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Hello everyone, I’m Krishna. I’m a financial analyst in Delhi. I live with my mom, who owns a reputed parlour in Vikas Puri, Delhi. Because of her, I also know all the parlour work because, before my job, I used to assist her.

This story is about an incident that happened in November. Without boring, let’s continue with the story.

Usually, November is a month when marriages are at peak in Delhi. Our parlour was overbooked, and no staff was there. That was when we received another order for bridal makeup.

I didn’t know what to do, since all the staff were busy with their clients. So, I asked Mom if I could reject the order, and she requested to accept it as it was a high-paying client and a regular one.

With no other option, I agreed, and she told me to go to the venue and do the makeup myself. I don’t have much experience in doing makeup, so I was nervous, and hesitantly, I agreed.

When I reached the venue, I found out that it was a South Indian wedding and the marriage ceremony would take place early in the morning, and for that, I had to start my work by approximately 3 am.

I went to see the bride, and I was stunned to see the bride. She was too beautiful, she looked like she came out from a movie poster. As per my guess, she was around 28 with good stats of 32-26-32 and 5โ€™2 height. The above is just a guess.

I smiled and greeted her. She said, “I’m Roshni, and you are?” “Hi! I’m Krishna. I told her about the schedule and asked her to be ready by 3 am and we will start makeup by that time.

She nodded and disappeared. I was nervous as hell. It was almost three years since I did makeup. I thought and tried to calm down and went to my room which was next to the bride, set my alarm for 2 am, and rested for some time.

I got up when the alarm rang, washed my face and brushed my teeth, changed into fresh clothes, and then again did a check of the supplies in my bag. Now, I was ready to begin the work.

My heart started pounding in my chest, and I felt a little dizzy, but I controlled myself. It was around 2:15 am. I went out of the room to grab a cup of coffee.

Everyone was sleeping, and there were hardly a couple of people who were awake. They were preparing when I noticed the lights in the bride’s room were on. So, I thought to ask her to get ready and knocked on the door.

There was no response. I waited for a few seconds, and then she opened the door. She just came out of the bathroom after a bath, and she was wearing just a towel.

Her hair was wet, and I could see her beautiful curves through the towel. Damn! she was hot. We both exchanged greetings, and I told her that it was almost 2:30 am and we had to start soon. She smiled and said, โ€œI know. Come in and have a seat. I’ll get ready and come.โ€

She moved away inside and closed the door, leaving me alone. I sat on the couch in the hall, looked at the wall clock and saw it was 2:40 am. That’s when I noticed there was a big mirror in the room where she was changing clothes, and she was visible in the mirror because the door was slightly open.

She didn’t know about it, and I kept on watching her. The moment she pulled her towel off and stepped out naked, I gasped. Damn! She was gorgeous, her skin was glowing like pearls and she was toned, sexy as hell. I could see every inch of her body from head to toe.

She was leaning forward, and her round ass was just right in front of me. Damn, it was perfection. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She then went to the wardrobe and took out a lehenga and matching blouse. She started wearing them one by one, starting with her panties.

She turned sideways, pulled her panty up her legs, and showed her sexy legs. They were covered with a thin layer of pubic hairs, and then she bent forward to put her top. I lost my mind seeing her ass and thighs. It was heavenly.

She took her lehnga and blouse and in no time, she was dressed completely and she came out. My mouth was open, and my eyes were fixed on her beauty. I was trying hard to hide my hardon. Somehow, I came back to reality and said, โ€œWow! You look stunning in your traditional outfit.โ€

Then she gave a shy smile and thanked me. While I was preparing a makeup kit for her, she asked me if I could help her with something. I asked her what. She pulled her lehnga up on her left leg to her knee and showed me a little layer of hair. She asked me if I could help her remove them.

I asked why because most of the women in South India remove their pubic hair way before they get married. She said yes, but because of time constraints, she didn’t. She said to me, โ€œPlease help me.โ€ I took out a shaving cream and some razor blades and put them on the bedside table.

She then sat on the bed and stretched her leg for me to apply the shaving cream. I then sat on the floor near her legs and pushed her lehnga a little up till her knees and asked her to hold them, while I started applying the cream on her left leg first.

She was feeling shy, but she had to do it, so she held her dress tight and let me do it. After that, I started applying the cream, cleaned her left leg, moved to the right one, and did the same. Her legs were pretty smooth now. I asked her if she wanted to apply a little oil on the shaved area to make it smoother.

She agreed and I got the coconut oil and started applying it slowly on her legs. I felt like heaven with the touch and rub I was giving her. She was getting into a mood, but she was controlling herself. She took her right leg and kept it on my shoulder.

God, she was looking fucking hot, and I wanted her so badly. But I didn’t want to ruin her wedding day, so I controlled myself. While applying oil, I managed to touch her thighs now and then just a little above her knee. And every time I touched her, her legs were shaking a bit.

She never complained. Instead, she switched her legs from right to left, and now her left leg was on my shoulders. So, I started applying oil to her left leg now.

With the rhythm I was doing, her body was starting to shake a lot now, and this time, I was rubbing her thighs a little above her knees while she pulled her lehnga a little more up. Now, her panty was visible a little through her lehenga. Oh fuck! she was soaked.

She was enjoying it, and so was I. I started moving my hands a little more upward. I felt her legs opened wide for me, so I pulled her lehnga even more up so her panty was fully visible and my dick was rock hard again. I knew what I had to do next. I decided to use that opening to go further up.

I used the oil, slowly rubbed those thick, smooth thighs, and continued my massage. I was not able to control myself, and I lowered my head and kissed her knees. It was delicious. Her skin tasted sweet and soft. I loved it. She moaned and leaned her head back on the pillow.

She was enjoying it. I could see it. I moved a bit back to adjust her legs and started kissing her fingers while rubbing her thighs. She looked at me and smiled, and closed her eyes. Her breathing got heavy. She was taking deep breaths, and her moans became louder.

I kissed and sucked every finger in her feet and slowly moved to her inner thighs, and her moans increased. I could see her clenching her fists. But still, she was holding the lehnga tight. I went on my knees while she was lying on the bed. I held her thighs and started licking them and making my way inside.

I opened her lehnga wide and inserted my head inside while licking her inner thighs and moving to her panty line. I kissed and licked her wet panties, and her body started trembling and shivering, and her voice got louder. I pushed her panty to the sides and started licking her inner lips.

I could see her struggling to breathe, and that turned me on even more. Her cries were music to my ears. I ate her pussy slow and fast, whatever I felt like. Her hips were buckling. I took my hand and started massaging her ass cheeks while eating her pussy.

I could feel her walls contracting around my tongue. I lifted her and made her sit on my face, and started licking her pussy slowly and firmly. She was riding my face like a pro. I could see her thighs shaking as she tried to keep her balance.

She grabbed my hair with both her hands and pulled my head inside her. She came so loud and long. I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed her juices. After a few minutes, she pulled my head out and laid back on the bed and I saw her cheeks going red.

After a few seconds, she stood up and opened my pants, pulled my hard dick out and positioned herself on it, and started riding it. I was not able to see my dick meeting her pussy because of her heavy lehenga. But the sound of her pussy meeting my dick was heavenly.

She was moaning loudly. She was in control of it all, and I liked it. She was pushing and pulling my dick in and out of her. This time, I couldn’t take it anymore, and I flipped her over, put her on her stomach, pushed her lehenga to her back, and entered her from behind.

I started pounding her hard from behind, and she was loving it. Her body was shaking all over again. After a while, we changed positions, and she was lying down on her back. I was between her legs fucking her hard while my mouth was sucking her beautiful, tasty lips and tongue.

My dick was throbbing, and I needed to release. She arched her body and started screaming like she was being killed by pain. I knew she was about to come again. I increased my pace and fucked her faster and harder. I loved seeing her coming.

Her body was writhing, and I cum inside her. I collapsed on top of her. We were both sweating like pigs. After resting for a minute, I looked at my watch. It was late. We had to go. We stood up and adjusted our clothes, and she went to the washroom to clean herself.

A few minutes later, she came back, and I was ready with the kit. I quickly applied makeup and made her the perfect-looking bride, and my goodness, she was looking like a god. I wanted to fuck her again but realized it was already late. So I just gave her a soft kiss on her lips and a gentle tap on her ass.

She ran out of the room to the ground floor where the ceremony was supposed to happen. I walked out and reached my room. I washed myself and changed into fresh clothes. I quietly went down and sat on the chair opposite the mandap. We just smiled at each other.

The pandit had started the ceremony. In a couple of hours, the marriage was over. I just left thinking about how the day unfolded for me. No one would have believed me if I said that I fucked a bride just before her marriage. It was once in a lifetime experience and I wouldn’t forget it ever.

I hope you all loved my story. Do share your feedback at [email protected]. Thank you all.

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