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Hello friends, today I am going to narrate the story about how I fucked a bank customer.

First, let me introduce myself. I am Rahul from Punjab working in a reputed bank. This incident which I am going to narrate happened with me 2 years back when I was posted in a rural branch of the Bank.

In that area, there was a school where they paid the salary to their staff through our bank. The heroine of the story, let’s call her Simran (name changed) came to the bank for opening a bank account as she had just got a job as a teacher in that School.

On that day, she came along with her father for opening the account. Her height was around 5 feet 3 inches and her figure must be 32-26-32. Initially, I didn’t pay any attention to her and opened her account normally.

After that, on several occasions, she came to the bank for withdrawing money, for passbook printing, etc.

Once she said that she needs an ATM card and unfortunately or say fortunately at that time, instant ATM cards were not available with the branch.

So I politely told her, “Madam ATM cards are not available at this moment, it would take around 15-20 days to come from our Head Office.” Hearing this, she said, “OK,” and left the branch.

After around 15-20 days, she again came to the bank and enquired about the ATM cards, “Sir ATM aa gays kya?”

I said, “No Madam, still out of stock.”

She said, “Main jab bhi aati hoon, ATM khatam hi milte hain.” (whenever I come, ATMs are always out of stock) and also gave me a mischievous smile.

That smile was something very special and on that day, the first time I thought that she is giving me a green signal and I understood that if I take some initiative, then she would definitely agree to get laid.

In the next 15-20 days, stock of ATM cards came in the branch. I intentionally sent a message to her from my personal number and the context of the message was like “Madam ATMs are available now. You can collect it anytime from the branch.”

After sending this message, I was very tense and my heartbeat was very fast wondering what would be her reply. Would she get angry that I messaged her from my personal number?

But within 5 minutes I got a call from her. I was so tensed at that moment and literally didn’t have the courage to attend the call. She again called and this time after gathering lots of courage, I finally picked her call.

She said that she may get late from school and would not be able to collect the ATM today. So she will come tomorrow after 4 pm and I must keep one ATM especially for her. She said, “Pakka rakh lena, kahin dobara khatm na ho jae.”

I assured her, “Madam you don’t have to worry. This time you will not be disappointed.” I told her that I remembered her concern and that’s why I had personally informed her that ATMs were available then.

In the night, I wanted to wish her good night but I was in confusion about whether to wish her or not. Because somewhere it was in my mind that what will she thinks about me.

She may think that I am such a cheap person who stole her number from bank records and now messaging her. Therefore, I decided not to take any initiative from my side until it was not taken by her.

The next day when I got up in the morning, I saw a text message flashing on my mobile and it was from Simran. She was wishing me a good morning. I was extremely happy to see her message and thought that she is also equally interested in me.

I instantly replied to her message “Very good morning.” After that, our chats started and here are some excerpts from that chat as under:

Simran: I was afraid whether you would reply of not. By the way thanks for replying.

Me: You are welcome Madam. If any girl, especially a beauty like you wishes me good morning, then definitely I would have been the biggest idiot if I don’t reply.

Simran: Beautiful aur vo bhi main! Why are you kidding me? Agar sach mein aisa hota toh aapne pehle se approach kar liya hota.

Me: Pehle kabhi moka hi nahi mila. Bina kisi reason ke apko message nahi kar sakta tha na. Agar karta toh pata nahi aap kya sochte. Even kal rat bhi good night wish karna chahta tha. But nahi kiya.

Simran: Same here. Main bhi kal raat message karna chahti thi but nahi kar pai. Aj subh bhi badi himmat kar ke wish kiya. Pehle bhi kahi baar socha ke apka mobile number maang lu, but har baar yahi soch ke ruk jati ki pata nahi aap mere baare mein kya sochoge?

Me: Yaar le lete number pehle hi. Itne dino ham logo ne aise hi waste kar di.

Simran: Hmmm. Right

Me: You know from the first day you came to the bank, I had a crush on you.

Simran: Me also.

Me: Then you had to tell me this thing or at least you could give some hint.

Simran: You know once I came to Branch for passbook printing and you were sitting with a girl in the bank. On that day, after reaching home, I cried a lot thinking that she was your girlfriend. Then one of my friends consoled me by saying that it was not necessary if they were sitting together then they are in a relationship. They might be friends.

Me: Oh my God. You thought that much. Yaar, at least you could have had some words with me.

Simran: You know I like you very much since the day I saw you.

Me: Me too.

We continued to chat the whole day and in the night we expressed our love emotions to each other. Now we both want to meet but waiting for a good time.

Soon it came, one fine day we were only two staff members (me and the peon) were in the bank after 4.00 pm as my branch office head was on leave and other staff had also left the office and gone home.

I told Simran to come to the bank on the pretext of some bank-related work. She came around 4.30 pm and enquired about the locker facility in front of the peon.

I told her all about the bank lockers and then offered to show her the lockers so that she could see them and also choose the size she wanted.

In the meantime, I sent my peon to bring something to eat from outside and also told him to close the grill gate of the bank. As soon as we entered in the strong room, she hugged me very tightly.

That hug was simply amazing. We kissed each other very passionately. I had a hug and kiss experiences earlier but these were very special and was the kiss of my life.

While kissing, I pressed her boobs and inserted a finger in her ass crack and she let out a loud moan. I put my hand in her suit and pressed her boobs. She also put her hand in my trousers and caught my dick and started giving me a hand job.

We both wanted to do more but we didn’t have much time as peon may come anytime. Therefore, we came outside and sat in our respective chairs.

So guys/girls this was the first part of my story. In the next part, I will tell how much fun we had in the theater and later on how I fucked her and also fucked her friend.

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Any girl/bhabhi or aunty from Punjab wanting to have fun can also contact me.

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