My Experiments with Love making

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It was another pleasant morning in Bengaluru, and I woke up from a thrilling dream today. It was filled with elements of love, sex, crime and suspense. The crime thrillers I have been binging on Netflix must have had their impact.

I had vowed to stay away from masturbation for a couple of weeks. It might be showing its impact in the form of sexual acts in the dream. I had intimate lovemaking dreams with a girl in a brief, casual relationship with me.

Today, we don’t talk much, but she remains a really special person to date. I equally respect her and fantasise about her. I was lying on my bed with drowsy eyes and pushing my hard boner against the mattress. The first-ever encounter between me and Varsha flashed through my mind.

I was cherishing, reliving it and did not want to get out of bed. I met Varsha randomly on some telegram group during the second covid lockdown. We often chatted, but it was a very limited conversation initially. Slowly once the lockdown got relaxed, we were able to meet finally.

We met at a coffee shop for the first time, and our friendship developed further with time. We both were preparing for competitive exams and used to discuss studies. She also motivated me to study harder. We planned for some travel after the exams, as both loved travelling.

Varsha was indeed the adventurous type who loved rock climbing and trekking. Every time I meet her, I feel energetic, excited and happy. Varsha was full of youthful energy and a go-getter spirit. She talks with confidence, expresses herself boldly and can’t be subjugated.

She had a fit, lean figure and wheatish complexion. I was attracted to her and waited for the exams to be over so that we could spend more time together. Gradually we got closer, which was also reflected in our WhatsApp chats. I used to message Varsha when I needed a break from rigorous studies.

We both were really good students as well. It was also when I was going through a post-breakup trauma. Varsha had stood by me very strongly to help me come out of it.  One day, to my surprise, she said we could go on a date after my exams.

I was super excited as she had taken away the burden of asking her out myself. We kept meeting often and used to visit temples and juice parlours. Days passed by. One Sunday, she texted me saying that her study centre was closed. She asked if she could come to my place and study.

I was excited but cautious at the same time. I somehow wanted to avoid anything physical until my exams to maintain a certain level of celibacy. However, I couldn’t resist the idea and asked her to join me. We called it a ‘study date’, a first kind of thing for both.

On that eventful day, she arrived in her typical hip-hop-style dress and was carrying a heavy bag. I tried helping her with it and gave a welcome hug. She bought some home-cooked food, especially for me. I was so flattered and impressed by her gesture.

After studying for some time, we had lunch and even fed each other with our hands. It was such a beautiful experience. A pretty girl I fantasised about cooked paneer pulav and is feeding me. The joy couldn’t be expressed in enough words.

We resumed our studies after the lunch break. While sitting at my study desk until then, I moved to the bed where she sat for a change. I was trying to control myself very strongly from making physical moves. Focusing on studies with Varsha in the same room was getting harder.

We exchanged some stares. She had a mischievous smile on her face. She suddenly shifted to the study desk, saying she couldn’t focus. I got my first hint that Varsha was also getting aroused, and it wasn’t just me. My monkey brain persuaded her to come back to the bed, saying that I won’t disturb her again.

Varsha agreed to it. This time she sat on the corner of the bed, keeping more distance. Adding to the arousing fire within me, Varsha remarked that her breath was getting heavy. We laughed at it, and I even said I felt the same. My dumb and over-cautious self didn’t want to take any chance.

It was evident that Varsha was as eager as me to get physically intimate. The very next words through her sweet lips set the agenda clear. Varsha asked, “Can I kiss you?” OMG!  I acted a bit cool for a second and jumped at her. So did she, with even more vigour.

We bound our lips furiously and started smooching. I was feeling fondling her lips which were getting wetter every moment. She was dominating me with her bites and force. I loved it and let her take further control. I lifted her and made her sit on my lap.

I locked her waist with my legs as the pain from the lip bites grew. Thoroughly enjoying the deeper smooch, we were sword-fighting with our tongues. She was so freaking good at it. I wasn’t any less, either.

While feeling her body with my hands, I grabbed her cute ass and kept playing with it, letting down fingers through her buttock cleavage. We couldn’t even take our lips away for a nanosecond. She lifted my shirt and rubbed her breasts against my chest as the smooching continued.

I experienced true passion while kissing for the first time. We were in no hurry to venture into other acts. We rested our lips slightly by kissing on the cheeks and neck. I gently bit her ears and forcefully crushed my chest against her breasts. She was leaving occasional moans, raising the temperatures high.

As we helped take off our shirts, we felt our upper bodies. I loved the way she smelt. I ran my nose through her underarms which aroused both even greater.

Now I lifted her from the bed, lifted her, and pushed her to the wall as she bound to my back with her feet. The kissing continued, and I dropped her down to turn her as she faced the wall. I kept feeling her ass with my hard dick and crushing her boobs.

Then I unhooked her bra, and our pants felt too heavy to be on our super warm bodies. We kneeled on the floor, almost naked and rolled a bit, but I was in no mood to unlock her lips. It was undoubtedly the longest smooch I ever had. She never complained despite being rough and wild at times.

She responded with even more wildness.  Then we hit the bed again and removed the leftover clothes. We passionately hugged, indeed, got intertwined like snakes. We just loved it. I didn’t want the moment to end. After rolling over and cuddling, I went for her beautiful breasts.

The light-wheatish colour of her breasts and the firm brown nipples drove me crazy. Her bobs were too heavy for her body but were round and sturdy. I started sucking the left one slowly while caressing the right with my fingers. And the other hand went searching for her pussy.

As expected, her pussy was warm and wet like a hot spring. I pinched her thighs and started fingering her pussy while sucking the boobs. As the sucking got intense, Varsha wanted more fingers into her pussy. Despite being dominant at times, she knows to satisfy others equally.

After the long sucking and fingering session, she oozed liquid from the pussy and then shifted positions to sit on me. She ran her lips and nails over my chest like a wild tigress, leaving around hickies. How she used her tongue to play with my chest had sent shivers.

I pulled her long hair strongly every time to release it out. My dick got the hardest boner ever, and I felt her body. Varsha took me by surprise as she grabbed my dick and stroked it like a pro. She pulled down the upper skin. Pain and pleasure hit me hardest at that moment.

Varsha knew what to do. She licked the upper penis with her tongue and ran it down to the balls. No one else had sucked my balls. Varsha did it amazingly by herself. There was some strong connection being built among both our minds and bodies.

We knew what the other wanted and responded perfectly in time, rhythm and energy. Moving on from my balls, she easily took my dick into her mouth. It was a heavenly feeling as it entered her wet, warm mouth. As she sucked with increasing speed and zeal, my body responded with stronger thrusts.

I kept pushing deeper as I almost reached her throat. Omg! She did it so well and took care of my dick so nicely and let it cum in her. The moment Varsha swallowed my cum, I got aroused like a beast. I pushed her onto the bed and started biting all over her body.

I rolled her over and licked her back, moving down. I reached her cute ass, forcing me to kiss and leave some love bites. I wanted to eat off her ass cheeks. Varsha started moaning harder than before. She gave me everything I wanted and took from me in the same measure.

She must be Vatsyayana’s daughter, I felt. I moved down to her pussy to see how wet I made it. The neatly trimmed pussy was such a beauty to watch. I bowed to its beauty and responded with a licking in respect. The taste of her vaginal sweat was crazily exciting.

I lifted her legs and hung them on my shoulders. I brought her hot pussy much closer to my face. I smelt the fluids and played around with my nose as the trimmed hair was poking my face. I kissed and bit her thighs on the sides. They were one of the loveliest parts of her body.

Then racing towards her pussy, my tongue ventured deeper until it tasted the divine fluids. As I licked the pussy, my hands ran over her breasts in sync. As she cummed, I cleaned it off with my tongue, swallowed a bit of it and put the remaining on her lips for us to lick and kiss again.

As I put her down, she was in the classic missionary position. I looked for a condom as her eyes gave me consent. She helped me roll it on and gave me some gentle strokes. I fondled her pussy with my condom-covered dick for a moment.

With an idea to tease her, I stopped momentarily before entering the sacred hole. I cuddled her again and started kissing her body, which I madly loved, sucking out the sweat drops with my thirsty lips.

She then wanted me to enter her. With an urge to please her to my best, I pushed my dick gently into her. Varsha was feeling some pain. The pain increased further as I tried to enter her pussy again. She still kept holding her pain and let me push through.

This time I overcame my wild desire as my lady’s pain was too much to tolerate. I held back and got next to her to cuddle. Varsha, the sweetest lover she was, was feeling sad that she couldn’t let me have the pleasure and satisfy me.

I convinced her it wasn’t her duty to do so but rather my responsibility to care for her. We spoke about other things for some time. We also discussed our earlier sexual encounters openly. There was this childish sense of excitement while we did so.

She said it had been over 3 years since she did it, so her pussy might have been tightened. I asked why didn’t she do it. Varsha answered that she was waiting for the right guy. Her answer made me feel good about myself, and I kissed her in return.

She hugged me and cuddled as we took a small nap together. After a while, we woke up and played some music and relaxed. I was playing with her hair and licking her ears as she pinched me on my chest. Then we rolled on the bed leading to another round of strong smooching.

The passion was much more pure and stronger this time. Without being wild, there was strong energy, drive and zeal to please each other. We enjoyed the 69 position for some time. Despite hours of intense lovemaking, our bodies and minds were not tired. The 69 position rejuvenated us very well.

I kept licking and sucking her pussy and left her moaning harder. Varsha’s hands were searching for something behind the bed. I understood it was for a condom, and she wanted to try it again. At that moment, I felt some spiritual sense of lovemaking, which aimed for the dutiful satisfaction of each other.

I looked into Varsha’s eyes. They were welcoming, pure and wanting at the same time. Women are truly the most amazing creation of God.  I tried entering her this time. Things were much smoother with a few gentle yet passionate thrusts.

The sensual gates of her pussy have opened out for me, finally. I wasn’t sure if it entered enough. With slower strokes, I ventured deeper, slightly and gently. Varsha held me strongly, held some pain as her nails pierced my back. I stopped for a moment. I realised that my dick had entered her pussy completely.

It was an amazing feeling in itself. I then bent down to kiss Varsha. We smooched further and locked our tongues. I stroked with my dick, to which she responded equally. My dick entered much deeper with every stroke, getting stronger and stronger.

Varsha’s pain lessened. She was at ease and stroked back in rhythm. It was like a divine dance of bodies. As we penetrated each other, the fucking was getting intense. Varsha’s moans got so louder, which made me even more excited. I tried to lock her lips to lessen the sound. Her pussy was getting wet and smooth.

We grew wild. I widened her legs and started banging her pussy. Her wild moans wanted me to do it more and more, harder and harder. For a while, there were no limits and bounds. The pleasure battle got wilder, and I rammed her pussy to please her the most.

I rolled her over from the various missionary positions and got onto the doggy position. Her cute ass was arousing the things and teasing me to slam it harder. Varsha’s ass turned red owing to the banging it received. I caressed it and asked her if it was painful.

Varsha was in a different state altogether. All she could feel was pleasure.  I kept stroking hard and fondling her boobs as I pulled closer. And held her hair and started riding her pussy. Our flexible bodies entered any position at ease. I lifted her from the bed and pushed against the wall next to the bed.

Widening our hands and legs, I started fucking by kneeling slightly. With every stroke, I was jumping up and down. Varsha was getting wilder and couldn’t hold as she pushed me again onto the bed and started riding my dick with all her force, as I pulled her by the hair and got on to her breasts to suck them off.

The pleasure ride continued until she collapsed on my chest, tired and exhausted. We remained in the same position without taking my dick from her pussy. We hugged tightly until our bodies cooled and our minds calmed down.

Varsha then stretched her legs backwards to sleep on me. She slept like a baby. I laid my hands on her back and gently embraced her. After a while, we realised that it was 7 pm. She should be reaching KR Puram from Rajaji Nagar, a very long commute.

I started asking her about the experience and how good it was. I asked her to compare it with her earlier encounters, to which she rated this one as her best. We both had high libido, we realised by then. Then she said that whenever I felt like having sex, she could please me.

My inner moral voice was not completely ok with it. Though I enjoyed lovemaking with her, I can’t see her as a pure sex object. Somewhere deep inside, I started developing some feelings for her. I started caring for her.

Though we only wanted something casual, I wanted it to be based on respect and dignity. I told her that we should do it only when we both mutually need it and also by not lose out on studies. We got to know about our families and other interests.

Varsha left my place as it was getting late. The parting kiss was the sweetest. Our later encounters will be continued in the further stories. You can reach me at [email protected].

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