The 10 Best Indian Sex Stories of October 2023

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The month of Navratri. Beautiful girls dressed to kill! Horny boys are looking for that chance to seduce and fuck the best girl. Plans made by boyfriends and girlfriends to meet while pretending to go for Garba & Dandiya.

Yes, all of that and add to that, the hot stories on ISS. Yes, these are the stories you read and enjoyed, whether you went out for Navratri or not!

1) Marrying my Ma, Tulsi – Part 2

By: rahul86

Jatin can finally fulfil his lifelong dream and fucks Tulsi. She, too, experiences something different which she never felt before. Read how they enjoy.

‘Jatin now became nervous. He felt that Tulsi might be getting second thoughts about fucking him or may even have seen through his evil plan. He decided that he needed to take immediate steps in order to fuck Tulsi and make her his life-long bitch.’ Read the entire story here.

2) Seduced by my Driver’s wife – Part 1

By: lovesexaddiction

I fired my Driver Abdul as he stole money from the car dashboard. His wife Nazia came when my wife was away and seduced me by giving me a wonderful blowjob.

‘I had glimpses of her naked breasts when she was breastfeeding her child in our house. She used to cover her bosom on seeing me, depriving me of seeing her milk-filled breasts closely. But I can still remember her breasts, curves and slopes. Her dark, thick, long nipples were awesome.’ Read the entire story here.

3) Sex At my Aunts place Abroad – Part 1

By: rajeshcrossy

This is my first incest experience with my Aunt in Australia. We helped each other to come out of loneliness in a foreign land by fucking each other hard.

‘Saying this, she took my cock into her mouth. After looking at my reaction, she said, “I guess you didn’t get sucked before.” She sucked my cock well and also took my balls into her mouth. She asked me to keep quiet while she was cleaning my dick. “You like it when I lick your balls clean?” Read the entire story here.

4) How I fucked the doctor, a hot milf – Part 1

By: john1

When I had pain in my dick, my mom took me to a lady doctor. Learn how this big boobed doctor was impressed with my dick and later got fucked by me.

‘I stood there silently for 2 minutes. There was a complete silence. Then the doctor suddenly kissed me, and I was in shock. After a minute, I was responding to her and automatically my hands were on her boobs, and pressing them hard.’ Read the entire story here.

5) Stranger at the Wedding Reception – Part 1

By: madhansstr

Sneha was a traditional, happily married, loyal wife. A handsome stranger at a wedding reception and his stare made her lose her loyalty and feel slutty.

‘I reply, “I am sorry,” with a serious look. He continued to smile, scanning all around my face. Staring at my lips, “Your soft lips look glossy. Did you apply lipstick now?” I was startled by his audacity. My nipples poked erect out of my blouse.’ Read the entire story here.

6) Shopping with mom turned exciting

By: aterjane11

My mom and I went shopping. and after my shopping was done, we went to a saree shop. Learn how my hot Bengali mom put up a seducing boob-show at the shop.

‘Mom’s nipples were also getting harder and I could see she was also feeling horny. But she quickly regained sense and asked if he was done. He then groped her boobs with his hands, lifted them, and asked her to hold them like that while he measured.’ Read the entire story here.

7) Satisfied my sexy elder sister-in-law to the core – Part 1

By: dguram36

I was with my wife’s elder sister, and we were drinking beer. Learn how we started talking about our sex lives which made me want to fuck her.

The wine had made her red in the face and her skin was shining. This was the first time I started noticing her closely. She was sitting in a t-shirt which was clearly revealing her perfect figure. The pyjama was neither too tight nor loose, giving out the perfect shape of her ass.’ Read the entire story here.

8) Seducing Natasha aunty and hammering her – Part 1

By: RaviArjun

After knowing that his aunty is sexually unsatisfied, young nephew takes an unusual path in which he manages to seduce her and fuck her still-tight pussy.

‘Her lust satisfied, we stayed on the bed for some minutes as we were breathing heavily and I was ready for another round. So I went on top of her and surprised her. I thrust hard in her pussy and she gave a cry of astonishment as she felt my hard cock again filling her pussy.’ Read the entire story here.

9) Mom’s Audition Rehearsals – Part 1

By: harsha25

A middle-aged woman gets an offer to act in an erotic movie. She decides to rehearse the erotic scenes with her husband and her son. What does she rehearse?

‘I was so engrossed in the kiss that I didn’t even realize when he unzipped my bra and opened it completely. I got to know about it when his fingers gently brushed on my underboobs. I could sense some hesitance from Ashmit’s side to touch the boobs.’ Read the entire story here.

10) Behen ki Mall mein Nangi photoshoot

By: sampark.sutra

Behen ko mall mein nanga kar ghumaya. Behen ko apne hathon se bra panty pehnayi. Aur fir uski photoshoot ki. Behen ko guard ne bhi choda, jo mera dost tha.

‘Kya nazra tha woh behen itne bade mall mein nangi table par aise khulle mein leti hui thi. Pankhuri abhi bhi woh sandel pehne huye thi. Main ab recording karne laga aur Ravi Pankhuri ke nange jism par toot pada. Woh dono haaton se uski chuchiyon ko daba daba kar chus raha tha.’ Read the entire story here.

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