April 2023 -The best 10 Indian sex stories

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With the summer just setting in, what stories made our readers hot in April 2023? Well we have the 10 most read stories of the month. Read, enjoy and share!

1)Rough Sex Intimacy with Mom – Part 1

By: sunny0312

What changed a son to develop feelings for his mother? What had the son seen? Finally, the son’s wishes came true through his dad. Learn everything in this.

‘I want every part of her body licked by my tongue. Every part of my body was getting sucked by her mouth. All were in my mind. I visited all the holy places to pray to all gods that she would come under me one fine day naked. While I fuck her hard, enjoying her body. And my prayers got wished for in future.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Raj and Sumitra Devi 🎧

By: storiestellerr

How the incest fire was lit between mom and son, and where it led. Sumitra asked her son to sleep in her room as her hubby was away. That’s how it started!

‘Sumitra was unable to do anything. She was shocked! Her son was ravishing her on the same bed where she and her husband used to fuck every night. She started to sweat. But she also noticed that it aroused her, and her nipples were hard. She started to leak below.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Slap turned into sex with mom’s sister!

By: mohitsharma32465

I was fucking my sister during the Haldi ceremony of our cousin. Read how my mom’s sister caught us and then I provoked her desire to fuck her too.

‘She started feeling cozy and moved her hips back. My cock was already throbbing in my pants. Slowly, I moved my hands up toward her boobs. All this time, she wasn’t uttering a single word. One by one, I removed the hooks of her blouse and removed her blouse to her shoulders.’ Read the entire story here.

4) Office Manager Destroyed My Newly Married Pussy – Part 3

By: radhika6cwife

My manager made me wear revealing clothes to the office. I was horny, and my nipples were erect. Then he fucked me hard in the car in the parking lot.

‘He caught my left nipple between his thumb and index finger and pressed it. I could not control myself, so I looked into his eyes with lust and kissed him deeply. He started to press the other nipple as my hand reached to his dick over the pants and started to press his dick.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Anger led to sex with my sister-in-law -Part 1

By: lovesexaddiction

My wife’s younger sister Nandini enraged me. We had a tiff, which led to hardcore sex with my busty sister-in-law. We fucked hard while my wife was away.

‘Nandini pushed her tongue into my mouth. I sucked her sweet soft tongue. Saliva was freely flowing between our mouths. Her spongy boobs pressed my chest. My hand’s feeling the contours of her ass and holding her up. My cock firmly nested in her tight wet pussy.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Start of Incest with my mom – Part 6

By: vijay2

I had started to have sex with my mom in the kitchen. She is heavenly addicted to me now. She wanted to taste my cock and so gave me a fantastic blowjob.

‘Slowly she was all into my control, and I started rubbing my dick near her pussy lips. I was also rubbing my finger on her pussy. Suddenly I pushed my 1 finger into her pussy. She was all wet, and she was really enjoying it very much.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Slow Seduction Of Mom Through Her Boobs

By: pussgurl

18+ yo son was strangely addicted to breastfeeding and he convinces and sucks the big boobs of his mom. Gradually, the mother starts getting horny. Read on.

‘I must have them sucked for about an hour while mom played with my 8-inch rod and balls. Then I exploded my cum and spurted it on her boobs. She started licking my cum from her boobs and then started fingering herself.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Sex With Friend’s Mom In Her House

By: ag2339

My friend’s hot mom was unhappy with her hubby. But she didn’t want to be fucked by me (her son’s friend). Read how I seduced her and creampied her pussy.

‘By then, Neelam aunty’s saree had become loose. I pinned her to the wall and held both her hands with one hand. Along with this, I had put the other hand on her waist. She was trying hard to get rid of me. My cock had become hard like iron and Neelam aunty had also realized that my cock was erect.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Unexpected Sex With My Innocent Young Sister

By: sissy_9798

I was watching a movie casually with my young sister. But things take unexpected turn & reaches the point of deflowering my sister’s virgin cunt. Read on.

‘Then I moved down and started licking my young sister’s thighs by entering her skirt. I came near to her pussy and kissed the side of her pussy (she was wearing a panty). Then I started removing her panty while licking her. I thought she would stop me, but she didn’t say anything.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Tuition ke bahane Mam ki chudai

By: kabir1

Maine aur mere 3 dosto ne mil ke banaya Mam ko randi. Ussi ke ghar mein choda mam ko aur uski seal todi. Sath uski gaand bhi maari hum charo ne milkar.

‘Main Mam ko liplock karne laga aur baki mere dost Mam ke boobs aur ass press karne lage. Sameer, Saurav aur Nishant teeno Mam ke body pe the. Is liye Mam ko mujhe lip lock karne mein problem ho raha tha.’ Read the entire story here.

We hope the stories raised your dicks or made your pussy wet. We also hope you tried out our new audio stories and enjoyed listening to them.

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