My Revenge on My Neighbor Uncle

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Hi ISS readers, this is Karan back with my next experience. As you all know in my previous story how my neighbour uncle blackmailed me and had his way and fucked me. Now was the time for my rebound. If you have not read my previous story, please read it – My Blackmailing Neighbor Uncle.

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Nearly 2 weeks after that incident, I heard the bell ringing at my door on a Saturday. As it was an afternoon, I wondered who it would be. When I went near the door and peeked through the door lens, to my surprise, it was my neighbour uncle.

I cursed myself. Why did he come at this hour? I was thinking that he would have come to bang me again. I opened the door with a sad face, but to my surprise, he was not alone. Anu Aunty was there, too, along with him.

I got a bit relieved, greeted them, and let them inside. I pointed to the living room and asked them to join me there. I asked them if they would like water, and they said no. But I insisted they have a glass of orange juice.

So there both were in the living room, and I went into the kitchen to get them juice. A few minutes later, I entered the living room and gave them juice. I sat on my recliner and looked at the TV for a moment as I was watching a film and was about to turn it off.

They both had the juice, and Aunty took the glasses and went into the kitchen. I got a call. My best friend called, and I was talking to him for a few minutes.

Rakesh uncle was waiting for me as I was on the call. The call went on long for 20 minutes or so. And he was waiting for my call to end patiently, scrolling through his phone.

Anu Aunty was wearing a red synthetic saree, and she tied her hair at the back of her head in a bun shape. For the first time, she was looking hot and sexy to me. She has a perfect figure of 38-34-38.

But, while she was coming back from the kitchen. At that moment, she was looking so beautiful. I was falling for this woman and did not realise what was happening around me. I was in my thoughts, thinking about Anu Aunty only.

Rakesh Uncle snapped his fingers to grab my attention. It was an awkward moment there. I composed myself and apologised to them for being a bit absent-minded.

Rakesh uncle cleared his throat and said: “I am going on a trip for a few days with my friends, maybe a week too. I hope you’ll be here with your aunty and Amulya and look after them. I hope it wouldn’t be a problem for you?”

I replied, “Ayyo! Uncle, there’s no problem, uncle. I have been working from home for the past few days. Even if I have to go to the office, I’ll be back in the evening by 7 pm. You need not worry.”

Anu Aunty replied, “See, it will not be a problem, Rakesh. You know that Karan is like our son to us. You can go and enjoy yourself with your friends. Even we three will enjoy going to dinner and shopping together. Isn’t it, Karan?”

I replied, “Yes, Aunty.”

Rakesh uncle was a bit relieved, and they both stood up and decided to leave. Aunty came near to me and said, “Dinner’s at 8. I will make your favourite aloo paratha.”

I replied, “No, Aunty, I will make dinner for you all today. I am thinking of preparing chicken pulao. I even ordered the meat. It might be coming any minute now. Please let me make dinner for you guys today. Please?”

And just then, my doorbell rang. I went and took the groceries from the delivery guy. Anu aunty got convinced seeing me making preparations already. To which they both simultaneously said, “Fine, do it your way. And if you need any help, call me. We’ll be there at 8, then here again.”

I nodded, and they left. Then in the evening at 6, my doorbell rang again, and to my surprise, it was Amulya, their daughter. I said sarcastically, “Hi, busy people. How come you are here? Well, your flat is 802, but this is 801, my flat. Look, your flat is over there.”

To which she gave me a fake laugh and said, “I know this is 801, and I was told that someone is making chicken pulao for us tonight. So, my mum told me to help that guy in 801.” And she barged into my house, pushing me aside playfully.

I said, “I don’t need help; I am doing alright, and you will only make it worse.” We went into the kitchen. Soon our random conversations turned into a quick fucking session. She was my best friend with benefits, and we were having sex whenever possible.

It was around 7:45 pm. I realised it would be late and aunty and Uncle would be there soon. I tried to get out of bed, but Amulya was not letting me.

Me: Your parents will be here any minute, baby. Ask your parents if you can do a sleepover because we have our football match tonight.

Her: Yeah, right. I can convince them because they know we are so hardcore fans of our favourite team.

Me: Okay then, now let us go and cook dinner.

We went into the kitchen, and I resumed cooking. Amulya also got freshened up and came into the kitchen. I told her to set the table. Meanwhile, I heard a chatter which was coming from the dining room. Aunty and Uncle have already come. I greeted them.

Uncle brought some red wine along with him. I went into the kitchen and brought the cooker to the dining table. I served, and we were having dinner. After dinner, all three of them said that they loved it. And then we had some red wine together.

It was around 11 as time passed, and we played cards all this time. Uncle and aunty got up and said we will get going. Amulya said, “Hey Karan, our Liverpool is taking on Newcastle. Come, let us watch.”

I replied, “If Uncle and aunty say okay, we can watch here.”

She asked her parents if she could watch football with me and sleep here tonight. They nodded okay, as they knew that we were football fans and had no problem with us being alone at night.

After they left, we both watched the match. Before 20 minutes into the game, we got bored. We went to my bedroom and resumed our session. We had amazing sex and tried a few new positions too.

Then uncle left for his trip, and Anu Aunty and Amulya were alone. I went to the office and returned late in the evening because of work. And it went like this for 2 days.

I completely forgot about my revenge until the next day. I was working from home. Anu aunty was all alone in her flat, and she was preparing lunch for both of us. She called me at lunchtime, asking me to come over. I went to their flat.

She was wearing a parrot green saree with a white sleeveless blouse with her bra strap popping out from her sleeveless blouse. She looked Damn sexy and hot. And I had laid my eyes on her hidden melons.

Her blouse was tight, and those melons were tied up and waiting for free. She was constantly adjusting her bra strap, tucking inside her blouse. She got fed up with constantly adjusting, which made her uncomfortable.

She said, “It’s a bit hot today, isn’t it?” and was adjusting her saree.

“Yeah, Aunty, I think the winter season is over.” I was staring at her boobs.

She replied, “If you don’t mind, I will change my dress, and we can have lunch together.”

I replied, “Ayyo! I can wait. There is no problem. Take your time.

She went into her room to change. I sat in the living room, turned on the TV, and surfed through the channels.  While surfing, I found my favourite actor’s movie and watched it. Suddenly there were sounds of crockery coming from the kitchen. I went into the kitchen to check out if there was someone else.

Anu aunty was there, and she was serving food on the plates. She was wearing a sleeveless yellow kurti with black leggings. She looked so sexy as a hot MILF, with her curves being visible. I decided to help her. I went near the water purifier and filled the bottle.

We had lunch together watching the movie. After lunch, I again helped her clean the kitchen and sat in the living room. She was exhausted. I sat near her feet and started to give her a foot massage. She was shocked to see me near her feet and told me to get up.

I insisted and continued to give her a foot massage. She could not say no, and she was feeling good and gave some relaxing moans. She said, “Your mother always tells how good you are at giving foot massage to her and helping her in the household work.”

Me: I help her when I am free, aunty. It is my way of spending time with her.

She: You are a good boy, Honey. My idiots never help me or even try to spend some time with me. At least Amulya will help me with household work sometimes. But Hemant will not do it even if I request him to do it.

Me: Hemant is in the hostel na aunty, don’t blame him for that. He is still a kid; he will understand you someday soon.

She closed her eyes again and was enjoying my foot massage. I slowly moved up to her calves and continued my massage. She was moaning with relief. And this continued for 10 minutes. I was getting horny. I was looking at her from a low angle; she looked so hot and sexy.

She opened her eyes and said, “Enough, Honey, let it be. Thank you so much, Honey.”

Me: Okay, let me finish with a shoulder massage. You will feel good.”

I insisted she let me give her the shoulder massage. She could not say no, and I got up and asked her to sit on the ottoman couch. I went back to her and started to give her a shoulder massage. Her hair was so soft and silky, and I asked her to tie her hair up.

Her skin was so soft. She was not wearing a bra anymore, and her melons were visible to me as I had a top view of her. Her melons were round. I wished to hold them, squeeze them hard, and suck them badly.  I was getting horny and enjoying what I saw.

So I decided to take advantage of the situation. I started to massage her shoulders by pressing at the right spots, and she was in heaven. As I was doing it, she was taking deep breaths. It was now a green signal for me. I put my face just behind her and blew some air into her ears.

There she was, now in the mood I wanted her to be. I knelt on the ottoman table where she was sitting and slowly kissed her on the back of her ear and her neck. She was moaning in ecstasy. But she immediately got herself together and stood up.

She: Karan, what are you doing?

Me: I was making you relax, aunty. I am sorry if you did not like it.

She: Honey, this is not supposed to happen. I have two kids of your age. This is wrong.

I stood there for a moment, and there was an awkward silence between us. I decided to leave, turned around, and walked towards the main door. As I held the main door, aunty stopped me. I was there, confused now about why she stopped me, and I looked at her.

She: I have a happy marriage life. My husband is a good man, no, a great man. I have two lovely kids, and all three love me unconditionally.

She continued how she has a happy life. I just sat there listening to what she was saying, and when she completed talking. I sensed a but at the end of her talk. I took the courage and said, “If you are not okay with this. We can end this right here, and let us forget this ever happened.”

Me: Let this not affect our good relationship. I am again sorry, aunty. It will not happen again.”

Saying this, I left, closing the door on my way out. After some time, there was a knock at my door. I was doing my work in the hall and thinking about whether I did the right thing. I went to answer and peeped through the peephole. I saw Anu aunty waiting outside.

I opened the door, and she said, “Come to my flat. I need to talk to you.”

I said okay. I brought the keys to lock my door and followed her to her flat. We went in, and she closed and locked her door behind me. I sensed something was going to happen and was very nervous about it. She came and hugged me tightly.

I was shocked and did not realise for a moment that she hugged me. Then, after digesting the fact that I could go further, I put my arms around her and rubbed her back. We parted and held her cheeks and pulled her for a kiss. At first, she kept her mouth closed.

But as I was kissing her, she opened her lips, responded to my kiss, and took charge. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I was squeezing her butt by sliding my hands inside her leggings. And wow, her butt cheeks were so soft.

We were near the bed. I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck, shoulders and ears. She was running her fingers through my hair and breathing deeply. My hands were on her boobs all the time and were squeezing her melons like hell. Her nipples were becoming hard and erect.

I turned her and lifted her kurti, and took it off. Then we removed each other’s remaining clothes and were naked. Now she was kissing me, but her hands were stroking my dick and balls. I pushed her down. She knelt, stroking my dick with her right hand and playing with my balls with her left hand.

I pulled her towards me, and she kept my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. As she was sucking it, my dick was growing hard in her mouth. Damn! She was sucking it like a pro. The way she was sucking it was like she had been hungry for it for a long time.

I was in heaven when she was sucking my dick like that. Even her daughter doesn’t suck it like she does. I was holding her hair while she was doing her job. After she sucked my cock, I lifted her. She put her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck, and we kissed again.

I held her to the wall, kissed her all over her neck, and squeezed her melons. Then I came further down and started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were red and erect, and she moaned and said, “Yes…Yes…”

After sucking her boobs and putting her on the bed, she kissed her belly button. After that came down to her precious pussy, it was shaved, and her pussy lips were a bit big. I moved down and straight away kissed her pussy lips and kissed her clit.

She gasped with excitement. Then I was licking her clit, and she was moaning loudly.

She: Oh! Honey! Yes! Oh my God! Yes, honey, lick it right there. Yes! Yes!

She held my head and pulled towards her pussy deeper. Now I was pushing my tongue inside her. She was moaning louder and louder. Then we turned into the 69 position. After my cock was drenched in her saliva, I laid her on the bed.

I came on top of her and came into the missionary position. I was teasing her pussy by rubbing my dick on her pussy.

She: Oh, Honey! Please don’t tease me anymore. Give it to me right now.

Me: Okay! I will, aunty.

She: Don’t call me aunty. Call me by my name. Call me Anu.

I pushed my dick inside her slowly, a bit tight. I think she did not have sex for a long time. I took it out and tried again. This time, I went inside further but not completely in.

She was screaming loud with my thrust and begged me to stop. I stopped and took my cock out. After a moment, she asked me to go gain. I this, I again pushed in slowly and was fucking her.

She: Awww…! Mmmm! Awww! Yeah, Baby!

Because of her tight pussy walls, I was also moaning and feeling the inside of her. She put her legs around me. I was fucking her and kissing her, holding her boobs.

After the missionary position, I lifted her in my arms and put her on the table on the edge, her legs still wrapped around me and her hands around my neck. I was holding her lower back and waist and was fucking her.

After a few minutes, I lifted her and put her on the edge of the bed and fucked her holding her legs wide. She was rubbing her clit simultaneously. I pulled her again and made her suck my cock for a few minutes and then asked her to come into the doggy position.

She obliged, and I pushed my dick hard this time, and my cock went in completely. She screamed out loud, and I covered her mouth with my left hand and started to bang her pussy hard.

When she got used to me banging hard, I put my hands on her boobs and squeezed them and fucking at once.

She: Oh, Yes, Baby! Right there! Pound your aunt’s pussy. I will be your bitch; you can fuck me anytime and anywhere.

I was so happy making her finally my MILF, and I continued to bang her and increase my pace. After a few minutes of fucking in the doggy style. I took out my cock. I lay on the bed and asked her to ride on my dick.  She came on to me and sucked my cock again for a minute, and sat on me.

I placed my dick under her pussy, and she guided me to it. She started to ride my dick. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and squeezed them. She was moving in sync. We gradually increased the pace. I then pulled her towards me, hugging her.

I rolled her onto the bed, and again we were in a missionary position. I continued to fuck and increased my pace, and we wrapped each other. She said she was about to cum. I increased my pace again as I wanted to cum together. Within a few minutes, I was about to cum.

I asked her if I needed to take it out. She said to cum inside her and wanted to feel the warm cum in her pussy. We finally had cum together, and I just slept on her as I was exhausted.

We slept the whole afternoon on each other and showered together in the evening. And this continued every day till Rakesh uncle returned from his trip. I finally took my revenge on him, and even now sometimes have a quick session whenever we get the chance.

I hope you guys like my story. I have been getting huge responses in my mail on my previous stories. Thank you, everyone, for reading and liking my stories.

Any shemale who wants to have sex can contact me at my mail, [email protected]. Stay tuned for my next stories.

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