Horror movie and bhabhi’s sister, good combination?

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Hi, my name is Lucifer and I am from Kathmandu, Nepal. I have written a few stories throughout the years. You can probably visit my profile to read more of my stories here.

I always like to develop the character before writing it as a whole. So, this story might contain more parts to be published. But I am sure I will get you to your orgasms by the end of this story. I hope you will bear with me and read it even if it may be a bit long.

This is a story that happened to me some time back. It was at the time of lockdown when most of the general population was stuck at home, and at this time, I got a chance to explore my sister-in-law (Soltini) at the marriage of my cousin brother.

My cousin brother and I had been close for quite a few years now. We did everything together. My first drink was with him and even my first cigarette. Every time I needed to get some drink, I could always count on my brother.

So, this was after his marriage with his long-time girlfriend. His marriage was also scheduled in the lockdown and it was small and easy. After the marriage, we returned to Kathmandu from our hometown which was still in lockdown. He and my sister-in-law insisted that I stayed with them as we could play games and cure each other’s boredom.

The thing I didn’t know before I agreed to stay with them was that, my Soltini bhabhi’s sister was staying with us too. I was a bit excited over this thought as I had, in fact, I had a few run-ins with her before. My bhabhi’s sister had pretty thick thighs which was an obsession with me at that point and a fat ass which looked so good. I had always wondered how it would feel to spank it.

She had a height of 5’2″ with boobs of 32C which was to die for as well. I had checked her Instagram a few times and had fantasies of her over the years and I didn’t think the chance to have her for myself would arrive so soon.

After settling in, we had a game of cards and a few drinks within us. And we were having some chats with each other.

Her: You lost again, you need to pay me up.

Me: Sure. You take checks?

Her: Nah. Don’t you have cash?

Me: No, but credit might work for now, don’t you think?

Her: I don’t know you well enough for credit.

Me: We might be able to change that, don’t you think?

Her: With persuasion, we might.

I could see my sister-in-law’s sister’s eyes glitter as the word escaped her mouth. I could see that she was a bit tipsy as well. We continued for a while and to be frank, the flirting was reaching its peak and so was the liquor. My brother and sister-in-law went to their room saying that they were tired and I and my bhabhi’s sister decided we would watch a movie as we weren’t very sleepy, but rather in a mood.

So, I asked what she would like to watch and she said she always wanted to watch a horror movie. Then I searched the web and fixed on ‘Paranormal Activity’ for the night. There were a few scares in the movie. She was a bit scared and asked if she could join me in the bed as she was a bit scared.

I didn’t mind that and she joined me in the bed. It was cold, so we were inside a blanket. Then we heard a moan! I wasn’t sure at first where the noise was coming from. But after I realized that, it was a little bit awkward. But to my surprise, instead of the awkwardness, there was something else. I could already hear heavy breathing from near me.

Now I could see her breast moving up and down and her breathing getting even faster. I wasn’t sure if she heard her moan. But again, we could hear the sound of “Oh God” and a few thrusts coming from another room. She got close to me and grabbed my arms. Now I was sure that she heard that and with the way she was breathing, I was sure she wasn’t devoid of oxygen but something else!

Then I looked at my SIL’s sister’s and she looked at me. I could see her eyes getting cuter. They were filled with lust like a puppy begging to be petted. Then I slowly moved her hair that was covering her face a little and tugged it in her ears.

I didn’t know what got into me at that point, I grabbed her by the neck and pulled her closer to me. I could see her juicy lips, which were in full display and I feasted on its nectar. She reciprocated and we were kissing each other furiously.

We were still hearing the moans from the bedroom as it was a 1BHK flat. But we were more aroused by the sounds of moaning and the thought of my brother and her sister fucking each other in another room while we were kissing each other.

My hands were not ideal and I was caressing her back as we kissed. I reached for my bhabhi’s sister’s right breast with my right hand and slowly started pressing it. She moaned in my mouth as I started to press it and be a little rough with it. I could feel her hand on my chest and slowly unbutton my shirt.

She was wearing a kurta and I could not open it and she laughed as I struggled with it. “Wait, let me help you”, she said and got up from the break. Then she paused the movie and played a song and she started slowly dancing for me, let me be clear stripping.

She didn’t break eye contact as she removed her kurti. She was in a maroon bra which wasn’t doing much of holding her breast and I could see her pink nipples and it was a bit transparent.


You can give me feedback on my email [email protected] and any girl or woman willing to have good times or just share secrets can also reach out to me. I am ready for ONS, NSA, and FWB in Kathmandu. I will maintain complete secrecy and confidentiality.

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