My Wife’s Cuckold Adventure

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Hello readers, I am a 36-year-old married man and today I will narrate my cuckold experience. Everything happened with my consent, and I have no regrets. The real names of all the persons are being withheld, and alternative names are used. I will refer to myself as Arjun and my wife as Poonam.

My wife is 4 years younger than me and we have been married for 8 years. We also have a daughter. I and Poonam met each other through arranged marriage setup. Poonam is a beautiful woman with a royal fair face and a voluptuous figure.

During the first few years of marriage, I could not keep my hands off my wife. Countless times, I sucked her nipples of 34D boobs, licked her goddess pussy, and even ate her ass numerous times. During pregnancy, her nipples became darker and started lactating. Drinking her milk was a daily routine then. The taste of her warm milk with my dick inside her was so full of pleasure.

Like every other marriage, after the honeymoon period, ours too fell into a boring routine. The sex was no longer as good as it used to be and the frequency of sex too decreased. It became even duller after the birth of our daughter.

To reignite our passion, we turned to porn. At first, we watched foreign porn movies but soon, we realized that we like desi porn, and our sex life was revived. The non-professional filming of desi porn was raw and authentic with real passion.

After a period, my imagination was captivated by a forbidden fantasy. My mind was visualizing my wife, Poonam, in porn scenes with other men. Initially, I was afraid of this fantasy and wanted to forget it and bury it. But I could not. I noticed that this fantasy would give me instant erections. My sex performance too improved, as my wife remarked she was enjoying it more now.

I was, however, shit scared of sharing my fantasy with her. So, I began talking to her in an indirect manner. I asked her about her fantasies, but she kept mum and repeated whatever pleased me was her fantasy.

Then, I questioned her, how she would react if I want to start an affair. She reacted angrily, but after some jibes, it turned into a playful thing. One day, in such a playful manner, I asked her if she fantasized about having sex outside of marriage with another man. When my wife first heard that, she was dumbstruck for a few seconds but replied being with one man was enough for her.

So, I began one more playful quest of teasing her, and one day, she admitted that she would like to be with another man, just for the sake of experience. (See, my wife had no boyfriend before marriage and was a virgin on our wedding night. I, on the other hand, had two girlfriends before marriage.)

After this, we began role-playing in which I would pretend to be a stranger and she would be a sex-starved married woman. It further boosted our sex life and experience. I noticed how her moans grew louder while we were role-playing.

So, one day I asked her if she ever fantasized about being with other men. She kept mum initially and got upset when I kept asking her. I told her it was quite natural and nothing to be ashamed of, yet she was not convinced.

I realized I was pushing too far so I backtracked. But my wife remained upset for some days to follow. Finally, one day she admitted that she did imagine herself with other men but was too embarrassed about it. I, then told her that it does not change our relationship in any way. Finally, I also shared my fantasy of her being with another man while watching cuckold porn. She was confused and reject this at first.

I told my wife that she can have one-time sex with any person of her choice with my consent and it would not affect our relationship in any way. She found it weird and unbelievable and reject it as my rambling. However, after 2-3 months, she asked me if I really meant what I had said back then and told me she wanted to fulfill her fantasy.

Now, we needed to find a guy. We decided against choosing any friend or relative also it can have potential future ramifications. After weighing our options, we decided to create Poonam’s profile in a dating app where she could find a potential match.

Since I wanted to see the action, a special mirror was installed in the wardrobe from which I could see the other side, but the other side would see only their own reflection. We planned that my wife Poonam would lure her target into our bedroom, and through a special mirror, I could witness the fuck fest.

In the meantime, Poonam was matched with a few men and started chatting with them. After a few weeks, Poonam zeroed in on Zaid Khan. I was hesitant but I didn’t want to ruin anything now, so I didn’t say anything. Zaid Khan was 34 years old and was married too. He was a tall person with a thin but tough physique and with a trimmed beard and light mustache.

On D-day, my wife told him that our daughter is in school, and I was in the office. As soon as Zaid arrived, I hid behind a special mirror in our bedroom. Poonam was holding Zaid’s hand while they entered the bedroom. Zaid told her to stop.

They were standing facing each other. Poonam was shyly looking down with her hands together like a good schoolgirl, while Zaid was staring at her with a mischievous smile. Zaid slowly put his hands on my wife’s waist and bought his lips closer to hers. She also leaned towards Zaid.

They were kissing slowly and I could even see their tongues mingling. It was the first time someone other than me was touching and kissing Poonam. She told me her whole body was shivering in excitement.

Zaid removed his and Poonam’s t-shirts, then Poonam herself removed her bra. Zaid immediately cupped her boobs and started kissing them. He then used his hand to unbutton Poonam’s trousers and put that hand inside her panty. Poonam immediately moaned loudly.

“You are so wet down there,” Zaid said and sucked on his fingers covered with Poonam’s pussy juice.

“Do you have any protection?”, my wife asked Zaid.

“No, it will be a one-time thing like you said, hence you can use a pill”, Zaid replied.

“Get down on the bed”, Zaid said to Poonam, and she obliged.

Zaid then removed her trouser and panty and started giving her oral sex. He was licking her pussy and also used his fingers. I could see how Poonam was really enjoying herself, she had to bury her face in the pillow because her moans were getting louder.

Zaid then removed her undergarment and put his circumcised dick on Poonam’s face for her to suck. She was good at sucking cocks. Before penetration, Zaid told my wife to spit on his hand for good luck. She was confused but did it anyway.

Zaid rubbed Poonam’s spit on his cock and inserted it in her pussy in the missionary position. While stroking her, Zaid and Poonam were kissing and hugging each other. Poonam had tightly wrapped her hands and legs around Zaid’s body. After ejaculating inside my wife, Zaid removed his cock and rubbed it a little bit on an area above Poonam’s pussy.

Both of them embraced each other while lying on the bed. It was then that I noticed that I have also ejaculated inside my underwear! They had sex one more time but this time, Poonam was on top of Zaid in a cowgirl position. Poonam forced Zaid to leave as it was nearing our daughter’s arrival time from school.

After Zaid left, I also fucked my wife. She took the anti-pregnancy pill and our life returned to usual before. Poonam told me she always had a fantasy of being fucked by another man because of social taboo and thanked me for allowing her to fulfill it. She was afraid that I might not agree but I was glad that she used the opportunity to her best.

Our relationship has grown stronger, and we are now much more open toward our kinks. Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

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