is natural to get aroused. That is how a male body reacts.” She said, “Ok. I know how the male body reacts. But unfortunately, I had to stumble at that time.”

I said, “Take it positively and enjoy thinking about that moment.” She said, “Ok sure. I have some work will catch you later. Just take care of grandma,” and our conversation ended. For a moment I thought did I cross the line? But anyway at this point I could not do anything about it.

I was thinking about her and fell asleep. Pooja’s call woke me up. She wanted to speak to grandmother but she was sleeping. She asked me did she take a tablet. I told I guess no. She said once she wakes please ask her to take it. Again I tried to extend the conversation and she did not avoid me.

We spoke for a good 10 minutes. This time we knew more and better about each other and the call ended on a positive note. I tried my best to ensure that she had a good opinion about me. Almost half of the journey was over but the visuals of her boobs in front of my mouth were playing in my mind.

The desire of Pooja and the maddening scent of Pooja’s body was still with me. Her voice echoed in my ears like melody. I saved her number in both my mobiles hoping and praying for something to happen between us. Sexual desire is one of the most enjoyable human experience.

It gets our blood flowing and makes us sexually alive in anticipation. Granny woke up. I asked her to take the tablet and speak to Pooja. I switched on the recording mode as I wanted to listen to their conversation. I plugged my earphones and listened to the recording also.

Pooja did ask a few questions about me. She was curious to know when I was returning to Chennai. Why did she want to know when I was returning? Anyway, I was sure that I will approach her again once I reach Chennai. I again played some devotional videos.

I again took a small recording of her watching and flipping videos and sent it to Pooja. This small on and off conversation was happening and she was mostly online. She was genuinely concerned about her grandmother. I was making full use of the opportunity to get closer to her.

In fact, I even helped her couple of times to the washroom and back to her seat. She was really touched by my helping nature. I was sure she conveyed the same to Pooja. I wanted to inform Pooja that I was returning back on the same day. I sent her a message, “Returning by evening Shatabdi. Any return luggage?”

After some time, Pooja replied, “Nothing. You come back.” I replied, “Ok. But anyway, it’s very boring to come back as no one is there at home. They are here in Bangalore for holidays.” She asked me, “Oh, so you are a bachelor for now?” And I replied, “Yes. They will be back only after a week.”

I expected her to reply but the conversation stopped. There was a pause till we reached Bangalore We got down and her relatives were waiting. They thanked me as Pooja had informed them about me. They were happy that I made her journey comfortable. After a small chat, I left for my meeting.

I boarded my cab and to my surprise, Pooja had replied to my earlier message. “Sorry for the delay in replying. My maid had come and had to take a bath.” I replied, “Ok. I also had a good sleep.” Pooja replied, “Thanks for everything.” I said, “My pleasure and looking forward to meeting you.”

She replied, “Sure. But if it is boring. Why don’t you stay back with your family?” I was happy that she had extended this conversation. I replied “I would love to stay back. I have office work. And I don’t know something is calling me back.” She asked, “What is that something that is calling you back?”

I replied – “I want to enjoy my short bachelor holidays. Maybe memories of today morning are also one of the reasons.”

She replied – “Oh. Please. It was just an accident.”

I replied – “Yes. But it was such an enjoyable accident.”

She replied – “Is it? That is too little to be remembered and called memories.”

I asked – “Yes too little. That is not enough. Seriously.”

She replied – “How do you plan to enjoy your bachelor holidays?”

I said – “No plans. You tell me.”

She replied – “Hmmm.”

I wanted to know what she was thinking. I asked her, “You tell me. Shall we meet?” She again replied, “Catch you in some time,” and went offline. I was a little disappointed for the frequent interruptions. She hardly knew me so I was little curious about how far this would go.

I thought maybe she was not sure. Maybe she wanted to be more confident and surer about me or maybe she just wanted some time pass. All these thoughts crossed my mind. Our conversation ended but my sexual desires for her had become more intense and they kept growing.

They were prompting me to try and take some risks. A lot of dirty thoughts and imaginations about her kept me horny for the whole day. I finished all my work in Bangalore and was on my way back. I decided to try to chat with her while nearing Chennai.

I was desperate to meet her. But I will tell you in the next part what happened next. Hope you guys liked this. You can connect with me or write your feedback @ [email protected].

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