Online Friend Becomes My Love

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Hello friends and this Is My 1st Venture in ISS although I m a regular reader of it. I never thought that and lead into writing my own story. I’m Deep in Late 20s from Calcutta. I’m married and having an average married life as my wife is kind of orthodox and from a conservative family. I’m a social media user since year 2007 and have few lot of friends mostly girls and women. Now without wasting any further precious time of yours, let me share how it all happened.

I met Jhuma name Change in 2009 through online. She is not from Calcutta, but some other city in Bengal and I won’t name the City from the very 1st day I noticed that she does not use her own picture as a profile picture. So Initially I did not take her seriously as I thought some guy has created a fake profile and sent me a friend request after a couple of months or so, suddenly I got a call from an unknown mobile number which does not belong to calcutta.

I said good evening and received a very good evening from a sweet female voice in a couple of minutes, i realised that it was Jhuma. We talked about half an hour or so before I hung the phone up and gradually we started to call each other and text as well gradually and I came to know that her husband is a civil Eng and mostly remains on tours also while he is at home he spent most of his time among friends.

We became very good friends literally friends till this point of time and we were open to any kind of discussions after 6 months or so she proposed me. I did not reject her who would do so like a stupid and we agreed that we fulfil all the duties to our respective spouse and continue our relationship 2 more months passed by now we were comfortable enough for sex chats through mobile texting and g talk. We continued the same till early beginning of 2012

I’m sorry if you are already feeling bored, but I just wanted to make sure that you treat this as a love story not Just as a sex story. Now let’s begin The Real Incident. I Got a Call from her and she said that she is coming to Calcutta to meet her parents and want to have some personal moments couple of days which she meant with me. I had to plan official tour To Bangalore for 3 days in the 1st Week of January.

Actually I booked a 3 star hotel at Digha which is 4 hours journey by train from Calcutta also booked the train tickets in DUronto express and we decided to meet at Howrah Station at 11:00 Hrs, as Duronto Leaves at 11:30 hrs and that is the 1st time I saw her and I’m not an expert in describing ladies’ figure but trust me she was a sex bomb. She was wearing Red Shiffon Saree with a sleeveless velvet blouse I requested her for the same seeing her only.

I started to feel the heat effect even the air conditioning of the train did not help me that much and our Journey began on time her Deo was driving me crazy and probably she noticed it in my eyes and whispered don’t do anything stupid and this is a Freaking AC Chair car not a 1st class. You get Your Chance. We reached Digha by 14:00 hrs and checked into our Hotel as soon as we stepped into our room she closed the door and hugged me tightly.

I whispered this is a 1st class what say darling? She felt shy and started looking downwards. She also moved away and opened the sea view window and stood there and I went close to her, hugged her from her back and kissed her earlobes. She started trembling slowly I turned her towards me. She was looking into my eyes very slowly our lips greeted each other warmly.

She put her arms on my shoulders and started passing her fingers in my hair after 5 minutes or so I started playing my fingers on her naval and through her saree. She did not resist as the sea shore produces heavy wind her Pallu was dropped because of the wind. She wanted to place it back and I held her hands and said you can’t go back to past can you? She said in a very low voice osobbho naughty again.

We locked our lips and this time my fingers denied to follow law of gravity rather they preferred to move upwards and they were busy in playing on bouncy tracks over the blouse only. She was moaning softly and started to unhook my shirt buttons in a moment she removed my shirt and to agree with Newton’s 3rd law, same and opposite reaction happened with her saree. By now she was boiling and was aroused.

I removed her petticoat as well then I removed her blouse in an instance. She removed my trouser. Finally we both are only in inners. She had a glimpse on my boxer and said you want to kill me or what and then she only said ok kill me and I took her to bed made her lie and came on top made a halt for few seconds and suddenly started kissing her lip locked and squeezing her boobs over the bra.

I was doing it extreme wildly and I was doing it over the bra deliberately so that she begs me to throw it out and it happened after couple of minutes she cried you love this damn bra more than me? That why can’t put your palm off it? To prove her wrong her bra joined its mates her saree and my shirt. I was squeezing her like hell and she was not moaning she was shouting deep do it harder let them explode.

She did not even realise when I removed her panty too half an hour passed away doing so and by now I was licking her juicy boobs and finger fucking her with one finger and she was like a volcano and moaning like hell another finger went in she was sweating even with the ac on in a while she denied to lie down further and she raised herself and removed my boxer and said let’s see how strong the younger brother is and she held it and started to blow it. I was in heaven.

She was blowing my penny like hell later she started sucking it later and I came to know that her hubby never allowed her to suck his penis and she was even biting, I was getting pain and pleasure all together in another half an hour or so I discharged my fluids and she had it all and wiped my penny with a tissue then she told me Mr Rahul Dravid you left enough deliveries to get your eye on.

Now play some shots team needs it she came on top and started riding me. I wish she never drives a car because top gear is the only thing she knows and I don’t mind that either she was riding me in top gear and I was pressing her melons in top gear both of us were moaning like hell gracefully we were the only guests in the entire floor after a while and we rolled and I came on top and then the real bashing began and I applied my full force to tear her pussy apart.
She was shouting and asking for more pressure in the mean she said deep. I have pills with me don’t worry for anything darling score a triple century on this pitch.

I replied who cares about triple century? I will make Lara’s record with the form I’m in currently continued hell like fucking for about 45 minutes and released all the juice in her pussy then took my dick out she was glowing with satisfaction and this is only the beginning of our trip as it’s my 1st venture and I conclude this part here only and let’s see how much my story satisfies you and then I will continue to share other encounters on the very same trip. For feedback mail me at [email protected]

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