Sneaky sister tricks me into a hot virtual threesome! Part 2

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Hello readers, this is Vijay from Delhi, back with the second part of my story. In the last part of this, my horny step-sister was sucking my cock as we played with a online model named Monika. Right before any of us could really have any fun, our parents had cancelled their trip. They came back home and my step-dad headed to work, frustrated that his office would do such a thing. My mom looked dejected, but I was not in the mood to unpack all that right then.

The only thing on my mind was my hot, bisexual step-sister Kavita who stood right behind me on the staircase. She started tracing one finger down my spine as my mom hugged her dad and he headed out for work. My mom headed off to her room to cry and I didn’t stop her. As soon as both of them were gone, I turned around to go upstairs but Kavita stopped me with a deep kiss. She wrapped her legs around me and moaned into my mouth as we exchanged the sloppiest, dirtiest kiss of my life.

I carried her upstairs, but I had no idea how I gathered the strength to do that (must have been really horny). I dropped her on my bed and she breathed against my neck as I laid my weight against her open legs. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but Kavita did. She pulled off her panties and unbuttoned my jeans. I pulled off her top and locked my door.

Kavita: Put your raw dick in me and fuck me….then we will take a break.

Me: A break?

Kavita: We left Monika hanging….we’ll take a break…call her back and you can pound me while she watches. We’re not stopping till she cums.

I leaned in to kiss my step-sister. She moaned into my mouth as her scent wafted deep into my nostrils and drove me wild.

Me: I like the sound of that (groans on top of her).

She angled my dick inside her and I moaned as her wet pussy gripped my dick and pulled it inside her. The tip of my cock throbbed as her wet pussy dripped all over it. Kavita moaned and grabbed my ass, pulling me deeper inside her. I laid on top of her and grinded and thrust aggressively. Kavita licked my face and moaned like a whore as I grabbed her hips and slowed my thrusting.

Kavita: Oh fuck! Are you gonna stroke into me slowly?

I didn’t say a word. I just grabbed her hips and pulled my cock nearly all the way out and slammed it into her. Her eyes went wide and then she let out a small groan as her body felt every inch of my dick slam into her. She moaned and kissed me again deeply. Her body writhed with each slow stroke I put deep inside her soft womb and she moaned loudly. I placed my hand over her mouth and leaned over to her ear.

Me: I am gonna cum deep inside you (groan).

Kavita: Yes! Fucking do it! Use me like your whore when we are in this house, baby!

I began to thrust deep and I felt myself explode, deep inside the womb of my stepsister. My body trembled as I fell atop her with my weight. Kavita kissed my cheek and hugged me tightly as we laid there, naked on my messy bed with my cock still deep inside her.

We rested for a bit. She jerked me off slowly while we made out softly, but then she got on top of me. My cum dripped out of her wet cunt as she teased her clit with the tip of my dick.

Kavita: Ooh! So hot! Love how that hard dick feels against my raging clit. I want it inside me again! So bad! But first….

Kavita logged into DSC website and called up our favorite little slut, Monika. She added more credits from the card her dad had given her and Monika logged on with us.

Monika: Wow! I was wondering what happened last time! You guys left so suddenly….I had my fingers so deep inside me and couldn’t do anything about it.

Kavita (chuckling as she sat between my legs): Put those fingers back up there baby….we’ll get you off. It’s hot watching you.

Kavita opened her legs and leaned over to kiss me deeply before looking at the screen. Monika undressed and sat against her bedroom wall and put two fingers inside herself again. I reached down as Kavita kissed me and put two of my fingers inside her. She exhaled sharply and grabbed my neck to pull me in for a deeper kiss. I held onto her tit with my other hand and squeezed it as I fingered her insides softly. She licked my neck and face as lust overcame her.

Kavita’s eyes closed as she moaned into my neck and bit her lips hard. I continued to finger her as I watched the screen. Monika fingered herself aggressively as she watched me.

Kavita began to moan like a pleasure-drunk whore as she moaned and licked my sweat-stained skin. I leaned in and sucked on her tongue as my fingers made dripping wet noises as they slid in and out of her wet pussy.

Monika could see the milky-white wetness of Kavita’s pussy dripping out of her and it made her finger-fuck herself much harder.

Monika: Oh my god! Look at that..Ah…drip! Fuck! Ahhhh…

Kavita: I can barely breathe! Your fingers are too good!

She thrust her hips into my hand and moaned. Her eyes lowered to look at the way my fingers were drilling deep inside her and her body tightened.

Kavita: Oh god! I am cummingggg! My step-brother is (heavy breath) making me…ahhhh…cum! AHHHHHHH…

Monika: Oh fuck! Let’s cum together! You guys are so raunchy and I’m losing it!!

Kavita grabbed onto me and her pussy dripped down my fingers as she rocked her hips. Her eyes shut tight and her body shook. Monika’s legs opened wide as she watched Kavita convulse and she squirted droplets of cum onto her webcam. She moaned loudly and collapsed against the wall of her bedroom. Meanwhile, I groped both tits of a sweaty Kavita and fondled her entire, naked body.

Kavita: Oh man! I love the way you touch me with your dirty hands.

Monika: Guys, this was so much fun. You made me squirt!

I licked Kavita’s cum off my fingers and Monika split her pussy lips to let me look at her throbbing pussy.

Kavita: We need to take care of you now, mister (chuckles).

Kavita bent over with her ass in the air and stroked my dick. I sat back as she spit on it and started to lick it up and down. The cam model Monika watched intently as she twirled one finger around her nipple. I looked intently at her as I made Kavita deep-throat my cock. Monika bit her lip, but she suddenly got distracted.

Monika: I have another call coming. Bye guys. Call me and fuck me again soon!!!

Monika left the chat, but my step sister kept sucking me off. She moaned as she kissed me seductively and stroked my cock. I reached around to finger her ass. The vibe changed and she turned around to show me her ass.

I grabbed her hips and slid my cock inside her dripping wet pussy and she let out a loud and satisfied moan as I slid inside her. I was just about to pound into her when I heard my mom call our names from downstairs.

I pulled out and we got dressed in a hurry. Kavita tongued me and moaned into my mouth and then we went downstairs to see what my mom wanted.


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