Sex with a stranger girl in her car in Bangalore

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Hello everyone! This is Jack. This story is about an unforgettable incident in my life. I work as a freelance photographer in Bangalore. It has been five years since I shifted to Bangalore to follow my dreams of working as a filmmaker.

To follow my passion, I needed a job that could fund my dreams. So I took up the job of a freelance photographer. I was doing quite well for myself. However, I still felt blank whenever I clicked photos for my clients. Most of them would be artificially beautified models and products. I was kind of getting bored and sick of it.

Then I shared this with one of my friends and he suggested that I should go to public places and do random photoshoots for free and that might clear my head. He made sense. So, I decided to go for a lively place and the first place that came to my mind was M.G Road and Church Street.

Without waiting even for a day, I went to M.G Road by around 8 in the evening. The place was filled with live music, beautiful girls, hot chicks, street vendors, etc. With my camera in my hand, I was waiting for a person with a photogenic face. It was then that I felt someone pat my shoulder from behind. I turned around to see who it was.

It was a cute little girl in her late 20s. She had minimal makeup and her skin tone was just perfect. Not too fair nor too dark. Just the perfect Indian color which would lighten up even a poorly framed photo. She kindly asked me whether I could click a picture of her from her mobile camera. Without waiting for my reply, she handed it over to me and went to a closed shop whose shutter was painted with some random caricatures and wall art.

I clicked a beautiful picture for her but her mobile camera couldn’t capture her beauty in low light. So, I offered to click a picture of her on my camera. With much reluctance, she agreed. Then I clicked a few more pictures of her. She asked how much I charged for a single click. When I replied that I do it for free, her face glowed up and she readily gave a few more poses without me asking her to do so.

After 15 minutes of clicking photos, we were done and she shared her Instagram ID and asked me to share the pics to that account. I readily agreed. All my pent-up stress was kind of gone. So, I connected my camera to my mobile phone and sat down to edit her pics. In fact, she was so flawless that her clicks didn’t need any editing. I did some color corrections and sent them ASAP.

She saw the messages and replied with a heart. I went home with satisfaction. The next day, I felt better at work. In the evening as soon as I reached home, I received a message on my Instagram. It was from her.

She: Hey there! Are you coming today?

Me: Where?

She: To M.G Road?

Me: Is this some sort of Date?

She: Nope. Since you click pictures for free, I am planning to bring some of my friends today. You have to click pictures for them also.

Me: I won’t do it for free this time.

She: Damn it! How much?

Me: Just a scoop of ice cream or a coffee?

She: That’s it? Come soon. We will be waiting for you with ice cream.

Me: Rolling out!

I went there ASAP and without much difficulty, I found her. She was right in front of the ice cream shop and was already eating a chocolate cone. As soon as she saw me, she ordered one for me too. We both were talking about random stuff.

Then I inquired about her friends and she told me that they backed off at the last minute and she had to come alone. I offered to keep her company to which she readily agreed. First, we clicked some pictures then we went to a nearby club. It was filled with a lot of hot chicks.

Guys were trying to lure girls for a casual one-night stand. Some couples were making out without caring about their surroundings. Some boys were groping their partners as they were drunk. One guy was even dry-humping his girlfriend as they danced to a random Hindi item song.

Preeti was eyeing all of this from the corner of her eyes and I caught her red-handed. She felt embarrassed to be caught by me like this. Since we were a bit high from drinking, she opened up and said that she was getting bored of her married life and she needed some fun in her life. Fun which would be scary and thrilling like having an affair out of her marriage.

I suggested her try hitting on some random male as the place was filled with single boys desperately trying to get laid. She told me that she had been approached by many men in the past, but no one interested her. Out of nowhere, she caught my hand and asked me why I didn’t try to take advantage of her. Any man would have tried to take advantage of a drunk girl. I said that I just don’t prefer it that way.

Preeti grabbed my head and kissed me on my lips! Within a fraction of a second, it turned into a long french kiss. I grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me kissing and sucking her lips. We broke the kiss and she suggested that we move to some other place.

Then we left the club and went towards her car. She signaled me to drive. I drove the car to a much-secluded area where no one would come. Renting a hotel would be too risky as she was from a well-reputed family.

As soon as I stopped the car, she pounced on me like a tigress and started removing my t-shirt. I then unbuttoned her shirt and hugged her. We both were kissing like long-separated lovers. Since the glasses of her car were tinted, no one could see anything that was going on inside. I then unhooked her bra. She had beautiful 32-C breasts.

Then I held them in my hands and pressed them. She let out a slight moan and hugged me tightly. She then signaled me to suck her nipples. I sucked them as she suggested and she was loving her. I used my tongue to make circles around her nipple. Meanwhile, I lowered her frock and inserted my finger in her pussy. Her pussy juice was oozing out of her soft pussy.

Then she unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick. She sucked it until I came in her mouth. She drank every drop of it and licked my dick clean.

I wanted to fuck her then and there, but she refused to let me fuck her. She told me that it was reserved for some other day. But she said that I could lick her pussy if I wanted. It was all I needed to listen to. I went for it.

I lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders. Her pussy was clean shaved and was already wet. I gently kissed and licked the outer walls of her pussy. She jerked and came in an instant.

Then I inserted my tongue in her pussy and licked the inner walls of her pussy. I started to tongue fuck her. She was thrusting her pussy in my mouth and moaning like hell. After tongue fucking her for 10 minutes, she came thrice and thanked me for making her feel alive again.

After we wore our dresses, we went back to the place where I had parked my bike. She then sped up towards her home. Before leaving, she gave me a long kiss and her number and took my number.

We didn’t talk much for the next couple of days. After 3 days, she called me and said that her husband had gone on a foreign business tour and she would be alone for the next 2 weeks, so she was going to their farmhouse in Ooty. She asked me to accompany her. Without thinking much, I packed my stuff and reached her house.

In Ooty, a lot of weird stuff took place this is when I realized why her husband doesn’t fuck her. Who would have thought that such a beautiful girl was capable of doing such nasty things? To know what really happened in Ooty, wait for the second part.

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