My Mistake With my Husband’s Friend

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Hello, All. I am Posting another story on behalf of another reader.

I am Neelam. I am from Gwalior but settled in Delhi. I am a housewife and married to Kiran. Mine is a love marriage. Me and Kiran both fell in love during school time.

We stayed together and married at the age of 23. It’s a very early age to get married, but we decided to marry though we have financial issues. Kiran works in Delhi, and I used to work with him. After two years of marriage, I got some cash and gold from my parents. Me and Kiran decided to have a kid.

It did not take long to get pregnant, and Kiran got the promotion during my pregnancy. Post delivery, I was forced to resign from the job, and Kiran got money from his parents.

It was happy news but both parents didn’t meet after my marriage. It’s been a year since the post-delivery. Kiran got the opportunity to travel to the UK for 3 months due the office work.

It’s hard to opt out of UK travel. I told him to go as it is a life changer for him in his professional life. With pain in his heart, he left the UK, and I felt pain on the same night.

I can’t sleep without his hug and kiss. We both were very close and never stayed separate for the past 5 years. We were in a living relationship and then married. It’s been 3 days since he left for London and I felt a huge emptiness in my life.

Suddenly, my kid is sick, and I have to take him to hospital. Kiran called me and said that Madhan would come and take me to the hospital. I was happy because I needed assistance.

Madhan is a good friend of ours. He is a strong guy but very practical. We have known Madhan since Graduation, and very faithful person to us. He helped us in Delhi with accommodation and in our marriage. He used to stay under the same roof and sometimes he cooks food for us.

He had a breakup with his girlfriend and did not marry her because of financial issues. He is practical, and he knows the problem of getting married without finances. He saw me in a bra and panty and another sexy costume when we stayed under the same roof.

Accidentally, he saw me and Kiran nude while we were having a romance. I don’t have any feelings for him. But I love to tease him with my deep neck and love to show my panty waistband and the shaved sexy legs.

I am much more comfortable with him and expose my hot figure to him without knowing my hubby. But I don’t have any feelings for him, and he did not show any bad intentions towards me.

It was a Friday late evening and Delhi traffic was much more than usual. We reached the hospital and returned home at around 8:00 pm. Madhan dropped me at home and informed me that he would leave my place. I requested to have dinner and go to his home, but he denied it.

I was arguing with him to stay at my place for dinner and he was not accepting my offer. Meanwhile, Kiran called me, and I asked him to talk with Madhan about staying for dinner. He accepted it and moved inside the bedroom and wore a sexy costume.

I don’t know why I chose to wear a sexy costume. But it’s not required to wear it in front of him as I don’t have any feelings for him. I changed my full-length dress to a small piece. I wore a black bra and covered it with a sleeveless coat which ended with my waist.

I put two buttons on my coat and open my cleavage. I wore a red panty and covered with skin-tight shorts. I wore a small short which ended away below my knee. I intentionally pulled my panty waistband above my shorts so that the red lace could be visible to him.

That’s not a great way to dress up. But I dressed up like that because I was comfortable with him. He never showed any bad intent with me. I gave medicine to my kid and was preparing dinner for him. During the dinner preparation, I had a conversation about his personal life and his sex life.

Madhan is a shy person in front of me. He never used bad words, and he never talked about sex with me. I was pulling his legs and repeatedly asking about his sex life. But every time, he just smiled at me.

I was asking questions like, “Have you had sex with a condom and without a condom? Have you had sex with any other girl apart from your ex? What’s your ex-bra shape? I was asking him because I had been feeling lonely since Kiran left for London.

I did not control myself and talked all the shit. I served dinner to him, and during his dinner, my chest was exposed. I know my boobs were exposed, but I did not cover it.

My kid is sleeping, and it’s close to 10 at night. Madhan left my flat, and I sat on my couch feeling bad. I understand I should not wear a dress like this. I realized I talked about condoms and his girlfriend’s bra size.

After 5 minutes, my calling bell rang, and I opened the door. It’s Madhan again; I welcome him inside the flat. The flat door was open, and I thought he might have forgotten the car key or his mobile.

He was looking into my eyes and feeling nervous. I understand he is nervous and asked him about the same. Slowly, he asked, “ Neelam, your lips are red today. Which lipstick are you using?”

Me: (smiles) Oh! It’s Revlon. I love lipstick, and it’s a good shade.

Then he came forward and held my shoulders and kissed my lips in a flash. I was surprised by him. After a few minutes, I supported him with a French kiss. Our lips and tongues got connected and kissed passionately.

Later, he broke the kiss. I realized that one of his hands was on my boob over the bra, and another hand was on my waist. The door was opened, and he kissed me in the living hall. After the kiss, he left home, and I closed the door. I can’t control my tears after that episode.

It’s my mistake to wear a sexy dress and have sex conservation with him. It’s not needed, and I made him horny. After half an hour, my calling bell rang, and it was Madhan again. He rushed inside the flat and showed me the condom packet. He left home to buy condoms.

He didn’t give me enough time and quickly locked my lips with his lips. He was kissing me like I was his girlfriend. His hands were moving all around my boobs, waist, and my butt. He was biting my lips and sucking my tongue.

After that, he became nude in seconds and said, “Neelam! You bitch! I did not find whore inside you until today. Your red lace panty is very sexy.”

Then he slid his hand inside my bra. He was pressing my boob and kissing my neck passionately. I was not able to stop him and made a noise like, “No, no, Madhan. Please leave me.”

I was saying to him, “I did not wear this dress to encourage you. It’s my mistake. Don’t think I’m bad.” But he was not in the mood and bit my neck and left a Love Bite.

He was leaving more love bites around my neck, and I was requesting him to leave me. He did not leave me, and he put his finger on my pussy over the shorts and said

“You whore! Neelam Bhabhi! Dick sucker, stop all the nonsense. I know you love my dick. You have shown your beautiful figure to me, and even I saw you nude along with Kiran. I know your intentions, but I was waiting for time to fuck you like a whore.”

I was surprised by his words. I can’t prove to him that he accidentally watched me nude. He removed my coat and bra. He was sucking and biting my nipples. He pulled my shorts and left with panties only. I understand he will fuck me today, and it will be a sad day for me.

I understand that, as a married girl, I can’t wear a sexy costume in front of other men, though you trust him. Soon, he pulled down my panty and started to lick my pussy like a lollipop. I turned on and moved my fingers inside his hair. He moved my legs wider and was kissing my pussy passionately.

My fingers were moved inside his head hair, and encouraging him to kiss my pussy. I was moaning, and my pussy was leaking. He did not show any mercy and pushed his middle finger into my butt hole and bit my pussy lips.

Fuck! I was moaning louder and louder, and he did not stop sucking my pussy for the next 5 minutes. My legs were wet, and my pussy was very wet. He asked me to turn around for ass-licking. I said no to him, but he did not listen to me.

He said, “Neelu, Bitch, don’t act like a gentle girl. You were showing your boobs and ass checks with your transparent dress during our dinner. Trust me, surrender yourself to save time. I won’t say anything to Kiran.”

Then he slapped me on my asscheeks and positioned me in doggy style. He started to say bad words like ‘Kamini, teri geeli chut, and Randi’ like that. He started to kiss my ass cheeks. I didn’t know how to stop him and was feeling sad.

I didn’t want to fuck with other men. All of a sudden, I felt good, breathed heavily and started to moan loudly from my heart. I can’t control myself, and my pussy was leaking because he was licking my butt hole. I never had experience with the butt-licking.

He was making me a real whore with his licking skills. He moved my ass cheeks wider and started to lick my ass hole. I was like, ‘Ah, madarchod, gaand,’ He was licking my butt hole and pushed his two fingers in my pussy.

Oh! Suck! Fuck! Ah, his two fingers were making my pussy wet. My sexual feelings were beyond my control. I lost my senses and was shouting at him to fuck my pussy. I was requesting him to stop licking my ass hole and fuck me hard.

Like, “Fuck me, baby! Please fuck.” Then he stopped licking my butt and asked me for a blowjob. I didn’t hesitate and put his dick inside my mouth. I sucked his dick for 10-20 seconds and asked him for fuck. I lay down on the floor in a missionary position.

I spread my legs and asked him to fuck. But Madhan didn’t show up. He asked me for a good blowjob. He said, “Neelu, Randi! Why are you in a hurry for fuck! I am not going to fuck pussy tonight. Take my dick inside your mouth from your heart.”

I was confused by his bad words.  He pulled me towards his dick and said, “Take my dick in your mouth and give a gentle blowjob.” My mind was blank, and I followed his instructions. I started to suck his dick like a lollipop.

After a few minutes, he started to push his dick inside my mouth. He was forcing me to take his full dick inside my mouth. I was not able to take his dick. But he was pushing me hard and shouting at me, “Take my cum, take it, taste my cum. You bitch. Take it fully. Lick my cum.”

He was harsh and cum heavily. Then he laid me on the floor and crossed my legs. He spat at my pussy with his fingers and said, “You have a lot of itches in your pussy, is it correct? Take my dick inside your cunt. My dear friend’s bitch wife. “

Then he pushed his dick in one go inside my pussy. He is stronger than my hubby, and his dick is thicker than Kiran’s. I couldn’t control my moan, and he started to talk dirty again.

He was saying, “Your cunt is so good and better than whore. You are the best fucking cunt,” and he started to and for with a good pace. He was fucking me like a beast, and I can’t control my moans. I was moaning like, “Stop, please stop.”

He did not show any mercy and fucked me for close to 10 minutes.

Then he took me to the bed and positioned me in doggy style. He fucked my ass in my bedroom. I controlled my moans because my kid was sleeping in the bedroom.

Two hours later, he put on the condom and started to fuck me while I was sleeping. He fucked me like a whore for the next two days and left my home.

I was sad and cried a lot. After a week, I got my period. Post my periods, I called him again, and it was my big mistake. I could not control myself after my periods, and I asked him for sex.

This was a costly mistake in my life, and I was forced to have an affair with him for the next 7 years. To cover this mistake, I slept with his managers and participated in a threesome, lesbian and gangbang.

My hubby is dark about my sex life. It was hard to manage hubby and kids during the time of the affair. Finally, Madhan left Delhi and moved to Mumbai for professional life. It was a big relief for me, and now I am living peacefully.

Hopefully, you enjoy the real incident of my life and don’t make the same mistakes as me. As a woman, you should not forget the boundaries, and it’s not easy to maintain the affairs.

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