Erotic cuckold stories of men who enjoy seeing their wife having sex with others. Tales of cuckolds getting gigolos and massagers to fuck their wives.

Cuckold Hubby Made Me A Whore

On 2015-09-18 Category: Group Tags: cuckold, hyderabad, whore 7,280

How my husband turned cuckold and I turned whore. He had a good long tongue he slowly explored my mouth kissing all over my face then he slowly moved down and sucked my boobs very softly

Marriage Turns Cuckolding

On 2015-07-21 Category: Couple Tags: cuckold, slut, whore 4,409

After a long awaited marriage, life turns miserable, as wife starts dominating as she is a high class whore, working as a secretary to a rich boss, it is about she showing my place and treating me as a servant

Helping A Mature Couple Discover Spice

On 2015-06-30 Category: Couple Tags: cuckold 2,985

Rahul and Sushma both didn't know that the other partner is curious to try cuckolding. It was only after the bull Sumith's intervention that they discovered that theirs is a doable fantasy.

Submissive Cuckold At My Gym

On 2015-06-13 Category: Couple Tags: BDSM, cuckold, gym 4,237

After relocation to a new city and new office, I meet a submissive cuck at my gym. He tricks me to fuck his wife. Gym session leads to fun for everyone involved. This story involves hints of BDSM, Bangalore, it, cuckold and hot wife.

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